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When you gain a Background Feat can you ignore the prerequisites for that feat?

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Was wondering if the Scorcerer archtype 'Sanquine' is legal for Pathfinder Society play.

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I was searching under the products tab for 'Rise of the Runlords'. 6 pages available with page 3 or 4 coming up blank. Posted this after a couple of attempts. I was also using 'newest first' as a filter. Hope this helps!

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Clicking panic trying to get my 'buddy' in the same open tables. Good job to the crew fixing the 'Glitch' in such a short amount of time (24 hrs). We're Going to PaizoCon!

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This will be an introductory level game for Society members. (Free to Join!) The Tier 1 'In Service to Lore' module will be used to start new characters on their journey to become great adventurers.