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@GM Hmm, the module has this section:

In the other Phantom Phenomena quests, the PCs may have
acquired special equipment that helps them during the
Epicenter quest. So long as at least one PC has the associated
Special Resource box checked on his Chronicle sheet, the PCs
receive one of the associated tool.

Did the PC's earn any of the listed tools? I suppose if I had run the module from start to finish I would know.

This game is by invitation only.

You receive a note from Dr. Quolorum. It reads:

My most capable allies,
This is it! I have finally triangulated the source of the
intriguing phenomena near the peak of Diremark in the
eastern reaches of the Hungry Mountains. It’s so obvious
in hindsight, considering the legends of the place, that I’m
surprised nobody thought of it sooner.
Given the highly charged nature of the ether right now,
it’s best if I accompany you to the source to learn what
has transpired. Meet me on the slopes of Diremark and we’ll
put this mystery to rest before the new semester begins
and I return to the drudgery of reading first-year essays
on the ethical questions raised by charm spells.
Dr. Quolorum

If you wish to purchase any supplies before you go, you may.