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The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:
taig wrote:
I'd humbly suggest a firriest creature for your costume. Perhaps a marmot?
Nice marmot, man.

~sneak attacks Mr. Shiny with some makeup~

Urizen wrote:
Garydee wrote:
Don't worry Urizen, you ain't pretty enough for me. However, a little makeup in the right places.....
Let's see if there's some rouge in the house...

~sneak attacks Urizen~

~sneak attacks Crimson Jester~

~puff~ Take that you rogue! ~powders everyones nose and face, then puffs out again~


~quickly powders KaeYoss's nose and face, then applies some lipstick~


Ezren wrote:
You. Are. All. Weirdos.


~quickly powders Ezren's nose and face, then applies some lipstick~


Celestial Healer wrote:
And now all the crazy aliases will come out.


~quickly powders Celestian Healer's nose and face, then applies some lipstick~


Fake Healer wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
Fake Healer wrote:
Don't make me hurt you.....
Hey, don't hurt me. I will despise that channel if they do that. If that event occurs, then I may just drop cable completely.

Not you, the dude intentionally trying to force more people to misspell "Rogue". I may need to hire some ninjas to teach him a lesson.

Of course hiring some rogues would be poetic justice.
** spoiler omitted **

~sneaks in and dusts Fakey's face~ That is a sneak attack! ~disapears in a cloud of makeup~

Elora wrote:
delabarre wrote:
Elora wrote:
Rogue’s Rouge
Hah! Well played!

*takes a bow* I was hoping someone would appreciate that bit of humor.

I couldn't resist once the concept for my item popped into my head. "Hmmm...I can't call it lipstick. Rouge is a better fantasy name. Oh! And who would use this?? Yes!!" Plus, I hoped it would serve the Grand Cause of teaching people how to properly spell the two words. :-)

~red poof~ I endorse this product! ~red poof~

Original Sin wrote:
Now you can start work on that pesky Rogue / Rouge thing! (Not to mention elven vs elfin.)

Did someone mention me?


Well, I have heard that Heathansson wants Sharoth to not be heard from again. ~shrugs~ Oh, well. Were-poodles are like that.