Erik Mona Day!

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Time for a White Castle run!


Scarab Sages

Have a very happy Erik Mona day!

Silver Crusade

Is it that time already? Happy Erik Mona Day!

uh, Happy Erik Mona Day

Paizo Employee Customer Carebear

Happy Erik Mona Day!

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Thanks for the pizza, everyone! Thanks to Paizo's growth since the original Erik Mona Day (and at least in part due to the circumstances surrounding it), this year we had lots of folks here in the office who celebrated their very first Erik Mona Day with fan-bought pizza. It was really fun bringing them up to speed on this annual tradition and the reasons behind it. Much fun was had by all!

Thanks again. You guys are the best!

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Happy Erik Mona Day!

(I would have chipped in, but enjoy anyway!)

Happy Erik Mona Day!

Feliz Día, Erik!

Man, I need something to wash down that pizza!

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Happy EMD. I'm too lazy to type the whole thing out.

Happy Erik Mona Day All!
(wow its been years since I said that :)

Happy Erik Mona Day! I'm sure he's celebrating in the best way possible—by gaming!

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Happy Erik Mona Day from Germany!

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Happy Day of Much Monaness! :D

So hey, does this thread still...awesome. I've been Monified.

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