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So, I've been trying to play Skull and Shackles for awhile, and I've finally found a GM who's willing to run this AP for more mature players (mature themes and so on). So, I'm just checking to see if anyone out there might be interested in this sort of thing? Feel free to message me too. Thanks!

id be interested. been wanting to be in this ap for awhile and i am totaly fine with a more mature take on it.

would it be here on the boards?

I'm guessing no, or at least not all of it since the boards are best pg-13

Well I wouldn't mind depending on which boards and if I have access to them.

unless it is live (skype or chat based) then that, I cannot do.

I'll find out!

90% that it won't be on the paizo boards, 50% about chat vs pbp

well if its chat that i am out...sorry

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It could be done on the boards if the more mature stuff is done in spoiler. I'd be interested.

Any after Dark AP is fine with me, I'd love to see one, I did have the idea of one time going PG13 or even worse with a PC in another game using spoilers, who played a female character, but the game didn't last long, and I never had the chance to do it. Though I'm already in Two S&S's, so I probably wouldn't play if it was S&S.

I'm in. I'll even use the same character I am using in another S&S game. Should be fun to see how they differ.

Wow, got a ton of responses between here and my inbox! I'll get back to people as soon as I can.

-Looks at water spout-
iff the morsssel is going perhapsss masster can be inspired to come. You ssshould not flee in the middle of a game morsssel, it will only mean you die tired when i find you again. you think you hear, though that would be impossible as snakes dont talk.
though I will likely not be bringing nevandi along for the ride but I could very much see a version of garm as a summoners grapple beast. Perhaps he might even make friends with water spout... well maybe.

Interest, if on the boards

I'm interested as long as it's not chat/Skype or something else where I need to be on at a certain time.

hmmm..swashbuckling, ships and mature content?? sounds interesting

Oh crap not the snake again.

I could re-build Water Spout as a grappler. There is an interesting monk archetype perfect for grappling.

This would be my entry (Mark) I'll modify her as needed.

I'm interested as well if it's on the boards, I have a tough schedule that no one can apparently match to.

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Hi Elektra, I've sent you a PM requesting character building guidelines.

If this character fits, I'll be using him. He's built on a 15 point buy and avg starting gold, to be revised per rules set by the GM for character creation.

Background and tentative crunch in profile, reproduced here for your reference:


Ri'el father was a monk of the Cui'Lin monastery in Quain, an exclusive monastery established by 7 clans descended from the Celestials who fought the Qlippoth invasion in Tianjing. The warriors of that monastery prided themselves on their pedigree and uniquely fluid form of martial arts, and it was that pride in their pedigree that caused Ri's father, Chi, to face significant opposition when he chose to take a human for his wife. "The lesser-one will only bring trouble," some told him, whilst others more kindly cautioned about the disparity between the lifespans of the aasimar and human races and the inevitable grief that would follow when his new paramour faded before his eyes. He would not be persuaded, however, and Ri'el was born from that union.

From the beginning, Chi had prepared himself for the grief that would come from his wife's passing, and he bore with admirable fortitude the disdain and prejudice of his own kin for his choice of a mate. However, he was not prepared for her infidelity when she tired of life at the monastery and chose to elope with a local warlord. Shame and disappointment drove the once-noble and honourable warrior to near-madness. He took his young son and left the monastery to live the life of a vagrant.

In his madness, Chi roamed the lands of Quain, indiscriminately challenging any warrior or beast he came across. Some he killed at a whim, others he insulted and shamed before their peers. Sheer experience from constant battles made him strong, and he left many enemies in his wake. He was also exceptionally hard of Ri'el, alternating between periods of nigh-brutal training and cold indifference towards his young son. He did however teach young Ri'el his monastery's secret art that was the foundation of his strength - a secret art of listening to one's surroundings, or the whispers of nature as they called it - the one valuable gift that he imparted to his son.

Ri'el for his part had a relatively peaceful childhood before his mother left. Shunned by his seniors and peers, Ri often roamed the countryside around the monastery, finding solace amongst the creatures of nature and joy in caring for them when presented with the opportunity. Ri'el kept this love for nature as he grew up, and when his father went on one of his several rampages one day and lashed out at a random flock of thrushes nesting in a bush, Ri'el was quick to jump to their defence. Impressed by Ri's guts, Chi settled for striking Ri across the face and giving him a few good blows to teach him the "price of trying to be a hero". As he lay sleeping that night, however, one of the thrushes came to him and, to the surprise of the young half-elf introduced itself as an animal spirit by the name of Thali.

Initially, Thali followed Ri (and Chi) out of appreciation for the young aasimar's defence of her friends and to attempt to persuade the youngster to leave his crazed father, even teaching him the ways of the spirits so that he could be independent of Chi. Over time, however, she came to realise that Ri followed Chi not because he needed Chi, but because Ri felt that Chi needed him, to cook when Chi was too crazed to care for food, to put shelter and furs over when his manic rages ended with him unconscious in the wilds, or even just to watch Chi's meagre belongings when he ran amock. This realisation earned Ri Thali's respect and loyalty, and the pair became fast friends.

It was only a matter of time however before Chi finally challenged a warrior mightier than himself. Though struck down and warned by the stronger warrior to yield, Chi insisted on pressing his attack, and the nameless warrior struck Chi a mortal wound to end his incessant assault. News of Chi's death spread, and though some were relieved, others who had wanted vengeance on Chi were dismayed at having lost the chance at revenge by their own hands. Some of these turned their attention to Ri's son, who found himself hounded throughout Quain. Thali proved invaluable through this time, for few knew of Ri's avian ally, and many were the time when Ri'el was saved by a timely warning from Thali's frequent watch from the skies.

Eventually, Ri'el found himself in Goka, where he lived for a time in relative anonymity. However, following an attempt on his life 3 months ago, Ri'el has come to suspect that some of his father's enemies have finally tracked him down once more, and he boarded the first ship bound for Golarion that he could find, hoping to seek his fortunes in a land where there weren't people seeking to cut his throat in his sleep. Or at least, not yet.

Ri's role in the party
Ri'el will take on the role of divine magic, but at later levels will be able to switch between other roles on a daily basis by taking on the appropriate wandering spirit. He can do more healing, enhance his combat abilities, or even grab some arcane spells from the sorc/wiz list as the party requires.

Aasimar Shaman 1
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favoured Class: Shaman

Primary Stats
Str 14 (5 points)
Dex 8 (-2 points)
Con 10 (0 points)
Int 10 (0 points)
Wis 18 (10 points, +2 racial)
Cha 14 (2 points, +2 racial)

Size: Medium
Speed: 30
Darkvision 60ft
Initiative: -1

n.b.: further equipment purchases pending approval
AC: 14 (+4 Wis)
HP: 9
CMB: +0 CMD:16
Saves: Fort: +0, Ref: -1, Will: +6

BAB: 0
Club: +2 (1d6+2)



Racial traits:
Deathless Spirit: Particularly strong-willed aasimars possess celestial spirits capable of resisting the powers of death. They gain resistance 5 against negative energy damage. They do not lose hit points when they gain a negative level, and they gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against death effects, energy drain, negative energy, and spells or spell-like abilities of the necromancy school. This racial trait replaces celestial resistance.
Truespeaker There are some aasimars whose language transcends all boundaries. They gain a +2 bonus on Linguistics and Sense Motive checks, and they learn two languages each time they gain a rank in Linguistics. This racial trait replaces skilled.
Spell-Like Ability (Sp): Aasimars can use daylight once per day as a spell-like ability (caster level equal to the aasimar's class level).

Traits: Wisdom in the Flesh (Acrobatics), Fortune's favoured, Survivor (+1 init, +1 sense motive, sense motive is class skill)
Drawbacks:Paranoid (Though he takes pains to hide it beneath a personable exterior, Ri'el has spent a good portion of his lifetime being hunted, and is thus rather slow to trust people. However, his experiences have also made a survivor out of him - see traits. )

Feats: ?, Alertness (only when Thali is nearby)

Acrobatics: +8(1)
Diplomacy: +6(1)
Linguistics: +3(1)
Perception: +4(0) (+6 if Thali is close by)
Sense Motive: +11(1) (+13 if Thali is close by)

Languages: Tian (his native tongue), Celestial (free as an Aasimar), Common (had to learn it quickly upon coming to Golarion), Sylvan (taught by Thali)

Class abilities:
Spirit: Nature
Spirit Animal: Thali (Thrush)
Nature's whispers
Spirit Magic

0: Guidance, Purify food and drink (to keep berries fresh), Create water
1: Sleep (DC 16), Dream Feast, Goodberry, Speak with Animals(S)
Current spell selection is more for flavour, will adapt selection for party in-game.


Monk's Outfit (5gp)(2lb)
Familiar Satchel (25gp) (6lbs)
Holly berries (0lb)(doubles as target for good berry spell, kept fresh using purify food and drink)

Club (-gp)(3lb)

75gp for further purchases if application accepted.

This S&S game sounds cool. I'm pretty free for both chat and p&p. I'm kinda new to the boards so I have no idea how to pm you.

Even though this could still be run on the boards I'd want to make sure that everyone playing would be okay with it first.

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You can consider me on board if picked.

Preferred to run it as PbP. Whether it's here or another forum is up to you.

Assuming that this will mainly be run via chat (irc or something), drop me a line either here or in email (my username here Thanks!

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Ok in that case have fun guys.

Lantern Lodge

I should probably confirm something. Is this meant to be an S&S game without the white-washing of what life on a pirate ship is like (along with all the unsavoury elements), or is erotic roleplay supposed to be the aim of this game?

That's also what I want to know. Are we playing the prime time version or the HBO version cause you're saying it can be done on the boards but you're pushing for a different chat program which is giving me the impression this game is gonna have a set time to play which I obviously can't do. We're really needing an actual explanation of how this game is running.

That is largely going to depend on how people feel. At the moment the gm isn't sure if he's comfortable doing anything like this on the paizo boards since numerous staffers have often said the boards should be pg13.

I did a search, and there are boards out there for PBP that allow mature or even adult games. for example.

So once again, how is this being attempted to played? Because primetime is obviously out of the question, so is it HBO or AVN style? You can get away with HBO here as long as it's done tastefully and not graphic as all hell, but if you're looking at AVN style, then you can count me out cause I don't want to down the nothing but tna route. If I wanted that, I've got the rest of the internet to satisfy that interest.

Again, that's something that will be up to the players. I've gotten a ton of messages at this point so I think I'll close recruiting now. Thank you for all the input!

~ E

guess it was via PM instead, never did get the answers so didn't know to apply or not.

Does that mean, anyone who's already posted in the thread or PMed you can make a character submission, or only people who've already submitted a character to this thread or PM?

Pretty much Ed. Well it's obvious I'm out then cause we couldn't get any information as to how it was going to be run.

This is my first time trying to organize a game, I'm sorry. I had a ton of people who sent me messages and were really excited so I figured that would be enough. Again I'm sorry.

The gm I had lined up had something come up and had to back out, plus my schedule has gotten so busy that I can't gm this either...sorry to everyone who inquired :(

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Sorry to hear it didn't go down

I'll try again if I can find a gm for it

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I'll be your captain. It'll be about a week before I can start so get your best six swabbies together.

You can ask Mark about how mature I run my games and see if that's acceptable.

Signore di Fortuna wrote:
I'll be your captain. It'll be about a week before I can start so get your best six swabbies together.

Awesome!!! I'll try to get a hold of the people who were going to be in it before!

The Exchange

Placing a dot as requested.

Still interested if it's a possibility.

second attempt failed so maybe third time will be a charm if we find another gm?

Still interested.

If you ever find a gm that sticks I would love to play.

A couple thoughts I am having right now

1) I am an active GM here with many games in the fire
2) I do not like Adventure Paths, never have run one, but I am interested in looking at this Skulls and Shackles thing
3) I could run a game like this with all the mature content you want, here, on the paizo boards, by keeping the PG 13 stuff (relevant to keeping the game moving, and played by the rules as I see them)here where everyone can read it, and only dealing with Mature content through PM
4) Could maybe start another game as long as no one expected a regular posting schedule (like one post every day, maybe, and usually more like one post every couple of days, however, I tend to post more frequently when players are more direct in the declaration of their actions and when questions are asked).

still interested in a mature themed game, just less so in S&S since I'm in 2.

I am sorry if I seemed to derail the tread from its purpose. A sailing/pirating/survival game with mature themes would be interesting to me as well.

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