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We're going to be playing War for the Crown when enough of it has been released, and I'm looking at the Enchanting Courtesan as a really fun possibility for it.

Right now it seems to me the best classes for entry would be Sorcerer or Oracle, maybe Psychic. But, I'm wondering if anyone can think of good 3/4 BAB 6th level caster classes or archetypes as well.

Any suggestions, or is this really a full caster PrC?

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If you could please.

I'm looking at these two classes for the whip benefits, but the Cleric part of the Gestalt is the only one that is set in stone. If Brawler or something else would work better I'd love to hear about it.

The current ability scores I'm looking at are STR 8, DEX 17, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 16, CHA 14. Race is Human or Half Elf.

This is a 25 point buy. I don't tend to dump stats so if I could afford to get STR out of the negatives I'd like to.

I figure I don't have to be the greatest Swashbuckler ever because I'm also a full divine caster. I also figure I can sacrifice a little WIS if I stay away from spells that have saves.

1st level feats would be Weapon Focus: Whip with the other undecided right now.


Edit: or would I be better off using warpriest and bard?

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Phaendar’s Market Festival draws a crowd from all over Nirmathas. Of course merchants, peddlers, and their customers come, but many come for other reasons as well. People come to socialize with friends or family they rarely see. Others come for the party atmosphere. They eat and drink well, listen to music and dance, and otherwise carouse. It is a release after the long winter.

Some come solely to hear Aubrin the Green—the retired Chernasardo Ranger-turned-Caydenite cleric—recount bawdy tales of adventure from her youth. Aubrin is in full swing at the Taproot Inn now, the dark-skinned woman's face mirthful as she spins out the end of a story. One would hardly guess her eyesight is so damaged she can barely see the inn's opposite wall. The metal sleeve she wears over her left leg to compensate for her missing foot seems not to inhibit her movement at all.

Outside, the celebration continues, as raucous shouts carry on the early evening's air. Warmed by the firelight after a long day, any levity comes as a welcome reward to the rough, earthy souls of this riverside trade town.

“So there I am, thinking, when will I ever be able to talk to a bear again? So before the grizzly can stand back up, I turn to it and say, ‘All I need is the honey. You can keep the bees!’”

The room erupts into laughter as Aubrin finishes her winding story and takes another draught from her tankard. “But it’s fine now. All’s good. She named a cub after me. Someday I’m going to have to check in on little Ow Oh Gods That’s Too Many Bees."

Her tale done, Aubrin takes a chair, leaving the floor open to others who have a story or joke to tell.

All characters begin here at the Taproot Inn. Go ahead and add your opening posts.

There! It turns out there's a problem with creating campaign pages with Google Chrome.

Discussion is open now.

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I'm building an urban bloodrager with arcane bloodline, Str 16 and Dex 14. There are no other ranged characters in the party, so I'd like to be able to switch hit if needed.

I'm wondering if I can do it without sacrificing too much in melee. If I take only Point Blank Shot and Rapid Shot can I get by if I'm not planning to shoot into melee?

Is that too much investment for what I'd be getting? I could invest no feats and just use rage for Dex and haste, would that be better?

Help me shoot well enough out of melee to matter with the minimal investment please!

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I'm opening up the discussion thread now. You guys can start using it to get to know each other and so forth while I get the rest of the threads ready

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I've had a very good experience with Jade Regent DMing it for my son and a couple of his friends. That game is on hold now for a while as their interests have shifted to other things.

In the meantime I'm thinking of running the AP for some adult friends. There would be only three players, and I'm looking at some ways I could give the party a boost to make up for the small number of characters.

Has anyone played Jade Regent with Gestalt classes and if so how did it work out?

Anyone have any suggestions on how best to balance the small party?

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Hi All,

I'm playing a campaign that's just underway with an Arcane Duelist Bard. We're a large party and the other members are:

Zen Archer
Paladin (Sacred Shield)
Blood Arcanist
Archer Fighter
Rogue (Knifemaster)
Vanilla Bard

The Rogue traded out trapfinding, which we would all like to have. I've volunteered to take a dip into Unchained Rogue to pick up it and Disable Device. I don't mind doing it at all since it actually works well with my character concept anyway. The 2nd bard in the group is a caster bard who plans to be a non-combatant.

So, my questions for you good people are the following:

1. Knowing that yes it's not generally a good idea to multiclass with bard, would it better to do the minimal 1 level dip, or should I take 2 or 3?

2. While I don't care about an optimal build, or need to worry about that, I will be serving as a melee support character and I want to do that competently, does my feat progression look good? Any suggestions for improvements? I don't want to sacrifice spell casting entirely, and we can expect to have Inspire Courage and its ilk up and running from sunrise to sunset with all the rounds of performance we'll have...

So here's the build and feat progression I'm considering. Build cannot be changed. I', planning to put all ability score increases into DEX except possibly 1 point for CHA. Yep, the ability scores are correct, 25 point buy and the GM gave humans +2 to one mental and one physical stat to encourage use of the race.

We're using Unchained's Fractional Base Bonuses.

We expect to go to level 20 (Yeah, I know :p) I'm not particularly experienced with high level play, so the feats above about level 12 are pretty speculative in their value for me.

Arcane Duelist 1
STR 13
DEX 17
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 10
CHA 17

1: Toughness, Arcane Strike (AD), Weapon Finesse (Human, Will be retrained to Extra Traits with Irrepressible & Magical Knack. Better than Iron Will and I Keep my caster level with the dip.)
2: Rogue 1 Finesse Training
3: Rogue 2 Weapon Focus (Rapier), Rogue Talent: Combat Trick (Accomplished Sneak Attacker)
4. Bard 2 Combat Casting (AD)
5. Deific Obedience (Desna)
7. Spellsong
8. Disruptive (AD)
9. Dazzling Display
11.Discordant Voice
12. Spellbreaker (AD)
13. Step Up
15. Shatter Defenses
16. Penetrating Strike (AD)
17. Following Step
18. Greater Penetrating Strike (AD)
19. Step Up and Strike

Thanks for any help you can give!

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Hi All,

Well, I've been maneuvered into running the AP for my son aged 8, and daughter aged 10. Both of them have played a few small adventures before, Beginner's Box stuff and a couple of PFS scenarios. They know the basics of game play quite well actually and wanted to try something with a larger and longer story. I was thinking Dragon's Demand, they saw the cover art for Jade Regent. Ninjas! Samurai! They both love Asian themes are were totally hooked on Jade Regent from there. So I caved, and off we go. I'm probably crazy, or will be.

I'm looking for any advice anyone might have on running Jade Regent with kids. I will be dropping the relationship and caravan systems, and editing content for age as needed. I'm more concerned about making the plot work and keeping things on track with a large undertaking like an AP.

Help? Please? :)