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Feliz Día, Erik!

Woa, almost missed it! Darn dayjob messing with my internez gamer habits!

Happy Mona day!

Feliz día de Mona!

*sends big goblin piñatas*

More and more happy Erik Mona day!

Happy Erik Mona day, and don forget to wear your Erik Mona Mask!

Hugo Solis wrote:

Erik Mona Day Mask :D

Now be prpared for Erik Mona Day!

Darn...forgot the MOna avatar...

Happy not-today-but-until-Tuesday Erik Mona day

Abusing of the same picture, I'll post another one on Sunday ;)

taig wrote:

Who is Erik Mona?

The Whispeing Tyrant, of course

Garydee wrote:
Monafrog wrote:
I find the one-eye issue nice for buying contact lens
You must have a better supplier than me. Do you know how hard it is to find a contact lens this big?

Dude, remember we are small creatures... here, lemme give you their phone...

Tensor wrote:

Froggy, you can do the drawing easy!

I'd do it glady, but Fray gninja'ed me ...

I find the one-eye issue nice for buying contact lens

@Fray, is this one good enough :D

We wear our mask here at the threads, just create your proper Mona alias!

The mask is still a cool idea, what about a James Jacobs or Lisa Stevens day at PaizoCon? :D

I Stalk Erik Mona

*bakes mexican pizzas for Mona's day*

I just ate 1.5 tortas ahogadas

Feliz Día de Mona!

Hey great idea! But keep the avatar count smalll 25 tops... Otherwise lilith's hands will refuse coloring it!

Patrick's monkey its easy choice
Joey and Justin's Dretches as clowns!
Other boring Human avatars as clowns ;D
Lilith as Ringmaster seems perfect!

*crawls out of the PBR case totaaly wasted....*


Starting Mona's Day 1 day earlier!!!

Lilith wrote:
I have publish...and read old pulp novels...

I Second that! ;)

Darn... the thinking cap is not working...what will I do for tomorrow?...

I'll have to find a way to contribute in one way...
*puts on the thinking cap*