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Eventually the orc hits her limits when her head thumps off the table. Passed out for the long slumber right there at the table.

Grungsdi wrote:
Grung stays up drinking a bit then turns in.

"Hav'ant hit my limit." She brings out a skin of drink, She pours two and passes one to the dwarf. It's a dark reddish black color. "Goblun on fire, it's called." She clinks her cup to Grung's and swills it down in one gulf. Her eeyes immediately tear up and her face flushes purple. She pounds her chest with her free hand and the fiery cocktail passes her throat. "YES!" You swear there's a hint of smoke coming from her breath.

"Nym goin' t' VOID like Kalim sez."

A rather lean half-orc straddles the bench between Desmond and Grung. She winks at each of them. "Frisky." He announces as she points a thumb at her chest. <smiles> "" She pauses for a moment and thinks about her next words. "True you great warriors?"