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Skeld wrote:

PFS GMs should probably check all character sheets regardless of source. There's no particular need (that I see) in singling out HL sheets over pnp or those from, say, pcgen.


Agreed. :)

Kortz wrote:

Seems to me like that is something that the player and GM are going to have to police themselves. There's no sense in making it limited since a player could pick up spells-known during his very first adventure.

If you'd read the link, you'd find that's precisely what they said. I don't agree with the logic, since there's more than one way to code things, but that's just me, I guess. :)

Probably spoiled by WoTC's character generator *grin*

One thing that has made me extremely wary of using HeroLabs is the fact that it doesn't calculate starting spell allowances for Wizards correctly.

The program permits you to add an unlimited number of 1st-level spells to your spellbook, instead of the basic three plus your INT-bonus (if any).

(I'm not talking about daily spell slots, HL appears to handle that correctly.)

I reported the issue on their forums here.

In summary, Lonewolf (and others) put up a bunch of stuff about finding/adding other spellbooks during their travels, etc, but it doesn't excuse the fact that HL should have handled the limit correctly in the beginning.

Sure, there needs to be a provision for adding stuff as the PC adventures, but to fail at something basic such as this makes me wonder. :\

It's apparently on their "to-do list", and who knows when they'll get around to it? Moral: triple-check everything HL puts out. Good tool, but not entirely reliable.

The art looks great and piques my interest, as does the spoiler. Thanks for posting those.

Thanks for running this contest, TrickyOwlbear - and for being so generous with your prizes!

Abbey of the Golden Sparrow

Achievement Feats

Forgotten Foes

The Favored of Skexxiz

The Corpse Trap spell appeals to me - it's a very nasty, nasty trick to play. *grin*

Also noticed a slight problem with the wording:


Each Hit Die or fractional HD possessed by the adds +2 points of negative energy damage to the trap (+20 maximum).

Shouldn't there be a word between "the" and "adds" ?

Vanity's Razor... meh. Can't see getting much use out of that one, really.

I'm in Michigan, and selected the cheapest option, which was UPS ground. Appreciate the explanation, Vic. :)

I went to order, thinking shipping wouldn't be much for this product, and to my shock... over ten dollars on shipping and handling.

Seriously, for a product that doesn't weigh that much? That's a bit excessive in my book and it really disappoints me.

I want to support Paizo, but I'm not going to pay an excessive premium on shipping to do it, particularly when I can get it elsewhere for less than half the total price. :\

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

So, the free PDFs have started to go out (people should see them tonight or tomorrow morning), and the 52% off sale has just today and tomorrow left!

*jumps up and down excitedly like a little guy at Christmas*


And thanks to everyone, for helping us celebrate 52 PDFs in 52 Weeks!

With the awesomeness SGG produces, how can anyone pass up the offer you've made (52 percent off + free pdf upon request)? They'd have to be nuts, in my opinion.

Thanks again for the free PDF, Owen, and I hope this sale really ratcheted things up for SGG's pocketbook. :D

And damn you - between what I brought from you and the B5 sale from Mongoose, my wallet is in starvation mode. :p

E-mail sent, thank you for the offer of assistance. :)

Babylon 5 megasale!

I could really kiss you guys for that, but I'll refrain.

Thanks for doing these - the Wizard's sheet makes things a lot easier on me.

Upgrading to 3.6 made the problem worse, added several other cards as well:

Arcane Mark

Perram wrote:

Ok, I'm having a hard time re-producing the problem on my end. Can you take a screen shot of the print preview for those cards?

Detect Magic is a problem all it's own... and a known bug. For some reason it isn't working like it should! But the rest of the cards I need to straighten out.

I imagine it is a font problem. That's usually what this boils down to.

Also, have you considered upgrading to Firefox 3.6 and seeing if it solves the problem? I still need to fix it for 3.5, but if you upgrade and it fixes it it helps me narrow down the problem.

Here you go:

This is using large cards (4 per page), at 100 percent size. Shrink to fit produces identical results.

Okay, I solved the four-card layout problem (corrected the orientation setting - must have forgotten to reset it after my last print run with another project) - but the overrun/cutoff thing still occurs.

I will note that if I choose index card, and then blow it up on print preview to 175 percent, everything fits perfectly (including the "From" (created by... line)). Guess that's one way to solve the problem, heh.

Guess I can create a literal spellbook with one page per spell. ;) Bit of a pain, but if it works, it works.

BTW, the website looks wonderful - nice and professional. I likey! :D

Oops, meant 3.5.8. (got the last two transposed, sorry!)

1. Windows XP SP1.

2. Wizards level 0; card size large; black and white; print level in title. (If you want other levels, I'll post them, but this will do for starters.)

Detect magic (overrun/cut off)
Ghost Sound (overrun/cut off)
Message (overrun/cut off)
Prestidigitation (overrun/cut off)
Read Magic (overrun/cut off)

With a four-card layout, in print preview, there's 3 cards in one row, and 1 in the last. The 2nd row one doesn't have a border bottom.

Additional note: your "from" tag sometimes overlaps with the bottom paragraph, making it extremely difficult to read, particularly if it's a long spell. I suspect it's due to the size limitation of the card, so you might want to make it a bit fainter or find someplace else to put it.

Additional note 2: with the card size of 9 per page, the problem is even WORSE, and there's a misalignment of the 0-level spell Detect Magic (table 2 - only the first line on the card is visible, anything after that is gone), and the text isn't properly aligned in the tables to begin with.

I appreciate the hard work you've done, but unfortunately, I've run into a number of problems.

1) Using Firefox 3.8.5: no matter what I do, the text on some spells invariably runs off the end of the card, causing it to be cut off, rendering it incomplete. Some of the cards are skewed out of alignment as well.

2) I switched to IE 7, the results were a bit better.

When I tried to use "page setup" to establish the 0.25 margin, I received several error message popups:

An error has occurred using the page setup dialog.
Error code: 16
Object doesn't support this property or method.

Another one, this time with error code 12 follows that popup.

Tried print preview, another error popup:

Line: 1405
Char: 1
Error: invalid argument
Code: 0
URL: res://ieframe.dll/preview.dlg

Dunno if my IE is knackered (I rarely use it; prefer Firefox) or what.

In either case, a little assistance would be appreciated, please.

Got an answer from James Jacob in the World Guide - Inner Sea discussion thread:

James Jacobs wrote:

The Inner Sea World Guide will have some crossover between the other books, yes. That's more or less inevitable. Also, we don't want to get into a situation where, say, you HAVE to own the Inner Sea Primer to make heads or tails out of the hardcover Inner Sea World Guide.

The Inner Sea World Guide will be the foundation of Golarion. As such, it has to stand on its own.

It'll also have more room to talk about pretty much every topic, though, so there'll be a LOT more information. In the Inner Sea Primer, for example, each nation gets a half of a page of info, and not all the nations are covered. In the hardcover, each nation gets four pages of info, and ALL of them are covered.

What will NOT be reprinted in the Hardcover from the Inner Sea Primer, though, will be all of the traits and most of the Combat/Faith/Magic/Social information.

Thank you very much for the information - it's precisely what I wanted to know.

As a company, you guys just ROCK, mainly because you answer questions and interact with the community, which is rare these days, unfortunately. Thanks again!

If this has already been answered, my apologies - I didn't feel like wading through all eight pages of posts today.

Will the World Guide contain stuff that's already in the Inner Sea Primer? Or the Companion guides? Or does it give in-depth information not found in those?

Thanks, Matthew. :)

Hopefully, one of the Paizo guys will drop in with their input on the info sharing between the World Guide and the Primer.

I'd like to know the answer to this one as well!

Thanks for the answers so far - it really does help narrow things down.

Does the primer contain information that's not in the World Guide - Inner Sea and vice-versa?

If there isn't, no need for me to buy the primer. I'll just wait for the World Guide and save my bucks for something else.

I was browsing through the available products to choose which ones I want to buy in December, and a few things have me a bit stumped.

This concerns the following products:

1. Pathfinder Campaign Setting: World Guide—The Inner Sea
2. Pathfinder Player Companion: Inner Sea Primer
3. Pathfinder Player companion various city guides.

Would the information in each guide just reiterate or obsolete stuff from each other? How do they fit together?

The best I can figure out, the World guide is for GM's, the Primer for players, and the various city guides for both.

Any help would be appreciated! :)

Very nice analysis, bud.

I only had the original set a long time ago (and lost it, unfortunately!), but your post seems right on the money from what other things I've read.

Pity they don't publish the saga core rules anymore, because I'd love to get my hands on a copy and get into a game. The prices on Amazon for it are outrageous.

There's RPtools - Maptools. Might not be what you want or need, but it's the closest thing I can think of.


Thank you very much for transcribing that, Ryan.Costello. Bless you!

I guess we're not going to get an answer regarding this.

Just received my hardcover copy - it's the third edition. Easy enough to fix with the errata and the PDF is fourth edition anyhow. No biggie.

Man, this beast is heavier than any college textbook I ever had. Who needs a battleaxe when you can just throw the book at them, literally, ha.

Really would be awesome if someone could - and instead of voicing a thirty-second sound bite (my voice is not the world's best, needless to say), would it be possible to write the piece and then email it in?

It's a pity those of us without the ability to hear are effectively shut out of the contest. :(

sadie wrote:

New version!

Now with a cover, contents and introduction, and all sorts of little fixes throughout.

Get it here

These ROCK! Exactly what I've been looking for - thank you so much!

Hi, Owen!

First, I have to say I have a couple of the PDF's already - and they're dead useful.

If the offer still stands, I'd like "The Genius Guide to Feats of Runic Might", please. Thanks!

Skeld wrote:
PurpleWizard wrote:
I would have ordered via Paizo, but...

You might look into picking up the PDF from Paizo. It's $9.99, searchable, internally hyperlinked and very useful. And it's $9.99, did I mention that?


Hmm, I seem to recall you saying that once or twice... ;)

Brought it, and seriously, I'm impressed with the quality of it. It's been a long time since I've seen a PDF so well done. Paizo has really outdone themselves.

Looking forward to reading the additional material and finding a game. Thanks again for the suggestion even tho' I already had it. *grin*

thenorthman wrote:
PurpleWizard wrote:

Ordered the hard copy a few hours ago from Amazon; any idea if it'll be 3rd or 4th version?

It's not really a bother if it's 3rd, the errata is easy to add in, and there's always the PDF - I'm mainly curious! *grin*

(And I can't wait to get the hard copy in my hands, if only to read while I'm out commuting.)

I have yet to see a 4th version in a local store. Its highly possible that Amazon sells through them fast enough to have the 4th but I bet you its not.

Since the 4th version was only printed or announced late August they probably still have the 3rd.

Pazio though if you were to order direct from them said your guaranteed to get the 4th version.


Thanks, Sean - I'll keep you guys updated on whether it is or not.

I would have ordered via Paizo, but as I had a $25 buck Amazon gift certificate available, thought I might as well get it via them. The only info they list is that it's 579 pages and printed August 19, 2009, so here's hoping! *grin*

Ordered the hard copy a few hours ago from Amazon; any idea if it'll be 3rd or 4th version?

It's not really a bother if it's 3rd, the errata is easy to add in, and there's always the PDF - I'm mainly curious! *grin*

(And I can't wait to get the hard copy in my hands, if only to read while I'm out commuting.)

These look AWESOME! Thanks for your hard work, and I look forward to the updated version.

I had played AD&D in the past (been at least 20 years since I've played, heh), and got the hankering to try it again. I noticed they were up to 4E, so I started purchasing the Core Rulebooks used from Amazon. A bit after I began reading the rulebooks, I just wasn't comfortable with the way the rules have changed from what I remember - everything's totally changed, and not for the better as far as I could tell.

Then along came the very recent dust-up concerning DDi over at the Wizards site - and after looking around the boards a little more closely, I decided that 4E wasn't what I wanted and I really didn't like the direction WoTC was moving in.

Fortunately, one of the posts had a reference to PFRPG, so here I am. From the stuff I've read so far from the Core Rulebook (ordered a copy from Amazon, waiting on that, reading the PDF while I do), I like it far better than 4E, and the PDF's just ROCK!