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Yeah, yeah - I know it hasn't even been a week since GenCon.

But I had a new GM ask me about this tonite on FB, so I thought I'd post something here.

Who knows - I might actually get some valid information...

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Augmentations - designed to occupy various & sundry locations on the body.
Generally location limited.

Question - does an augment that fills the 'all arms' or 'all legs' slots also occupy the other specified locations in that area (i.e. the 'feet' slot where the legs are concerned, then 'hands' slots in the case of 'all arms')?

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Hey - just played this one - some scary stuff happened during our fights (though that may just have been due to having 2 mechanics, a mystic, & a pregen envoy).

Anyhow, this question came up at the end, while processing paperwork.

Was our GM supposed to excise the items that we didn't locate/get used against use in the course of the mission? I thought so, but couldn't find any verbiage supporting this.

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I brought this up in another thread, but feel it may have gotten lost there since it was a bit of a tangent to that thread's topic.

I played my first session the other night - used a rogue - & was dismayed to discover that the sap lacked the finesse trait (though it did have the agile trait, so its still a viable sneak attack weapon).

I guess I'm happy that I can still use sneak attack with it. It just seemed kind of odd that this weapon was the only one of the rogue's melee options that lacked the finesse trait.

Perhaps this is an oversight?

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Per the 4/4/18 Additional Resources:

"For the divine champion archetype, when selecting a connection for the lesser divine power ability, you must select a connection that has your deity listed in the “Associated Deities” header."

The only deities listed in the 'Associated Deities' header are the 20 Core Deities - does this mean that followers of the other, less common deities & the assorted philosophies (which are currently SFS options) are barred from using this archetype?

Lest I forget, thanks for getting the AR posted in a timely manner.

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I purchased a box of Dungeons Deep from my local gamestore over the weekend. Upon opening it I discovered that it contained the large [a griffon] & 2 medium miniatures [a Giant Centipede & a Pugwudgy].

The guy behind the counter was disinclined to offer me either a refund or an exchange, but the folks at the gaming table thought that I should bring the issue to your attention.

Is there anything to be done about this situation?

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ConTemporal - this year its got a steampunk theme.

When: June 22 - June 24, 2012

Where: Chapel Hill, NC
Sheraton Chapel Hill
One Europa Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Phone: (919) 968-4900

the website: contemporal.org

PFS Sign-ups on warhorm:

I've currently got all of the Year 3 scenarios available for play & plenty of GMs in search of players.

You can check the website for registration info or shoot me an email if you have questions of a Pathfinder nature. joe.jungers@gmail.com

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I had something of brain hiccups (less of an epiphany) while running a game last week.

So, since Lady Gaga quaintly refers to her fans as 'my little monsters', would that mean that she's Lamastu?

And who else might you map into the role of any of Golarion's deities?