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Dragnmoon wrote:
I decided a while back what is Evil is different for every GM and really beyond the initial questions on why and supporting argument against said act being evil, it is not worth trying to get a "Consensus" on it with other GMs.

This. Very much sums up my over all feelings on it.

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It was pointed out by a dashingly handsome friend of mine - there is very little reason I can think of that someone would ever buy a Bracer of Armor +1 for 1000 coin - when you can pick up a Haramaki for 3 gold.

While in Non-PFS games, that is fine, if it floats your boat.

But is there something I am missing about these items, that makes Haramaki balanced for organized play?

While I do recognize that you can upgrade your bracers later, you can do the same with a Masterwork Haramaki.

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*sniffs* I buy healing stuff as a Cleric with the purpose of using it on other PC's free of charge. I mean - the fighters kill monsters and don't tell me to get in the front lines.

But my Third game I did have someone slip me a wand of cure light, to use it on him - with expressed permission that I could use it on other PC's if things got hairy. (which they did)

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I would like to thank Jonathan Bilodeau. He is (and forgive me if I got this term wrong) the Venture-Captain for the Canadian Atlantic Region. He has been super helpful answering so many of my questions (and the questions on behalf of my other con-going friends) leading up to the Halifax Convention this weekend.

It is a really heartening thing to feel welcome at the table and in the society before even playing my first game. So thank you again to Mister Bilodeau, and to everyone on these forums that has been so helpful in these last few days.

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Nebten wrote:

Mordaith, you do need a skill point in Profession (Bartender), Craft (Beer) or which ever Profession, Craft or Performance skill you want to use for your Day Job roll. Otherwise you'll need to wait until you get enough Prestige Points to spend on a vanity that will utilize a different skill for the day job roll.

Have fun!

*coughs* I may have taken Skill Focus: Profession (Bartender)


Yeah.. I'm a bad player :3

Is there an upper limit of how many times you can buy the Tavern Vanity? I read in the Field Guide that you could buy the same business more than once. Doing this represented your business growing/expanding.

I like the idea of my character having a really big/popular bar somewhere eventually. Even if it is just in the background as flavor. Food taste boring with out the spice, if you catch my drift.