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Were not Dragonborn ripped off Dragonlance really? The Draconians i think they were called in that setting.Some metagamer turned game designer must have thought hey what a great race to play.Either that or buckled to peer pressure. Sorry not a fan of 3.0 nor 4.0 here old school gamer.

I agree would be nice to get all the core races in.

I just hope that i doon't have a wolf, a bear, a deer and a wild boar attack me all at the same time like most MMO's. It always seemed strange to see a deer and a wolf attacking at the same time on games like LOTRO (Lord Of The Rings Online).

I would say if the character made the pickpocket roll obviously no one would know. He sets a trap no one knows who set it.
Now if the character camps players and intentionallly does griefing to annoy everyone..then he /she gets exactly what he/she deserves. If everyday this said player steals traps and causes mayhem with alot of players sooner or later someone is going to report the activity and then they get banned end of story.
I have seen this alot on several games over the person finds enjoyment in ruining others fun and enjoyment of the game.If i don't want a dr hyde or moriaty or super evil villian character stalking why should I. If some player thinks it funny to stalk my character or others and think they are expanding and enriching others is sadly mistaken.This activity would border on a insanity ont eh other players part following random players around just to cause problem. Makes one wonder what mental problems the real person has or what sick need to deprave others of enjoying the product they paid for.
Now a tasselhoff,fafnir and Grey mouser, or Conan etc. who were all iconic rogues i admit they did some things and it improved the storyline in the books. same as theives world I think it fine you wish to improve your rogue or evil villian story and you enjoy it but why should the rest pay for it and have to sit back and bear the anguish for one players amusement.Sucha selfish act on your part..shame on you.

I could list the names of these shops I have been to but then I probably would get banned from this for some flaming of those shops.I suppose, also some here could even work or own these shops and don't like me calling it what it is. truth been told, i have seen it before even with the the old DD ones and the collector card games and such, they rip them out of package and the owner and employees get thier set or whatever out of it and try and cash in for what the rest are. They figure, which in all truth, that they can get a better price piecemail of each, then selling or ordering a booster or package.I guess it might also pay to know the owners personally, maybe they would order for a friend but then you figure offering cash to order them and paying in advance would count.
I do not mean to troll this forum, just stating a fact from my own experience since these sets came out. It seems hard to get them, or order them.
I do not agree with taking them out of the packaging and increasing pricing personally.Can anyone name a product that someone opened and it becomes more valuable without packing. Most collectors have the item in original box with original packaging.The shops i have visited they offered the minature without a box and increased pricing or they didn't have any or would not order any.
I am glad the rest of you got them and it still gives me hope that i can find a shop to buy the unopened original or I am going to have to order online and deal with the brokerage fees.
Thanks for the hope you found some i shall keep looking.

Are they in Ontario? I tried Sarnia, London and Toronto areas. I asked for a pack or booster and they all seem to say. This is how we sell them individually. I check the prices Piazo sells for individuals and the shops i been to seem to charge double that price as listed.

The thing I don't like about this sort of thing is the comic shop or hobby shops I have ever been into open up every last one of these and sells them piece by piece for huge profits. I cannot seem to buy my own pack or whatever size and they seem not interested in selling or ordering it from any hobby shop I have been in. The only other recourse would be to order online which i don't like giving my credit info out and the idea of my own Canadian government charging me huge shipping fees and such. Last time a family memebr ordered something online (40 dollar item with 40 custom handling UPS) and it came to my door even though it was prepaid delivery they charged a toll custom fee (brokerage fee).So knowing all this I guess i cannot get any of these..greedy government and greedy hobby/comic shops..never going to pay 20-30 dollars for a small plastic mini each at a shop..It is crazy.

I personally like the alignment thing. If you are good and do evil you slide to evil. If you are evil and do good things slide to good. I think you should add this to the game. As for the alignment communities, did anyone ever read the books this is based off of? The cities, towns, and kingdoms all have base alignments in Golarion. Try and be CE in Lastwall a LG kingdom with laws pretaining to that society and see how far the evil character Not very far i would imagine.

I suppose they could limit points for creation by the character or adventure level. The points being spent on buying items and rewards and such. Such as you have 1000 points on a level one dungeon and a ring +1 might cost 100 of those points etc in your design..i dunno just some ideas

I also think it should depend on the intelligence of the creature itself..low intelligent should act like it and high intelligent should use tactics and whatnot to take you down. I have played MMO's where the creatures (MOBS) act like statues or walk specific pre determined lines and patterns over and over. I have seen some games that if you attack one creature close to another or a encampment it alerts the rest if you do not take him down in time (which i enjoy).
Other games i kill one creature next to another and it does nothing until i hit the next (terrible in my opinion). Or the famous i hit a wolf and all of a sudden a deer and a boar all attack me becuase they are on the same aggro string. Having a wolf, deer and a boar at the same time just puzzles me..what would allow them in the natural order of nature to attack a single foe like they were allied. (yes i suppose if they were under some spell or controlled by some greater power but this was not the case)

I like the idea of Star Trek Onlines foundry system player created adventures. Some follow some plot, some are terrible creations but most are great designs and can be rated accordingly. They even have a way to vote on the adventure as other players and reward good stories with game points to spend in game.This in my opinion would make a great addition to most mmo's or this one as players or gamemasters can create thier own adventures for others to use in the game. Elder Scrolls and Never Winter nights also (solo or small group)had these options with predesigned tilesets and items to make your own dungeon or town or creation.

My spouse and I have been playing MMO for years (well i mostly corrupted her to the world of and saw that sandbox MMO (Arche Age) and was hoping that Pathfinder Online would follow the same idea of this game.Ultima Online had very sandbox ideas as well and one of the first MMO's. I even tried Vanguard Saga of Heroes MMO (sony online)which you could build your own house and ships even the classes had class specific poisons for rogues and arrows for ranger types.

A thing with forums is alot of old messages get buried beneath a sea of new ones and sometimes closed, locked or moved or attached to another area. So @Dalix and anyone else it never hurts to post and ask.

It would be nice to run into them questing and doing tasks etc. Hopefully they lock out the names of these Icons so we don't have 300 Merisiel's ingame..However this would increase your chances for romance by those 300 or so players using her

Hopefully they add it to the store as well. They could always offer it as fund to go towards further production cost in the Pathfinder MMO.I would pay the 50, 100 or so dollars for it if the funds or portion went to the design and further development of the game.

Okay i see what you mean like a cleric school or magic field of study as per the books. I agree it would be nice to see some expansion on various schools or domains. To be able to expand research development and learn and craft in those vocations (golems, potions, undead, spell research etc.).

Sounds to me they need a fully designed prepackaged game client that already has some objects rendered to save time. Similiar to Neverwinter Nights, Elder Scrolls, Or Star Trek , Champions where you had a foundry like program with predesigned table chairs and various objects incuded in the graphic engine and server system to save design time.

Sounds like a great idea to me.

I don't remember seeing a Necromancer character class in the core classes from the Pathfinder RPG core rulebook that they said would be in the MMO from the core rulebook.Sounds more like Age of Conan MMO to me with a nercomancer class and a minions following them around like thier own personal army. You sure we talking about the same game?

Well lets sit down and do the math...A game world on a server needs a setting..hmm..simple lets use a world created for the system..Pathfinder Campaign setting and draw on those books...just like DDO (dungeons and Dragons Online) use Eberron as a setting. A efficient and sound way of doing it. I don't understand why ppl cannot understand that paizo created pathfinder and the pathfinder setting (Golarion the planet the campaign is set upon) hence Pathfinder Campign Setting. I mean would everyone prefer they spend tons of cash on remaking some unknown planet or setting to set the game system in for the online game. To me it is just a waste of cash doing that..simple math. you are one of the few intelligent players that play your alignment with some substance and flair i must add. Like you did in the keep you hid and did subversion tactics and still were able to work within the confines of the group. Most players i have gmed for or played with seem to not understand group dynamics..nor how to work to acheive goals.The see the Gm and players as adversaries or enemies to be defeated.
In my opinion, this was not what storytelling or running a game is about, it is about a good tale that everyone walks away with something good out the session.
Mind you, sometimes heroes die or a paladin may sacrifice himself for the good of the group or a belief but it should not be lessened and should add to the story. the players should all be happy the way things worked out in the end and be adult enough to deal with it if they made mistakes.
After all this is for the purpose of entertainment.

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I honestly never really understood evil campaigns even from a gm perspective. Most novels or tales or stories, even ancient myths. A heroe is someone who does something beyond the normal and others look up to him/her in deeds.
Is not the object of the game to tell a good tale and everyone enjoy it for the entertaining value.
Those arguing about paladibns or good characters should ask themselves how many movies books or games would they read, play or enjoy if the bad guy destroyed everyone ebnd of story. To me it makes a shallow story and plotline. Evil characters kill, maim and ransack town roll credits...what is the point..or in the end as the credits are rolling they fight over loot and start killing each other. Personally if i read a tale about that or watched a movie like that i would walk out with disgust.
Even tales of Illiad, Icelandic Sagas, and various mythic tales had heroes and sure they had faults most of them but thier was some redeeming quality in them.

I cannot wait..well not for the scorching hot summer weather but Rise of The Runelords will definately make my shelf...I was going to run some new players and old friends from 1st ed. DnD days thru it but will wait for this nice set to come out and get the miniatures for it as well..thanks for the good work and continued excellent material you guys work sure brings back memories from the first time i opened my first red box set for basic dnd years ago when i was 10..32 years later it is great to see where you guys have come with the game.I never was a fan of 3.0 or 3.5..and 4th edition seem to take the path of one of my favourite pastimes and a old tradition going years back in time of great storytelling from around a campire in primative times to ward against hunger, cold and to pass the time to contuinue to entertain thru the years when there was no radio or television nor media..4th editon mad eit less a story and more a game (like chess)which is fine for some but i enjoy the art of a good tale and glad to see you stuck thru and delivered on several of your products i own..thank you again

yeah I believe Darkfall used something similar in skill is a sandbox like game as well

I am sorry reading this made me laugh at times...You need meat shields with armour..just like on mage is going to go toe to toe with heavies..thier spells cancel..I hated this in Age of Conan..mages and archers shooting off stuff in the face of attacking mobs...if you want mage tanks and squishy tanks then i figure add some realism your hands are casting spells and a blade from the mob chops them off...I am sorry who in thier right mind in cloth armor or regular clothes and no weapon just chanting and waving thier hands in front of a mob would be for these hybrid min/max characters they just drive me get a party of ppl together and this is why a game like Skyrim MMO would not work..everyone would spend hours argueing over who heals and who tanks or who does what role..or when they all died who didn't do healing or such...It creates a mess of characters with no clue how to play thier characters or roles.This idea is made by ppl who want godlike characters to do everything in game..have all the spells..all the fighting..all the rogue abilities etc. etc. on one looking at new games in the pipeline like say Secret World..everyone has open skills and you lock in 7-8 skills and build from you skills..this forces ppl to play healers, tanks, buffers whatever..If i want to play a basic fighter to 20 i don't want someone screaming at me to munchkin my character to heal others or sacrifice my capstone dabbling in multi skill trees to make the rest of the minmaxers happy..just like in war someone has to be on front lines..someone has to support..just my opinion

yes definately interesting to see how they use alignments (Lawful Good ) for example..especially when it is the core substance of that class (Paladin)

Sorcerers will be another.. will someone be able to take it after or will they have to take it as a first class to get the bloodlines.

they could make Warforged race race for gearmen.

Same goes for Sorcerous bloodlines..what you get to 20 level fighter or cleric whatever opther class and suddenly have dragon, faerie demon or whatever bloodline power coursing thru you that was suppose to be with you at birth..makes as much sense as a Samurai20/ ninja 20 or paladin 20/ rogue 20 or ninja paladin..hopefully they don't allow these munchkin class choices to exist and use some sense in design

The paladin has to be one of the toughest classes to play with the most want to slaughter and backstab wait til the hellknights and antipaladins come

Paladins would never sneak attack or backstab or do any unlawful act else they would loose thier abilities as a paladin and be stripped of ther abilties by thier deity..end of story..sorry no..Assassins Creed for you...I hope they do consider alignment and restrictions else what makes a paladin..shock me a game with consequences...I figure you slaughter innocents and kill your alignment shifts to evil.

The only thing i am opposed to is the Hello kitty, my little pony, with edward cullin twilight sparkling dayglo mounts....please..please goblinworks use those horsechoppers on these kiddy mounts and keep them from the game.

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The way i look at it fly, walk, telport, swim, or magic carpet or steed either way they get to the destination and have to dismount to continue the journey in the adventure.Good luck getting a mount into a dungeon or if you have to search the ground that is heavly forested and over grown with thick vines or thorns or foliage you will have to dismount.

It doesn't concern me how ppl ride port or travel to the site.

If someone worked hard and skilled up to learn how to tame such beasts and use such magic and then trained to ride and control it doesn't bother me.

If it is a flying mount i am sure there is flying obsticles as well, wind storms, other flying creatures that could cause hazard.Not to meantion what does the fortress or town think of some dragon or hippogriff or strange monstrous mount approaching do they arm the balista or catapults and bow shot?

it all comes with whatever someone chooses to use and they have to deal with thier choices in game.

hmm flying mounts still works...Vanguard MMO had flying mounts..Lineage 2 MMO had dragons and wyverns as mounts and sieges..i don't understand the the epic quest and get a epic mount rather than a typical pony or horse..what is the problem.If this is a sandbox mmo you should be able to train and achieve most things thru hard work and skill usage and questing. Want to run a stable and train exotic pets or mounts go for it. How is teleportation stations and transporter like beam me up scotty travel more fantasy like..some wizard gonna set up a gate way portal service to transport ppl across the map at high cost..well then again i always thought portal travel was lazy..but then again if your a wizard or mage that wants to set up one and stand around using his magic to port ppl go for it..whatever floats your river kingdom boat. yeah while your training your pets and mounts for me to spend my gold or fiddling with the portal attunements in your gateways i will be killing stuff and getting adventurous
play it the way you want to i believe..

I see so many MMO i have played over the years button mash and skill trees.Why not just use actual pathfinder mechanics and rulesets. This in turn will increase book sales and keep it true to the game.

Now i know alot are going to cannot do that..what about my button mashing and skill trees.The game will not convert well etc. Well if it works on tabletop why not in a game doing all the calulations for you.After all isn't a convention or table with 2-12 players sorta a mmo with all the gm run npc's as well.

You have feats and skills..make the character look like the game stats in the tabletop.Hell if you wanted to make a import for the pathfinder society characters.

As for the imports you could do a NWN or Elder scroll type import maybe have a section players could run thier group thru a premade dungeon.

For building Age of Conan had a guild building and Vanguard and Darkfall both had incredible player villages and forts etc.

It would be nice to be similar to rulesets in books so one could look at the classes and go okay i know what i am doing or going for.

Would love to see a crossover with Super Genius Games and Kragnar the goblin merchant in thier loot for less

Would love to see a tie in with the goblins and Kagmar from loot 4 less the goblin trader if they revamped this..I loved using the compatible stuff at times with the core stuff..and had this character start out in the original goblin raid and then shoiw up latter in adventures..the lumber mill making carts for less and magic shop Magnimar..then the seedy..unground blackmarket..other this series is incredibly written thanks to you guys at paizo..great stuff. I agree with the earlier posting i also like pdf's but nothing like a good book in hand.

It would be good to see this classic revamped and made with the new pathfinder series..I got the older ones and it was a good series.