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Intimidating Performance wrote:

Prerequisite(s): Ability to start a performance (or raging song) as a move action, bardic performance or raging song class feature.

Benefit: When you start a performance (or a raging song) as a move or swift action, you can use a standard action to demoralize a foe, attempting a Perform check appropriate to your performance in place of the Intimidate check. Your performance must be one with an audible component.

If you can start a performance as a swift action and you have the Dazzling Display feat, you can gain the benefit of Dazzling Display by succeeding at a Perform check in place of an Intimidate check.

Am I understanding this feat correctly?

1. IF you move or swift action performance
IF the performance is audible
THEN you can now perform a standard action to a demoralize foe using performance check in place of intimidate check

2. IF you have swift action performances
AND the Dazzling Display feat
THEN whenever you use perform in place of intimidate checks (such as this feat's first ability)
THEN you gain the benefits of dazzling display

So if I am understanding this correctly once I have swift action performances I can use a swift or move action to perform and then may take a standard action to intimidate using a perform check. When I use this perform check it is to intimidate all foes within 30 ft.

Is this correct?

Is there any reason I have to standard action demoralize this turn or could it be done anytime after the performance is started?

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What level does an intensified (Level Increase: +1) fireball prepared in a 3rd level spell slot count as with the Magical Lineage trait?

FAQ wrote:

Metamagic: At what spell level does the spell count for concentration DCs, magus spell recall, or a pearl of power?

The spell counts as the level of the spell slot necessary to cast it.

For example, an empowered burning hands uses a 3rd-level spell slot, counts as a 3rd-level spell for making concentration checks, counts as a 3rd-level spell for a magus's spell recall or a pearl of power.

In general, use the (normal, lower) spell level or the (higher) spell slot level, whichever is more of a disadvantage for the caster. The advantages of the metamagic feat are spelled out in the Benefits section of the feat, and the increased spell slot level is a disadvantage.

Heighten Spell is really the only metamagic feat that makes using a higher-level spell slot an advantage instead of a disadvantage.

Magical Lineage wrote:
When you apply metamagic feats to this spell that add at least 1 level to the spell, treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell’s final adjusted level.

I want to empower this spell with a rod; do I use a lesser or normal rod of empower spell?

My thoughts are that the spell's final actual spell level is 3rd because it was prepared in a 3rd level spell slot. It's normal spell level prepared without metamagic is 3. It's actual level after applying the metamagic adjustments is also 3. I could therefore use the lesser empower rod. Is this the case?

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Just saying up front that I would expect this boon to be pretty rare and hard to get but I think it be very cool to add. It would make many more prestige classes interesting options or multiclassing in general.

Taken from Inner Sea Magic:

Eclectic Training: Guilds often require members to master and train in different subjects. When your fame score reaches 5, choose one spellcasting class you have at least 1 level in-you increase your effective caster level in that class(including the number of spells you know and can cast per day) by +1 to a maximum equal to your "Character Level" (I edited this from total Hit Dice because of Inspire Greatness). Single-classed spellcasters should still pick a class to which this applies since this bonus is retroactive.

There is also an upgraded version of this... perhaps there should be a difficult way to gain access to it? Perhaps stacking Eclectic Training boons?

Esoteric Training: When your fame score reaches 35 the bonus from Eclectic Training increases to +3 (but is still limited to you total Character level). You may select a second spell casting class to gain a +1 to effective caster level.

Does Eclectic Training have a place in the campaign as a very rare boon? Esoteric? I think it could be very exciting because of the wealth of options it would open up and a chance to make a cool character concept.

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I'm running a scenario with a Shadow Demon; a monster who has Magic Jar as a SLA. Can I treat this monster as having the possession spell instead while running a scenario?


The old magic jar spell is unwieldy, particularly with respect to creatures like ghosts and shadow demons that don't really use a jar at all. Consider replacing magic jar with the new possession spells for both spellcasters and monsters.

Likewise, consider using spells based on possession rather than magic jar.

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I'm requesting PFS leadership reconsider the ban on Blood Money. This spell allowed for some spellcasters to get a few spells which required expensive material components cheaper or for free with some STR damage considerations normally later in their career (stoneskin being a prime example.) While a nice perk it doesn't mechanically change anything you could do in society play by simply having gold. Mechanically it is worse than having gold: you must know/prepare the spell, spend a swift action, and take STR damage.

I personally bought Rise of the Runelords anniversary edition for some of the few spells it contains. While a fantastic product on its own I'm a bit disheartened to see one of the spells recently given away on a chronicle sheet and this one just banned after spending $60 on the book. It makes me feel like I can't trust this product and many other products recently to provide the content they have written.

Again, blood money is normally a couple hundred gold in savings normally once a scenario with some drawback considerations and a particularly heavy real world cost to obtain compared to other options. Could we please repeal the banning of this spell?

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Apparently someone over on the PFS reddit ran into an issue at a table they were playing at. From what I gather they were purchasing weapons made of gold material and then reselling the solid gold as trade goods. From what I gathered my example looks something like this:

Heavy Mace

12 GP base price x 10 gold material = 120 GP base price

Weight 8lb x 1.5 gold material = 12lb pure gold

50gp trade good in gold x 12 = 600 GP item

Selling this as gold/gems etc gives back more GP than you spent.

It's obviously just an economic mistake but seeing as the material is legal and the guides rules for selling items are somewhat loose is this an issue? The player said another player was using this and the GM agreed with him.

The Reddit Thread

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My friend and I remember seeing recently some way to add damage to our jump attacks but I can't remember what this material was at all. I remember seeing it around the time Heroes of the Wild was added to additional resources for PFS and was looking through material.

Basically it somehow worked out to adding a damage per 10 feet traveled or something.

If anyone has any ideas what this might be let me know. I've tried so hard to find this again but can't remember what it was at all...

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Hi, I had purchased the Pathfinder Companion: Elves of Golarion pdf as part of the order but I realized the Alchemy Manual would provide me with more options which I'm looking for in PFS. Is it possible to get a partial refund and return Elves of Golarion only so I can get the Alchemy Manual?

Thanks for your help.

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So my archer is high enough level to have obtained Imbue Arrow and up to 4th level wizard spells. I feel like I've scoured everything I could find to improve my character but I'm checking in with everyone to see if there are small details I might have missed.

Right now I don't have gold to work with but if you have item recommendations feel free and I'll have a look. I have Master of Trade so any purchases are better in full if they have upgrades to get the most out of the discount. I'll look at very expensive items as well since I do plan to play this character into Seeker levels.

I know there is a lot to process here. Let me know if you can think of anything my character might be interested in. Thanks for the help.

Current feats:
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Rapid Shot
Many Shot
Clustered Shots
Weapon Focus Longbow
Weapon Specialization Longbow
Deadly Aim
Spell Focus Transmutation
Greater Spell Focus Transmutation

Current Magical Items:
+1 Seeking Adaptive Composite Longbow
Headband of INT+4
Belt of DEX+2
Boots of Speed
Ring of Invisibility
Ocher Rhomboid Ioun Stone

To Buy Magical Items:
Lesser Extend Rod x2
Lesser Dazing Rod
Pale Green Prism Ioun Stone (cracked) +1 to hit
Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (cracked) +1 init
Cloak of Resist +5

Weapon Cords
Spring Loaded Wrist Sheaths
pheromone arrows (Sabosan Monstrous Physique 1)
durable adamantine arrows
a couple masterwork tools

Infernal Healing
Mage Armor
Heighten Awareness
Gravity Bow
Abundant Ammunition

Vial of Efficacious Medicine
Blood-boiling Pill
Fervor Juice

1st Level Spells
True Strike
Keep Watch
Color Spray
Expeditious Retreat
Magic Missile
Silent Image
Magic Weapon
Abundant Ammunition (frequently prepared)
Feather Fall (frequently prepared)
Heighten Awareness
Anticipate Peril (frequently prepared)
Unerring Weapon
Blood Money (frequently prepared)
Moment of Greatness
Memory Lapse
Charm Person
Gravity Bow (school spell)
Protection from Evil (frequently prepared)

2nd Level Spells
Boiling Blood
Mirror Image (frequently prepared)
Cat's Grace
See Invisibility (school spell)
Dark Vision (frequently prepared)
Contingent Action (frequently prepared)
False Life (frequently prepared)
Burst of Radiance
Raiment of Command
Fox's Cunning
Eldritch Conduit

3rd Level Spells
Greater Magic Weapon
Dispel Magic (school spell)
Heroism (frequently prepared)
Flame Arrow (frequently prepared)
Keen edge
Protection from Energy
Monstrous Physique 1 (frequently prepared)
Tiny Hut (testing for Total Concealment benefits)
Blast Barrier
Magic Circle Against Evil

4th Level Spells
Named Bullet (frequently prepared)
Emergency Force Sphere (frequently prepared)
Dimension Door
Wandering Star Motes(school spell)

Combat Prep:
Day Start: Uses Ring of Invisibility (Constant). Casts False Life and Darkvision.
Entering Area: Casts Heroism, See Invisibility, and Flame Arrow (90 min.) Mage Armor + Heighten Awareness wand.
Prepared Combat:Casts Contingent Action or Anticipate Peril, then Gravity Bow, then Abundant Ammunition wand.

Contingency: When an ally engages an enemy uses a wand of True Strike, this inserts him to the new initiative count and he attacks.

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I decided as a small project that I will be updating some PFS scenarios in an effort to make them match the expected difficulty of actually leveling in Pathfinder RPG. The ideal is that each scenario should provide 1/3rd of the experience needed to reach the character's next level so that you will level in 3 sessions. I feel scenarios often come up short in expected difficulty and this is reflected when comparing their CR to the experience required to level.

So hopefully there are some like minded people who feel maybe that scenario they played was a little too easy or maybe you just want to replay them for fun with a bit of extra challenge.

I don't really have any particular order for doing this, feel free to make a request for a Scenario if this would interest you. Updates will be when I strike the mood.

TL;DR I'm making it harder.

Experience per game party of 6 needs to level:

  • 1-3 Average exp level: 2, 4000 exp

  • 3-5 Average exp level: 4, 18000 exp

  • 5-7 Average exp level: 6, 46000 exp

  • 7-9 Average exp level: 8, 102000 exp

  • 9-11 Average exp level: 10, 210000 exp

Encounter Spoilers are contained within. Don't click a spoiler tab not expecting.. spoilers.

#4-12 The Refuge of Time:

Low Tier:

Low tier Exp total: 9,600 angel + 4,800 shadow + 6,400 trap + 9,600 emketta + 6,400 baram + 3,200x2 spawn = 43,200

Lv8 102000-43,200= 58,800 exp needed

Adjusted Low tier Exp total: 19,200(+2)angel + 9,600x2(+2)shadow + 12,800(+2)trap + 25,600(+2)emketta + 19,200(+3)baram + 6,400(+2)spawn = 102,400

Adjusted Encounters:

Movanic Deva -> Monadic Deva

Greater Shadow -> (2) Negative-Energy Charged Greater Shadow

Trap of Fortune or Ruin: Heightened Phantasmal Killer -> Weird CL17 DC 23,
Mass Critical Wounds -> Implosion CL17 DC23

Emketta (low tier) -> Emketta (high tier)

(2)Sloth Sinspawn Cultist -> (1)Sloth Sinspawn Cultist +2 fighter levels ;
Armor Training Max Dex +1 check penalty -1
Feats: improved critical longspear, Power Attack
+2 perception, +2 intimidate

Naroth Balam (low tier) -> Naroth Balam (high tier)

High Tier:

High tier Exp total: 25,600 angel + 12,800 undead + 19,200 trap + 25,600 emketta + 3,200x6 spawn + 19,200 Baram = 121,600

Lv10 210000-121,600= 88,400 exp needed

Adjusted High tier Exp total: 51,200(+2) angel + 9,600x3(+2) shadow + 25,600(+1)trap + 51,200(+2)emketta + 38,400(+2)baram + 6,400x4(+2) = 211,200

advanced Monadic Deva -> advanced astral deva

bhuta -> (3) Negative-Energy Charged Greater Shadow

Trap of Fortune or Ruin: harm -> Implosion CL17 DC23
empowered flamestrike -> flame strike

Emketta (high tier) -> Emketta (high tier)+2 fighter levels, weapon training+1, feats: improved critical longsword, improved critical lance
sr 27, +2 perception, +2 ride, +2 acrobatics, +2 intimidate
+1 lance -> +2 lance
+1 full plate -> +3 full plate

(6)Sloth Sinspawn Cultist -> (4)Sloth Sinspawn Cultist +2 fighter levels ;
Armor Training Max Dex +1 check penalty -1
feats: improved critical longspear, Power Attack
+2 perception, +2 intimidate

Naroth Balam (high tier) -> Naroth Balam (high tier)+2 wizard levels
4 new spells: prismatic wall, maze, limited wish, walk through space
feats: Superior Summoning, persistent spell
1500g diamond spell component
ring of mind shielding (bond) -> staff of the master (bond)
cloak of resistance +2

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With the recent addition of the Core Campaign bringing new options to those who are interested I was hoping a change could be made to PFS to bring us new options as well. I would like the early entry ruling for the Evangelist prestige class removed allowing people to enter this class when they would normally qualify instead of level 6.

When Inner Sea Gods was released I remember being excited for this class. It gave many cool and flavorful boons to worshipers of those Gods. It was interesting to see what options created new character concepts and how creative use of the aligned class feature, along with the deific boons, opened up new options.

Unfortunately there was a knee-jerk reaction to this prestige class. People had many questions about how aligned class interacted with progression of both base and prestige classes. It made people believe that this class simply added on an entire prestige class to whatever they were already playing. This is far from the truth. Spell casters lose progression, class features are delayed, and overall benefits must be set back in order to take advantage of Evangelist. With no errata or changes coming to aligned class or the legality of Evangelist it is safe to say this is a perfectly normal part of this prestige class’ design.

So now comes the tricky part; does receiving boons early change the dynamic of PFS play? At level 11 a character who has taken 9 levels of Evangelist has now received their 3rd deific boon. How strong are these boons and do they significantly alter play at this level? The strongest of these boons, and there are many options much weaker than these, are 1/day summon monster VII equivalents. This is nothing out of the ordinary and in fact there are legal options such as the Controller Wizard’s 9th level SLA Dominate Monster which qualifies it for Major Spell Expertise gaining it 2/day 5th level spell like abilities of your choice. At best you have a martial character who can sometimes summon a decently strong monster one time over the full caster who has 6th level spells. If the full-caster decided to take Evangelist they have lost 6th level spell access and have made a likely worse but potentially flavorful character option.

As for taking Evangelist on a martial character is there actually a point where this is too strong? You’ve gained a tiny hint of magical potential. That’s excellent! With the release of the Advanced Class Guide we have seen new classes, archetypes, and character options change how we build martial characters. We even temporarily banned Pummeling Charge from the same reaction we had to the Evangelist Prestige class; people didn’t understand the abilities, some rules needed clarification, and in the end it was released again as an acceptable and good option for unarmed strike character builds. The Evangelist Prestige class seems to have needed the same thing and I think now is the time for it to be re-released as an early entry option just like every other prestige class that this is available to.

Hopefully we can all explore and discuss this PRC objectively. I want to stress the barring from early entry is abnormal and specific only to this class and is certainly not the standard for other prestige class qualification. I also ask that people don't write off this option simply because so many other options exist. I think its amazing that the game can have so much content that everyone has available! Lets try our best to be inclusive and judge the Evangelist on the strength of its own abilities rather than settling for what we currently have.

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Can bard and other spontaneous casters write down a page to be used as the focus component for Memorize Page for teaching a wizard a spell?

Bards normally do not have spellbooks nor scribe scroll however this spell requires writing down a spell known for the target to copy.

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As far as I am aware the Spellslinger archtype from Ultimate combat was originally banned from society play because it conflicted with design space with the Gunslinger itself. Guns in Golarion lore are rare and as such gunslingers aren't common either. However, a lot of time has passed since the creation of these character options and we have seen changes in design philosophy as well. Recently the Picaroon swashbuckler and Spellscar Drifter cavalier were both made legal options which use guns as well, a change from previous decisions.

From a flavor standpoint the Spellslinger was an arcane and occult blend who used the emerging gun technology as a focus. Between the creation of the Arcanist (a spell tinkerer), the addition of the Occult Mysteries playtest, and Numeria's technology becoming a campaign wide arch I can't think of a better time to legalize Spellslingers as a character option.

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I’ve been trying to understand the rules for retraining class levels, specifically for if the levels are all gained at the same time. Following the rules below I believe they are. The section on retraining class levels offers no information regarding this process besides a price so let’s start there.

“Unless stated otherwise, retraining costs gp equal to 10 × your level × the number of days required to retrain. This is normally paid in full at the start of the retraining period.”

Fairly simple. The full amount of the retraining is paid in advance all at once. If the retraining would consist of more than one class level pay for all of the classes levels to be retrained upfront.

“When you retrain a class level, you lose all the benefits of the highest level you have in that class. You immediately select a different class, add a level in that class, and gain all the benefits of that new class level.”

This section explains that there is no time difference between the loss of the old level and the new level being gained.

“When retraining multiple character options (class features, feats, classes, etc.) in one continuous period, all of the new selections are made at the end of that period in an order decided by the player. In this way players can retrain class features and their prerequisites at the same time.”

When retraining multiple class levels delay the selections until the end of the training. This is a key point of understanding that all the class levels aren’t gained separately and are gained immediately at the end of the period. I also believe it is important to understand what ‘selections’ are. For this we have to know the process for gaining a level found in Character Advancement.

“When adding new levels of an existing class or adding levels of a new class make sure to take the following steps in order. First, select your new class level. You must be able to qualify for this level before any of the following adjustments are made. Second, apply any ability score increases due to gaining a level. Third, integrate all of the level's class abilities and then roll for additional hit points. Finally, add new skills and feats.”
From this section we now understand that before anything else is taken into consideration we have selected our new class level. We then integrate all of the class abilities. We skip ability scores, skills, and feats because they are separately retrained.

Example: Mark is playing a ranger 5/rogue 2, and has decided he'd like to retrain one of his ranger levels into a rogue level (so he has to find a 3rd-level rogue). When he completes the training, he immediately loses all benefits from taking ranger level 5 (base attack bonus, saving throw bonuses, Hit Dice, hit points, skill ranks, and class features), then gains 1 level in rogue, immediately gaining all the benefits of rogue level 3. Mark's character is now a ranger 4/rogue 3. This retraining did not change Mark's 7th-level feat.

This is the official example of a retrained level of ranger into rogue. Let’s try and see how retraining two of the ranger levels to rogue levels would work.

Mark is playing a ranger 5/rogue 2, and has decided he'd like to retrain 2 of his ranger levels into rogue levels (so he has to find a 4th-level rogue). He pays 980 gold (10 x 7 x 14) in full before training begins. When he completes the training, he immediately loses all benefits from taking ranger level 5 (base attack bonus, saving throw bonuses, Hit Dice, hit points, skill ranks, and class features), then gains 2 levels in rogue, immediately gaining all the benefits of rogue level 4. Mark's character is now a ranger 3/rogue 4. This retraining did not change Mark's 7th-level feat.

The goal of this question was to examine the rules to see if all the class levels are gained at the same time. After reading all the rules content relating to retraining class levels I believe that this has been shown to be true but would like to confirm or otherwise hear what people have to say.

The levels are gained all at once at the end of your training. You then add all the benefits of those levels.