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I am also looking forward to the game! I've also realized the trapper archetype doesn't get rid of your companion boon, so we're going to get a lil badger friend named scraps at 4th lvl XD

Beyla, that sounds very amusing. I'd be more than happy for Roahk to have had relations with Beyla for a time. He's just so charming, but not the sort you bring to your parents XD.

Well, Roahk also attends the academy, even if the course he is taking isn't the right one he needs to work on his goals.

As for anyone else, Roahk is a connection to the outside, providing any number of services such as pelt collection, outdoors guidance, and herb acquisition.

He's not a Cauldron native, so he's most likely seen at the local taverns. He also has connections to Skies Treasury, so that could be another way others could know him.

I could always use more connections to the city.

Also, I do hope Simon can take a few moments when the game is in full swing to see how his friends have developed thanks to his keen interest in the beginning. He had some great ideas.

Roahk took out his alchemical textbook and started flipping through the pages, "Mr. Weer, there just isn't very much in these books relating to the interactions of sulfur with other minerals. I know this is more of a theoretical course, but i'm looking for precise methods."

Vortimax held his head in his hand with a sigh, "Yes, this is a theoretical course, and it is here so you can work on your own theory to handle your needs. What kind of instructor would I be if I just handed out the answers all willy nilly? I'd be out of a job if I did it that way!"

Roahk let out a sigh of his own, "Sir, i've been trying. I'm just looking to give my powder a little more....You know, POW! It gets the job done when i'm hunting, but it takes a while to load."

The old man huffed, "Have you ever considered....I don't know....wrapping up your powder and lead ball?

The half-orc chuckled, "Sir, you have no idea how stupid you just made me feel. That'd work perfectly.....and i'll work on a way to give it a little more punch."

Sorin Jasidin wrote:

Roahk wrote:
And if anyone wants to work on a story catch with Roahk, feel free to work with me on it.

I noticed that Roahk spends much of his time in taverns. Sorin frequents The Coy Nixie. He surveys and manages Lord Taskerhill's mines, but he is not experienced with the outdoors. If he is able to find out about or talk with Roahk, he would certainly have offered Roahk a job; likely related to finding new mines or charting and cartography.

Sounds quite like something Roahk would be happy to do.

NenkotaMoon wrote:

I'll work with anyone that wants to work with me.

I'd be happy to work with you.

So, for the soft close, I've had around 4 years of experience with pathfinder and less than a year of experience with fantasy grounds.

Now, what do I want from this game? For me to make more use of called shots.

I like simon's Lions of Lantern Street.

And if anyone wants to work on a story catch with Roahk, feel free to work with me on it.

Yeah, hp is important when you're up close. I've got a cestus for emergencies.

I put the FC into a skill point. It helps to have more of them XD

And I just realized my mistake. I forgot to change HP when I copied the template over from my goblin rogue XD

Here's lokiel's character. Roahk. I look forward to any feedback on the character!