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Received shipping notification Friday 8/28
Received package today 9/04

... and I live in the same metropolitan area.
Talk about USPS being S-L-O-W!

I gave the set a once-over; card color and cut looked excellent throughout. Now just need to carve out some time to play!

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

I'm pretty sure the people that got the $10 store credit were the people that had their orders finalized on August 7th. Those people had their credit cards charged that day, even though their order didn't ship until the 22nd. And they also couldn't undo the charges for the character add-on deck and the cost of shipping it. So, for that group of people, it seems like Paizo gave them $10 in store credit, plus the guarantee to not charge them for the character add-on deck in September and to not charge them for the cost of shipping the character add-on deck in September.

They are in a worse situation than you or I, who simply had our orders delayed but only paid for what we are being shipped.

That makes sense -- going the extra distance for those *most* inconvenienced ... but then doing nothing for all the other subscribers who waited nearly a month for news and their base set, and two months (?) for Add-On and Promos ... well, still seems a failure to me.

When one has a group of people who commit upfront to product[s], and are great evangelists ... from my time serving customers at gaming companies -- and before that, a gaming store -- I learned that one ought to take all reasonable efforts to satisfy such folk when one fails to meet expectations.

As-is, I'm paying about $69 to receive a base set from less than 10 miles away by early September -- as opposed to $50 from a middleman over 3000 miles away, by the same date (possibly earlier). I appreciate that Paizo isn't deep discounting (since they _want_ retailers to sell their product too!), but feeling like I'm the last in line (behind con attendees, and distributors/retailers). And that apparent priority doesn't make me feel like paying an extra ~40%.

Now I understand how the printer fiasco went down (from Vic's post), and _I've_ had to make good on printer screw-ups before. I'll be interested to see if Paizo plans to do the same for *all* subscribers.

Paizo, as a game company, firmly has me as a customer. =)
Paizo, as an online retailer, is on the verge of losing someone whose order history goes back more than seven years. =/

Received the "you should have received another e-mail" e-mail.
Received the "your base set has shipped" e-mail.
No mention of compensation/credit for the delay.

Disappointed with Paizo CS. =(
Still dig PACG. =)

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I hopped on the PACG bandwagon late -- after hearing so many good things about yet *another* game designed by a friend, I finally gave in, picked it up, and loved it! 8) I've even hooked a few buddies.

I subscribed in time for RotR Deck 6, and appreciated how smoothly fulfillment went. I'd ordered from Paizo in prior years, but never regularly, and never via subscription.

Then came S&S. I'm now in the fourth week of a pending order for the release. =/ And by all appearances (even though I'm physically nearby to Paizo) I won't see my base set until early September, and the character add-on until ... late September? Early October?

At this stage, unless there's some details about the hold-ups _and_ some effort to make mail-order subscribers feel as (or more) important than drop-by folks at a con halfway across the country ... well, I think Mike/LSG will still their fair share from my purchases if I buy at my local shop (or online), than via a not-ready-for-primetime subscription operation. And it'll save me a nontrivial amount of money.

Paizo, you've been great in the past -- reassure me that you have a plan to prevent subscribers from feeling like second-rate customers when it comes to PACG subscriptions. And if you really want to provide exemplary service, a little contrition would go a long way (e.g.: announce, develop, and ship a PACG promo card exclusively for PACG subscriber accounts at the S&S base set milestone).

You dropped the ball ... will you recover your fumble?

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Beargram wrote:

Marcie, get out of here. YOU'RE DEAD! You don't exist any more.