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From what i saw it's a great work. Good maps, sounds, tokens all is good except one thing. It's expensive. I don't need a free pdf, i only need module for Foundry.

Hello to all. I'm looking for the Escadar map for the second adventure. Maybe she appeared somewhere. In a module or another adventure

Good day. Is there a module or quest where the player is accused of murder and must prove his innocence?

Hello everybody! In our Age of Ashes campaign, a question arose about Additional Lore. In his description there are the words "Choose an additional Lore skill subcategory" which is not entirely clear. Need to select a subcategory of the already famous Lore? In my case, this is Dragon Lore. Or choose any other Lore?

The quality of the maps is just awful. I can’t remove cards in good resolution. If you have a way, please tell me.
It’s more profitable for me to buy a module for Fantasy Grounds and take screenshots from it. Just awful quality

Hello! Leading the campaign, I had a disagreement with one of the players about a critical failure. I will describe the situation for a better understanding.
My player has a bonus of the skill of medetsin 14. She throws out 1 and her final result is 15. Here the disagreements begin. Step 4: Determine the Degree of Success and Effect Chapter 9: Playing the Game says the following: "This means that a natural 20 usually results in a critical success and natural 1 usually results in a critical failure. However, if you were going up against a very high DC, you might get only a success with a natural 20, or even a failure if 20 plus your total modifier is 10 or more below the DC. Likewise, if your modifier for a statistic is so high that adding it to a 1 from your d20 roll exceeds the DC by 10 or more, you can succeed even if you roll a natural 1! If a feat, magic item, spell, or other effect does not list a critical success or critical failure, treat is as an ordinary success or failure instead. "
In the description of the skill of medecine, there is the result of cretic failure.
1 is always a critical failure? Or at high levels with low DCs, a drop of 1 simply lowers the degree of success

Hello everybody. Studying the actions of animal companions, I wondered. If the animals that you just picked cannot use actions that are not recorded in their sheet, for example, push. Can animals derived from class features use these actions? For example, can a hunter's wolf use an athletics test to unbalance an adversary, making him vulnerable to a hunter?
A practically similar question can be asked for animal opponents. Can they use their skills in battle?
And a question about pet protection. The book says that the maximum bonus from items to defense is +2. Independent of quality? Iron armor and magic or adamantium will give the same +2?

As always, please forgive the quality of my language.

Good time to all. My players had a couple of questions about multiclassing capabilities. And naturally, I could not answer them. Therefore, I want to ask you.
One of the players plays the alchemists and remembering the line from the first edition which allowed changing the type of poisons on the fly, decided to make the character of the alchemist with an emphasis on poisons, traps and a little robber. I did not even expect that she read the first edition so well and managed to learn the second one too. According to the idea, a trait was needed, in the first edition it was taken at level 6 and allowed to change the type of poison. It is not in the current rules. It remains an opportunity to take the archetype of the robber, in which there is a feature that allows him to put poison on weapons and hit them with the enemy.
And so I come to the main thing, to the questions. Could an alchemist who cooks poisons himself. taking the archetype and trait to put your poison on it instead of the standard one described in the trait? How does poison itself work within a robber? Basically, it deals 1d4 damage, but no stages or duration. And is it possible to make an alchemist with specialization in poisons and a trap, with poison of course.
And yes about the readability of the above text, all questions to Google.

An excellent and accurate answer, but I would like to raise rates. Could I, when creating a character, put in free skill points or already trained skills?

Gorbacz wrote:

I believe Paizo will be happy to issue such licenses as long as a trustworthy and agreeable partners presents themselves. Which will likely mean a continuation of some previous arrangements and maybe some new ones.

Then I will clarify. Will there be a period in Russian? The first edition was published in Russian, how about the second? And when?

Finally it happened. I am glad that a new edition will be released. But there are a couple of questions. Most importantly, will the publisher issue a license to translate the rules into other languages? And if that happens when?