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So, I've been trying to play Skull and Shackles for awhile, and I've finally found a GM who's willing to run this AP for more mature players (mature themes and so on). So, I'm just checking to see if anyone out there might be interested in this sort of thing? Feel free to message me too. Thanks!

Hi!! So I'm still learning all the ins and outs of society play, and I'm looking at doing something for one of my two character ideas with the net, but I'm worried about its hardness and hit points. At home this would be something I would ask my DM, but is there any way to make or get items with stronger materials somehow in society play? Thank you!!


I'm kind of new to pathfinder society playing, and the only person I know who is a GM is moving soon so I'm looking to find other ways to play - are there any online games that could use one more?