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When you gain a Background Feat can you ignore the prerequisites for that feat?

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This is a really good question! Like, if I take the Nomad Background I gain the feat Assurance for Survival. Based on the character creation walk-through paizo did in the videos leading up to release, I don't automatically become trained in Survival. But do I just gain the effects of the feat without being trained? Or am I required to spend one of my skills on becoming trained in Survival? This needs to be clarified in text.

Bumping this thread! Playing the Playtest tonight and this is a big question that's come up!!

Yes, since you technically gain those feats before choosing your class skill increases, so 90% of background skills would be impossible to qualify for if they didn´t ignore pre-reqs. Also I believe some of the pregens also had this.

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This really needs to be addressed. Considering this is your background, i.e. core to your character's identity before he became an adventurer I think that not only should you have the prerequisite skill, it should be a signature skill.

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