Gonzo 2, Sparkle Princess Useless Sparkles?

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So, the Sparkle Princess class from Little Red Goblin Games'book, Gonzo 2, gets a pool of "sparkle points" at 1st level, similar to ki or grit or panache. The issue is that this is their only class feature at 1st level, and they get nothing to spend these points on until 2nd, meaning they have no functional class features at 1st.

They also have empty levels at 7, 13 and 19.

So is there an update I'm misding or something? Is the class supposed to have a class feature or two that got left out?

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Friend, I suspect you may have missed the point of the Sparkle Princess. The value of sparkle points at 1st level, before anything to spend them on... is to have them while nobody else does. Being a Sparkle Princess means not being someone who isn't one, which is all that really matters.


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Heh, an interesting point. I suppose I took the class more to be "Fiends? In my dungeon?! KILLITKILLITKILLIT..."

Heh. XD Yeah, at first level, it's best to think "martial weapon, light or medium armor, prepping for later abilities". Personally, I'd have given them something else at first level, maybe choosing a 'permanent' special snowflake power for the level (before they can pick from the full list each day at 2nd level). At the very least, they probably want to be human so they can grab two feats.

Note that they do get new spell levels at 7 and 13, though they need a high Charisma Score to take advantage of them.

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Also true. Still, I'm tempted to give them a 'Sugar Rush' movement bonus at 1st that goes up at their other empty levels. Say a ten foot speed bonus for one round, costs a sparkle point, at 7, 13 and 19 they add 5 more feet?

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That's... probably not too unbalanced, all things considered. They really do need SOMETHING else at first level, and if you want to buff them a bit for your game, a movement buff shouldn't be too bad. XD

Maybe tag a swift action cost onto it too, though? That'll help balance it a little better against some of their later abilities.

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Sounds like a fair cost. Little faster, but stops a few other tricks.

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