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So, the Sparkle Princess class from Little Red Goblin Games'book, Gonzo 2, gets a pool of "sparkle points" at 1st level, similar to ki or grit or panache. The issue is that this is their only class feature at 1st level, and they get nothing to spend these points on until 2nd, meaning they have no functional class features at 1st.

They also have empty levels at 7, 13 and 19.

So is there an update I'm misding or something? Is the class supposed to have a class feature or two that got left out?

With Crimson Throne coming up for a re-release in the near future, one or two people I know are considering running it, and I've come up with a character concept. But I rather need to give them a solid connection to a church/cult despite not being a divine caster.

So, what are some fitting LG deities/Empryeal Lords for someone who can debate SSC with all the cenobite sorts in CotCT?

Just ran into a situation where a player used a polymorph effect on a construct... and apparently it works. Is this intended? Constructs are immune to anything requiring a Fort save unless it works on objects, but everything from the (Animal's) (Attribute) spells with their "Will negates (harmless) to Polymorph targeting only willing creatures but still having a Will save for some reason just bypasses that immunity. Are constructs supposed to be able to benefit from all the same sorts of transmutations as other creatures, or is there some bit of errata I missed?

I'm running a Dungeon Keeper inspired game for my group, and I wanted to find a way to clump groups of minions together into some sort of unit rather than tracking a hundred individuals.

Unfortunately, the Troop subtype is hideously generic. Assuming the same level, a group of human fighters is the same as gnome barbarians is the same as orc brawlers is the same as everything else with d10 HD. The subtype doesn't even cover the idea of a troop of creatures with spells or other special attacks. Do they all pick the same target? Does that target take a -10 to the save or roll 50 times? Does a troop of wizards casting fireball deal 500d6?

And then the Mass Combat rules get into Army Challenge Rating, where 50 minotaurs are CR 2.

So, can anyone recommend me a 3pp or set of house rules that cover grouping up creatures into a sort of mob, but still allow a unit of driders to be different from one made of shambling mounds?

This build was meant for a game that as it turns out, won't happen until after the playtest closes, so I've instead tested it against a few creatures and NPCs to see how it handled. 20 point buy, standard WBL, HP alternating between full and half.

Etram von Robyk, N Human Male, Occultist 9
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 22 (base 16 +2 race, +2 item, +2 advancement, Wis 10, Cha 10)
HP 56, Init +3, Speed 30, AC 20, Touch 13, FF 17
Fort +10, Refl +10, Will +10
CMB +6 (+2 more vs grapple) CMD 20
BAB +6/+1, Melee +6/+1, Ranged +9/+4

+2 Limning Longbow; +11/6
Unarmed Strike; +8/3

Improved Unarmed Strike, Kirin Style, Kirin Strike, Precise Shot, Point Blank Shot, Bullseye Shot

Mental Focus 0/17 (All invested)
Trans: Legacy Weapon (6) (Holy)
Div: Third Eye (4) (Low-light vision, Darkvision, See Invisibility)
Abj: Warding Talisman (6)
Conj: Guiding Compass (1)
Focus Power
Warding Shield 18
Psychic Weapon +1
Servitor (SM III)
Purge Corruption
Flash Insight
Sudden Speed +30
Loci Sentry DC 19
Telekinetic Mastery
Magic Item Skill
Object Reading
Shift Power
Aura Sight
Magic Circles

Max ranks in: Appraise, Diplomacy, Perception, Sense Motive, Disable Device, Spellcraft, UMD, and Knowledges: Arcana, Dungeon, Local, Planes, Religion (Note that Know Dungeon comes from the headband)

So, with an Int heavy build and plenty of skill points, I hoped that Kirin Strike would add enough damage to remain helpful, and indeed it did. In fact, I felt that that alone contributed more than my class features, because while having the resonant powers was nice, I hardly ever felt that I had any focus powers worth spending points on, especially when the class is already designed to be incapable of running all their gear at peak power.

Really, the class reminds me a bit of the Binder from 3.5, which I never much liked, but the occultist feels to me like a more interesting class. If the focus powers drew on a separate pool I might actually use them. Perhaps the class really can't have all their implements up, if there are fears that such might be unbalanced somehow, but instead of the current system, let them have some number of the items and the resonant powers simply function at their maximums? Or if they could swap focus points around faster and without the cost? By the time a fight starts you often have little time to change points to something fitting, and it keeps reducing your already small pool of focus.

I'd love to see the class be more capable, it really has a wonderful theme, but mechanically, the best I can think to use it for is a one level dip for a Lore Warden Fighter. Transmutation for Legacy Weapon and Psychic Weapon, and let the other implement group be chosen by the build.

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About this item speeding up the time to manufacture other things, does it apply to crafting magic items, or just to more mundane objects? The text refers to using Craft skills to make objects, and as I understand it you need to first make an item (Amazing Tools apply) and then enchant it (Tools do not apply) but some other people seem to read and interpret it differently. Thanks for any clarification.

I'm running a campaign with an evil party and a couple of the players are interested in acquiring a few slaves. Not just commoners or experts to do the heavy work for them, but bottled pixies, bound celestials and captured heroes who dared to stand against them.

I've seen a chart for slave costs around, but I'm hoping to get suggestions on something more suited to slaves with potentially powerful magic at their disposal. For example, pixies are little piles of SLAs, and certainly worth more than an npc with a few levels, but trying to price them like an item for all their powers results in rather expensive critters.

Any and all suggestions welcome, and thanks ahead of time.