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1. Narciso is built to be a battle mage, while he may lack the spellcasting abilities of a Sorcerer he will make up for it as the party levels up. Once level 8 hits Narciso will truly come into his "realm", as an airborn battle mage slinging arcane death down from on high high.
2. Narciso has magic, a few knowledges and can act as a potent "stick" to get npcs moving.
3. Narciso was born in the tenth hell of poverty, he did not become a summoner because he loved the arcane: He became a summoner purely for power. Narciso motivations are wealth, fame and power, he lived in the hell of poverty once never again.
4. This AP is like tofu, you have to add your own flavor as a GM. I personally suggest taking on some "kingmaker" aspects with Sandpoint or with that fortress mentioned in the 3rd part of this AP. KM campaigns even if they are on a smaller scale (more like town or fortressmaker) tend to have extraordinarily loyal players.

So do you like my character GM?

Ready to go after the Throne of Bhaal, for glory, gold and infamy!

alright GM I shall just call my pistol a "relic of numeria", as for the boon could we simply have it as "infamy"? Basically Jacen Ordo is feared by a lot of people (Technic League in particular) but also respected, he after all killed a Technic League agent in broad daylight and threw his head into the town-square...


1, perhaps stun or dart gun instead? Gunpowder weapons just don't seem "right" in Numeria.
2 yeah he is more of a mechanic, he will with the right labs (which he will commandeer from the Technic Leaque) craft most of his own equipment eventually.
3 Jacen would never function well with the "holy types" (e.g Paladins and priests of gods like Iomadae or Sarenae) but lets be fair those guys have their own campaign called WOTR where they belong.

Numeria is a more brutal land, where more brutal characters reign. Jacen would function well with a neutral group however, he would find such folks as priestess's of Brigh eccentric but easy to live with (so long as they ain't Sarenae priests in disguise, I've seen way too many of those).

Ultimately Jacen Ordo will fight against the Technic Leaque, he views them as cowards and hoarders. The fact of the matter is if you start a fight with him he will finish it with your body in the ground. Jacen is loyal however and honor's his word, just don't screw him over.

As for how well he works with a group as I said previously that depends, Jacen just ain't a good character. If your looking for the closest analogue available think Jango or Boba Fett, they weren't good but they certainly weren't evil: They were mercenaries.

Anything else GM?

Here is my submission gm (hi Mardavig).

Question can I use the boon to grab a timeworn laser pistol instead of a battered gun? Also anything wrong with my submission?

*ahem* this mysterious stranger biz works better then I thought...

GM if you can you should provide us all with a critique of our characters... Its gives us a figure on you and us a figure on you.

GM does this character meet your approval?

Note that I have run through a bit of Runelords, but only through two encounters in the first book and nothing more...

I am assuming Emerging Guns is the firearm rules?