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After staring all for what seems like an eternity, Weston sighs. "Well, I'm outta here. I got to fire Belia, and see what's goin' on topside. I've got a business to run after all."

"Never heard of him." Weston says.

You don't sense any deception from him.

The local thieves' guild is called the Scarred Shadows.

The paperwork doesn't seem to be of any particular import. Much of it is business related. Someone with the appropriate Profession skill might be able to make more use of it.

"Lot's o' huge rats. I butter my bread with them. Belia's one o' them--a lie-can-thorpe.' A bleedin' wererat!" Weston looks equal parts excited and incredulous.

"And I should point out that I do most of my work in the sewer so I know what I'm talkin' about." Weston finishes. "Say, were you going to release me or what?"

And then to Posh he adds:

"Old? Nah, she ain't old, just scrawny and knackered for a human, with hair like a dirty, bleached broom and teeth like the business end of a crowbar. I hired her two weeks back ta get inna those hard ta reach places."