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I would like to see a coati as a familiar. They are real animals that have the capability of burrowing through concrete and wood.The coati uses this ability in the wild to burrow through termite mounds which are as hard as concrete. They are decent climbers as well. They do not burrow in the ground.

Path finder only uses 1/3 of the creatures from the Adventure Paths from the back of their adventure paths in the bestiary. Most adventures have several more creatures in them that don't make it to the back of a bestiary. Also all of the Modules, many of the campaign setting along with the player companions also have monsters in the back. I would like to see them round up and put into a Recap Bestiary. I would like to see the same thing done with Equipment and NPC types.

I would also like to see another Advance race guide.

I agree that there should be more neutral, lawful and Chaotic celestial classes. I also don't like that the only chaotically good things out there look like elves. Everything looking and acting the same is not very chaotic. I like the Inevitables there were several in the iron gods campaign, but I guess they didn't make the 1/3 cut.