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Sharaya wrote:

Hi Pepe_Sly,

I've responded to your email about this.


I haven't received an email yet. I'll check again in a few. Thanks.

As the title stats, I never received my Monk Class Deck or the Promo Cards for WoTR Deck 5. I checked my address and it is correct and I checked my bank statement and I payment went thru for it. Where do we go from here?

Thanks for your time.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Interesting. What is it you like about them, especially them in combination?

You know, I haven't found what I like about the party as far them together. It seems that they all just some how compliment each other. Playing Pathfinder RPG, I have always played a hunter or thief, so Adowyn makes perfect since for me.

I think the reason I like Crowe is because he is a fighter first, then a caster.

Seelah just made sense due to the story behind WotR.

And Alain just seems fun to play.

So, really don't have a great answer for either of your question. Maybe after another scenario, I will. The easiest answer is they seem to work for me.

Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of the Arcane, I am a Divine junkie. I have spent many weeks since WotR came out trying to find the perfect balance of characters for me to take solo through this adventure while my group finishes up S&S. And my selection of characters came to me today... And they are...


After playing just the first Basic Scenario, I am extremely happy with those choices. I would live to hear anyone's thoughts on my character line up.

Thanks for you guys thoughts. Right now I think I'm gonna do 4 characters. I like the idea of Flenta and Zarlova.

I am going back and soloing RotR with three Characters. I have already played thru RotR and S&S with a group of friend. Was wondering who you guys would use (include all Class decks) and why. I am going to make up my mind tonight and begin the adventure tomorrow.

I am really set on playing Adowyn. So, my question is what other 2 characters do you. Guys think would compliment her in a solo adventure?

Thank you... Have a great week.

I was just looking through the Bard Class Deck and found that I am missing 1 card. And that card is Bolstering Armor. I have looked through every Class Deck and Adventure deck I have and did not find it.

Is there any way that you guys can send me Bolstering Armor for the Bard Deck? I know one of your first questions is were did you get the class deck... I ordered it from Paizo.

Thank you for a great product. Have a wonderful weekend.

Question… there does not seem to be enough basic spells to build Flenta's starting deck. How do you build it with only 2 basic spells and she gets 3?

Base Set starting 7 would be:


Thanks for the info Hawkmoom269. I'll keep an eye for them. Can't wait to get everything going so my party can start playing this amazing game again.

When do you guys think the class decks will be shipped? Also when do you think the the Add-On deck will be shipped? Thanks.

I would post but my party of 6 is dead. It was a sad day, yesterday. But, we have started a new and hopefully we will conquer the evil that has awoken.

Ok... Thanks again for the info. Never had to deal with sidecars before.

Vic Wertz wrote:
I'm trying to figure out what the actual street date for Class Decks might be. I suspect we will have to delay the launch again. (And I *hope* that we will have Class Decks before retailers... but they'll only ship before Adventure Deck 2 if they're not in your sidecart!)

Question... What does... "but they'll only ship before Adventure Deck 2 if they're not in your side cart" mean? Mine are in my side cart, will they be moved to ship before or with AP 2? Or since they are in my side cart, they won't be shipped. That is if you have them available by then. Thanks for any info.

Erik Keith wrote:

Greetings Pepe,

There was a manufacturing issue with the Character Add-On Deck that's been delaying shipments. Vic has an explanation regarding shipping delays here. I've moved the Character Add-On Deck and promo cards to your sidecart so we can get your Base Set of Skull and Shackles to you. We'll make sure to get the rest of the products shipped when we're able. In addition to this we should be sending out an official email about this shortly.

Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else and I'll be glad to do so. Thanks!

- Erik Keith

Thank you very for the info. I will be looking for the email. Have a great rest of the evening and week.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

It means you are in the same boat as most of us. I think Andrew K's post is slightly wrong. Some of the Base Sets were shipped the 22nd. They were specifically for people that had gotten emails saying their order was finalized and shipping. That seems to have happened around the 7th or 8th. Those people got a tracking number and everything, but the order didn't leave the warehouse until the 22nd.

Everyone else who got the "authorization" email back around the 5th should have our Base Sets shipped early this week. There will be an email going out sometime today with more info. So watch your inbox.

Thanks... Maybe Paizo needs to hire you to explain things. Lol

Andrew K wrote:

The base sets for subscribers were shipped on the 22nd for subscribers, no add-on decks were sent, those were all pushed back to September.

As for a refund, most likely not. You just wouldn't be charged for it when it ships next month.

I am a subscriber and have not recieved any email since the pending email. What dies that mean for me?

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I want to clarify that I was not asking for people to go into the office and ship out my Base Set. An email that was generated by a computer program would have been fine.

I love Paizo and their product. And I hope to be playing hpathfinder thill the day I die. I am done with this conversation. It will get here when it gets here. And when it does arrive it will be kick ass.

Please, Paizo, send me am email about my shipment of Skull and Shackles Base set. I know the add-on deck is now back ordered. I have not recieved and email about anything except you are now processing my payment. I understand that you guys have been busy with GenCon but we as subscribers deserve to know what is going on with our base set. This has gotten to the point of ridiculousness.

You make available everything to people at GenCon, but not to your loyal subscribers. I remember a time when you preordered or subscribed to something you were promised that order before street date (back in the late to 1990's, no talking about paizo, a general statement on retail). Please answer this post and advise all of us that are waiting about their order.

Again I understand that things happen, but you cannot forget about your subscribers. I asked for an email about my shipment and have gotten nothing. No matter if it is a Saturday, you still have an issue on your hands and that should be addressed no matter what day of the week it is. This is poor customer service. "We did not realize we needed more copies" is not an answer. And to show people with them at GenCon is a slap in the face to all subscribers for any and all Paizo subscription holders across the world.

Thank you and I hope to here from you soon.

Can you please email me an update on my subscription? I would like to know if it is been mailed or is it still pending, seeing as there is a glitch on the order and subscription page.

Thank you.

I thank you, Paizo, for finally letting us know why our PACG subscription has been delayed. I, like most others on this thread, feel like you have forgotten about your subscribers. Clearly August is a rough time for you guys when it comes to releasing product. I understand that you want new product to be available for GenCon, but it seems that you are more concerned with getting people the product there and not to subscribers or people who have preordered the products.

I do not believe it is asking to much to give everyone an upgrade on their shipping for the September subscription for free. I believe that this will satisfy many people and show them that you care about loyal subscribers and people who preorder from you directly.

Again, thank you for letting us know what the hold up has been and I look forward to receiving my subscription in the coming weeks. I still love your product and look forward to playing PACG for many years to come.

If I were to just pick from S&S characters it would have to be Seltyiel and Lirianne. They are new classes and seem pretty fun. But, as a lot of people I am still waiting on my subscription, so when it comes in I will be able to choose better after a quick test run through of the 1st scenario with them.

As for my choices, here they are:

Bard: Meliski - there is something about a Dwarf Brawler that just seems fun.

Cleric: Zarlova - her role as a Theurge seems like it could be rather interesting.

Figther: Flenta - a fighter is something I have been wanting since RotR.

Ranger: Arabundi - Mage Hunter role sold me on him.

Rouge: Its a toss up between Merisel and Wu Shen. Will decide later.

Sorcerer: Valendron - he seems to be a Ranger/Sorcerer. That's just kick ass.

Wizard: not a fan if this class. But, if I have to choose one, it will be Darago... Using undead to fight is still kick ass.

Question... Why is my subscription page showing that on Sept. 4 there will be an authorization for Skull and Shackles Base Set and Add-On Deck when that is currently pending for August? Will I be double charged?

Thazar wrote:
Base set and add-ons are in the warehouse and will ship by Aug 22nd. Class decks are delayed until the september shipments.

Thank you for the answer.

Is the Base Set and Add-On on Backorder, or is it just a glitch? Still pending for my subscription.

Enlight_Bystand wrote:
Pepe_Sly wrote:
So... When are the Skull & Shackles Base set shipping? My subscription is still pending since the 4th of August.

At some point between the 6th & the 22nd of August.

See here for more details.

Thanks Enlight and Lisa.

So... When are the Skull & Shackles Base set shipping? My subscription is still pending since the 4th of August.