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Dusting his shoes off and rubbing his eyes, Menas is very glad indeed to see Magnimar again. He finds his way back to the Delve around midday and quietly lets himself in. He gives Alain a bit of a grunt and a nod and rubs a few fresh scars as he pours himself an ale.

"Did I miss anything?"

The Bartender has a bit of a 1000 yard stare about him today. He smiles and makes small talk with the regular patrons - but seems willing to turn his full attention to his fellow Pathfinders. Aside from that, the young man leans on the bar and checks over what needs to be restocked.

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Having a quick drink with Alain and a few others in the corner. He and the group quickly depart after a brief conversation with an important looking woman.

"Violca, you got the bar. I should be back in a month or so. If I die - it's Alain's fault. No doubt."

With a hurried action he and the group of adventurers head off.

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If you find a player cheating - don't play with them.
Do not respond with more breaking of the rules. It sets a bad example for other players. If you are comfortable enough to threaten a player with 'high ac', then you should be comfortable enough to tell a cheating player to stop cheating or leave the table.

You have the right to tell a person they can not play at your table.

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1 - Explain to them what an Audit is. Most people automatically assume if a character is being audited that it's because the GM thinks you are cheating. I do Audits for two main reasons. To familiarize myself with character items and abilities from resources I don't readily have. Also to make sure new players have done their math right.

2 - I count the Chronicle sheets and make sure they are numbered properly. If I have time I go over the dates and make sure things are sequential - asking if anything odd pops up.

3 - While I didn't have this situation exactly, I did have a friend, in one of my home PFS games, show up with out his Chronicle sheets. He apologized for loosing them, we set him up with a pregen, and I made sure he knew because I had tracked all the Chronicle sheets I could replace his missing ones. (The Importance of GM reporting of sessions!)

4 - I normally just ask my players "Anything Funny or wacky memorized? They know I am checking for spells from alternative resources. If they have memorized something out of the ordinary, I then ask "is it complicated". If it is, I quickly go over it. If it isn't, I trust them to be able to tell me how it works. (And if it sounds off I'll check it when it's relevant.)

5 - If they fall unconscious while riding an Eidolon and they do not have an exotic saddle, they fall and take damage. Not having a saddle is risky. It could kill your butt bad.

6 - Only if I've suddenly said to myself "is that the 10th time he's used that 3/day ability?" One way I have considered dealing with this is coming to game with beads or poker chips. Pass them out to players with points or X/per day abilities. When you use the ability - you pass in a chip. When you rest, you get your chips back. Mistakes in math can happen, this method makes it easier for book keeping.

7 - I tend to let players handle their own skills. The exceptions being the occasional stealth or perception. Honestly it really boils down to what the session will require.

8 - This is a tough one. If they can't provide the additional resources according to the rules, they can't play the character. If other GMs don't care - maybe it is something you should mention to your VL or VC. The rules are in place for a reason. And yeah - it would get under my skin too.

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Derwalt wrote:

This was just the thing that made me revisit the Kickstarter again. After reading through the list and considering pledging 5 $, I settled on 35$ instead (because of the pdf and the free digital copy of the game). So this worked to get me as a customer :)

And everybody's happy! I get cool stuff - Paizo gets my money - and get to make more cool stuff in the future! Huzzah! :)

Same here. I'm eyeballing that 100 dollar option right now. I know one of my local players threw down the 100 dollar one as well.

Honestly, given the time of year. I would think people would appreciate getting more for their money. Again it all falls back to the trust in the staff at Paizo. I can tell they love the PFS and have placed a high value on it. I doubt they would endanger it over a 5 dollar reward on a kickstarter.

People just need to have faith, and stop worrying that a continuation of a previously established incentive program is going to damage the purity of the game some how.

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The bartender of the Drunken Lord regards Alain with pursed lips. "Just remember friend, Our gracious patron lives for the enjoyment of his favored beverages. But he has disdain for those that abuse it. And as a man of the flagon, I can attest that just cause you venerated the Accidental God does not mean you are immune to all booze. Particularly Vjarik. It takes years to get used to drinking this stuff. There is a good chance Violca just passed you a mug of dishwater. Here, a brew from Riddleport. Should be more to your liking."

Turning to Antal, he offers a large grin. "For you, Friend?"

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Congrats Walter. A daunting job but encouraging results for new folk like myself.

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Do not let detractors dishearten you! My favorite character right now is my grumpy old Musket Master. He just hit level 4. Very exciting stuff.

Remember - Alchemical Cartridges are your friend!

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Menas offers a quirky smile. "I'll break open a bottle of the house best for the best story of adventure I hear before the shop closes. Give something for the after supper rush to listen too." [/i] He looks outside at the rapidly darkening dusk as more patrons file in for the busiest time of the bar.

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Welcome from your fellow Canadians on the East Coast!

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Welcome from Canada!

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Yes he could say he was the captain. But it wouldn't be his ship. :3 He'd just be some paid employee.

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Congrats JP. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for your response. I need to get my kit together for work, but I'll keep an eye on this thread on my phone for sure. Very interesting.

Mostly the issue I would have with it is not a mechanical issue at all. Maybe there is simply more documentation on Arcadia that I have seen - because the concept seems to invent a race. What if this race does not exist in Golarian. What if the High Ups have a different vision for the region - or have a different creature/spirit/monster type to fill the niche.

As Andrew said in his above post. I am a firm believer in creativity and expression and all that jazz. But I think we need to write our stories with the ink and quill given to us. Just as I am sure that in the years to come we can expect to see some interesting stuff from Arcadia - I am sure that there are endless and unexplored character concepts that can be done with a Kitsune with the current printed and explored Cannon.

As mentioned - the difference here isn't that you are playing another Human from a different part of the world. It is that you are creating a new race and role for the world - with out (and I may be wrong - I could just not see it) the cannon documentation to justify it.

I know any opinion that lends to stifle creativity can be seen as bad. And I hope you don't think that I am doing that. This is a wonderful idea. I personally am very interested in the land of Arcadia and seeing what comes from there. So thank you for understanding my hesitation.

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Unless I got the thumbs up from Mike or another High Up, I would most certainly turn this down at the table. Would I allow it in a non-PFS game? Absolutely.

The question is available resources. Arcadia has few details as of yet. As a player you would really need to be able to bring a print out of this race to show a GM. This way they could get an idea on the personality and culture.

Now if the top dogs said "Absolutely - It's it would be just like the role Kitsune fill in other parts of the world" that is one thing. But really, without a proper print out, I would not allow this at my PFS table.

It's not that it is a bad idea, it's a fantastic concept. I for one, love it. But until we see more canon documentation and approval that such a race would be in existence, flavorful, and appropriate for the setting - I'd have to say no.

We can not loose sight that while we try to focus on what is fun for all, and while playing a different or reskinned race doesn't hurt anyone else fun. The rules and restrictions on what races we can play are there for a reason. They make boon rewards more special. They make the 'common core races' remain relevant and appealing. And they assure we will see a particular amount of a particular flavor of race in the game.

This is of course, only my two nickles worth.

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Nods with a grin, filling up a mug of his own. He raises it high and thinks for a second. He fills a second mug and pass it and the brandy back to Kyros. Sniffing it a for a second.

Profession Bartending 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (13) + 12 = 25

"Riddleport make? - If it was from a temple to The Drunken Lord - I'd say the Publican House. They do make good brandy! What shall we toast to? Magnimar not killing any of us - yet?

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Shakes his head and jerks a thumb towards the ironbound pitted keg of Vjarik. Fill your mug fine and it's free. I'm done touching that stuff. They use it to ward of bandits you know! And those two? Since about an hour after we opened - but honestly - it is starting to feel like days. The young bartender leans back against the wall and squints out the window. "Looks like the night rush will be comin' soon. Magnus! How much longer you in town for?

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Menas frowns nervously, glancing between Violca and Magnus. Magnus, my boon companion, the gracious drunken lord enjoys a fine time as much as any. But - I'd caution you to know your limits with the drink and with Violca. That is one fire filled lady - and you do not want her on your bad side.... particularly after what we saw in Jalmeray. If you are lucky she'll cool off. If your unlucky - you've just made an enemy for life.

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I'll echo what Jerall said. I'm running this same session tonight. The darn fools are playing up.

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Menas grins widely and Violca. "Fear not my dear, anyone who knows your father - knows he had more business sense than that.
Quickly ducking and moving to his position behind the bar, he starts taking orders with a wide grin. Carefully observing various patrons for different levels of intoxication.

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I played this as my second ever PFS game. While I appreciated the challenge there was at least one player who grew more and more irritated at the session. (Also a new player)

I do not recommend this for a fresh group. yes it says tier 1-5, but really a team of 1st levels that are light on healing or combat skills are going to be chewed up rather harshly. I specifically waited until my regular group was levels 2-3 before running it. (Tomorrow actually)

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Menas returns after sometime passes, looking only a tad dejected. "Turns out my services were not needed. But - it is good not to leave the counter! Did I miss anything important?

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Jiggy wrote:
Yeah, people mess up stats all the time, especially newbies. I once GM'd for a guy who turned out to have rolled his stats. :/

Had to correct just this thing myself. Sounds like a pretty simple and honest mistake. We should strive to give people the benefit of the doubt and make it as easy as possible to continue playing their favorite characters.

This helps promote good community ties.

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Welcome - Welcome - Welcome!

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We had an incident like this at a game the other day.

I think it is important to determine if it is the player trying to being a jerk on purpose - or simply someone just having fun RPing their character.

I had the NPC in question be very offended. Informed them that they were important and influential in the Pathfinder society. And that they demanded to be treated with respect. Lady Morilla also made very clear mention if they wanted to continue with the Pathfinder society they had to start learning to treat their superiors better.

At that point I OOCly mentioned to the player that these NPCS were in fact powerful and influential enough to have them ejected from the Pathfinders, and that he should consider his character warned in the matter.

He changed his tune and everyone went on to have a good game.

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Well - that was a can of worms now wasn't it.

Thank you all for your advice an input. I am happy that my question was answered. For the record, I love the Chase mechanics. Done properly - like any aspect of the game - they are fantastic and thematic.

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So - Yes. That you all for your information. It was very helpful to me and the player.

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Frowns at the butchering of his name, a common occurrence he never has gotten used to. Sipping his tea once more, he snarls over it in a bitter old voice. "Just call me Teacup. All my brother and sisters in arms can.

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It may be my poor reading of the rules. But a player at a PFS game last night told me that you could apply more than one archetype to your class. (In this case Ranger Archetypes of Skirmisher and Falconer) provided they don't replace the same class abilities?

I checked it out, and it seemed to back up his thoughts on the matter. Saying that you could have more than one Archetype provided you met the requirements.

But - is this legal for PFS?


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[Posted as Gruckalus Rugatonn]

An old man, 60 if he was a day, moves in to the bar. Slow deliberate movements seem almost easy for the oldtimer in his finely made dress uniform of the Chelixian military. A sour look rest permanently on his face as he gazes around. He quickly orders a cup of hot water, puts some loose tea in a steeping ball, and lets his mixture prepare itself.

He leans back in the chair, briefly leaning forward to sniff the mixture. His arm freshly bandaged, showing signs of a recent injury. For now, the old man seems content to watch, listen, and give almost begrudging nods to those that make eye contact.

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Chris Mortika wrote:
It happened to me this weekend. End of First Steps, Part Two. Party decides to pursue the bad guy with the McGuffin. The Chase deck worked much better than it usuallydoes during Midnight Mauler or God's Market Gamble.

This may be the exact situation I was thinking of....

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Pretty simple question. If the PC's unexpectedly attempt to pursue an NPC are we allowed to make use of the Chase Mechanics?

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Menas departs quickly that afternoon, leaving instructions to allow the 'dreaded running tab' for Pathfinder Society members. He gives a fond wave to those in the Tavern as he wishes them all fair travels - as he heads off on an adventure, hopefully to be seen again.

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Is there a news update in regards to this? I've got a few international friends chomping at the bit to know when it will be up and running. Very exciting stuff.

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Congrats from the east coast of Canada.

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I was recently at a small Con on the east coast of Canada where some neat boons were passed out. No racial ones, but I am still happy to have them on my character.

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With the Core Races, Tengu, Assimar, and Tieflings - plus the variety of Classes for the assorted books - archetypes - and alternative racial abilities - there are oodles of character concepts that can be played.

You won't be hurting for something special to play.

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On a related note.

What if I am running a module - and plan on applying the credit to character. But between sessions I want to play this Character in another session. Am I permitted? Or do GM's need to decide what character they are applying the sheets to at the start of the Possible Multi-session event, and "remove them" from eligibility until said multi-session is over.

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Dragnmoon wrote:
I decided a while back what is Evil is different for every GM and really beyond the initial questions on why and supporting argument against said act being evil, it is not worth trying to get a "Consensus" on it with other GMs.

This. Very much sums up my over all feelings on it.

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pauljathome wrote:

I'd be interested in knowing who, if anybody, thinks that I was clearly totally wrong to do this in PFS.

That is a touchy subject. Mostly because it was your table - your call. It was not the call I would have made - and I would have been very upset if the call was made on my character. So to put a not to fine a point on it - I very much disagree with the ruling in question. But I completely support you in making it.

GM's need to feel confident that their rulings are going to be accepted and upheld. By making these kind of calls we can show players the kind of game we are wanting to run. And where our morality affects it. If a player really disagrees with how you run a game, they can just opt out, find another GM, or what have you.

It's the nature of the beast ;)


I support your choice in the matter, as a GM, and feel you didn't act out of your power doing so - but I do think the call was the wrong one.

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I see your point, pauljathome, and I fully encourage and support Dms in sticking to their guns in regards to those sticky morality issues.

If the situation is playing in my mind properly - A misunderstand had occurred. The antagonistic cleric could not be convinced of it. The cleric was going to be put in a position where he could easily incapacitate most of the party - possibly leading to the deaths of at least one character. The CdGin' character was put in a horrible situation - a desperate one - if he pulled any punches or tried anything fancy, his companions may wind up dead.

In this case I would not consider it an evil hit on the alignment. Would a raging barbarian, accidentally one shoting the cleric in the first round been considered evil?

Desperate times - desperate measures.

And from a meta perspective. I would never want to be put in a place where I put in a situation where saving the rest of the party in heated combat, may mean that I am one step closer to my character being unplayable.

That said - I'm new to the PFS - I'm not sure how these things works - I am mostly going off person home game issues.

Just food for thought.

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I don't think it was Evil at all. Considering the situation this was more on the Law vs Chaos axis (IMO). Striking down a helpless foe - one that clearly has intent of harming you and would likely continue to do stuff if roused - is a dishonorable action.

Evil - not really. Had you kept the guy alive, and tortured him later.

Further - I tend to think to many DM's assume "Chaotic" actions mean "Evil" actions.

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Menas gets a strange expression on his face as one of his eyebrows makes a dash for his hairline. "Friend - I am not due to leave for a few days... and besides... it isn't a sure thing. A courier will come and fetch me in a few days if my services are needed. You guys don't get rid of me that easy!" [b]The Taldane man pours another mug of some Dragonpunch and slides it to Magnus.

Liberty's Edge

Offers a wide smile and starts counting off on his fingers.
"Dependable, Good in a pinch, Cunning, Inspiring, and a Good Friend? Yes. Almost Trustworthy - more Predictable than Trustworthy. Like a wolf that seems to like you. It's not going to kill you, but don't leave your mutton within it's reach. Oh, Safe does not appear the list anywhere. Seems when ever I got anywhere with the girl I've got something eating me or some such nonsense! I'm a scholar for goodness sake! His grin gets a bit wider as he eyes Violca. He takes a sip from his favorite mug and wiggles his left eyebrow.

Liberty's Edge

Menas laughs loudly shaking his head. "Violca. Don't tease him so! Ya gotta watch these Varasian girls, Magnus, my friend! You'll find your money purse empty and nothing more than wistful dreams of what could have been to show for it! Pops his neck a bit, as the sun starts to ride high. He nods once again, as he does with great frequency, at the condition of his tavern. His eyes narrow slightly as if going over some calculations.

A courier enters the Tavern and makes his way to the bar, putting a letter in his hands. The Barkeep reads it quickly gets a wide grin on his face.

"Well ladies and gents, looks like I'm off in a few days to the River Kingdoms. Probably won't be back for a few weeks - Violca. You'll man the place in my absence, while you can? Grab Arwyn if things get sticky!"

Liberty's Edge 1/5

Pretty simple question. When we are doing all our paper work, do we count boons in the Chronicle sheet number sequence?

Or are they just loose papers that are legit regardless of number - provided they are signed and dated.

Liberty's Edge 1/5

Awesome. Thanks for the answers guys. Laid a few bedbugs to rest on that one.

Liberty's Edge 1/5

So - just so I'm clear. And I think I get it.

When a character is in a multi session situation, they can not have a Chronicle sheet of any sort applied to them.

So that means:
No GM Credit.
No Boons - Holiday or other wise
No Sheets from Pathfinder Tales.

Liberty's Edge 1/5

Thanks Paz. The situation was a little dicey. I was just thinking in advance if I needed to assign my Vision of Betrayal credit to another character.

Liberty's Edge 1/5

Ok. Pretty specific example but it is my situation. I apologize if this is clearly stated somewhere. I looked - but to no avail. (perhaps I need more tea...)

I am running First Steps for some PFS players in a homegame.
We have done Parts one and two.
I applied my GM credit of both to my fresh/never played Gunslinger.

I've been invited to play in a 1-2 level Module on Monday, in which I plan to play my Gunslinger.

If the module can not be completed in one session, we are not awarded xp or PP.

When I run my final installment of First Steps on the Follow Wednesday, provided my Gunslinger has not got a final XP. Can I apply the sheet to him still - even though he is "stuck" in a module. If so, does the credit apply only After the game? Do I just level him up, with no option to buy gear?

Just found myself in this confusion situation. We may be playing to much pathfinder here... :3

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