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actually done this a few times.
robe of infinite twine. If you have some time make a ramp by piling up rope into a huge heap. May take a few in game hours but no ladder, no problem.

There are ways around the many cuts as pointed out by chess pwn. Also there are ways to boost the damage but its all slightly later level. So its a painful hump to get through.
Sorry for hijacking this thread. Its more of the original question of how the system breaks if channel becomes a swift action.

Depending on how many people are at your table will really effect this build. In higher levels you need sneak attack to do any real damage and if there are few people at the table then it can be hard to flank. I recommend the gang up feat for help as it reduces the positioning. I remember how many times I couldn't get around to the other side of a mob due to him being backed into a wall or corner.

Near the end game I went back to using just one weapon to be able to beat AC on the mobs. Depending on who you are fighting against you can improve the build a lot with brilliant energy weapon as it will then ignore armor. Course if you are fighting undead, constructs, or supernatural monsters (who don't wear armor) then the enchant does nothing as there is nothing to bypass.

Also if you are not wedded to the weapon you want to use, I recommend the knife master archetype. move from d6 sneak attack to d8. as long as you are using a knife.

BretI wrote:
Mirwalk wrote:
Issue 3. The ranger doesn't have cure light as a spell for another two levels. So while we do have a cure light wand (made it myself) I am still the only one who can use it.


Core Rule Book, pg 458 wrote:
Spell Trigger: Spell trigger activation is similar to spell completion, but it’s even simpler. No gestures or spell finishing is needed, just a special knowledge of spellcasting that an appropriate character would know, and a single word that must be spoken. Spell trigger items can be used by anyone whose class can cast the corresponding spell. This is the case even for a character who can’t actually cast spells, such as a 3rd-level paladin. The user must still determine what spell is stored in the item before she can activate it. Activating a spell trigger item is a standard action and does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Bolding added.

The same would hold for a ranger. A wand is a spell trigger device, so the Ranger could use the wand of Cure Light Wounds.

Thank you for that correction.

Believe me already tanking with my face on this one. :P

We just added the barbarian and he's helping a lot. Pretty much could replace the ranger and gunslinger with just about anything else and notice an improvement.
With pretty much all attacks resolving against touch due to the DR change everyone has been hitting since the word go. the ranger and slinger haven't upped their damage at all since level 1 so it doesn't feel like they have improved much, so it definitely feels like a gaping hole. So I'd say 75% of my time is either buffing or healing the party. I get a few swings otherwise.

I appreciate Vincent looking for an answer so I can join in the combat fun. Otherwise my fun is mostly the out of combat craziness that comes with controlling waves and weather in a pirate campaign. Lots of fun, but not as common as the stabby stabby.

Alright I gotta chime in as the cleric in question. I didn't build the cleric as a healer, just ended up becoming what happened as the party would be dead a couple times otherwise.
The issues requiring a lot of heals comes down to several issues in our current party build out.

Issue 1. We are doing an AC as DR conversion. fights are too splatty so we are treating Armor (physical armor) as DR. This is extending fights quite a bit since a lot of our damage is being absorbed by the enemies. Unfortunately I am the only character currently utilizing this mechanic as the others have light armor classes that rely on Dex.

Issue 2. Low hit points, we haven't had a chance to retrain but that will most likely come soon.

Issue 3. The ranger doesn't have cure light as a spell for another two levels. So while we do have a cure light wand (made it myself) I am still the only one who can use it.

Issue 4. The gunslinger and the ranger have not done much to increase their damage capability. the slinger due to multiclassing and screwing the build over, the ranger due to the pet being too squishy and weak to beat the DR system. So really their damages haven't increased much over level 1 or 2. The barbarian is currently the majority of our DPS.

Last issue is that I wanted the storm and water kinda cleric powers so I took Gozreh. Most of the buffs I can offer are only to hit buffs for the party. Which being AC to DR is not an issue. So instead I need damage buffs but those are usually self or only other only. You are talking 2-3 rounds/spells to get the party going, by then its heal time.

Also as it may effect a little, this is a Skulls and Shackles campaign so money has been a bit short for magic/ upgrades. Think we are now going to have enough to get the ranger an adaptive bow.

Silvanus Talimah wrote:

Damage about equal to archer - except the gunslinger hits much more often, even on 2ndary hits. If he's moderately clever he can't miss at higher levels. EG - wand of obscuring mist and goz mask... ranged touch no dex no dodge. Or a tiefling with darkness against humans.

We just finished a recent scenario (level 7) The gunslinger (musket master) took the demons apart at 9's, wheras my archer needed 14+ I noticed his bonus and mine on damage were similar 14 (me) vs. 11 him. However, I landed 1/4 arrows and he landed 3/4 shots regularly. Whenever he critted, goodbye foe (44+4d12). When I threatened a crit, I failed to confirm (needed 14+)

Sure thing if the archer hits all shots. However, on monsters with low touch vs. high armor - the archer will lose.

Sorry whats the goz mask?

some people dip into alchemist for the arm to have a free hand to reload a firearm.

if the gunslinger is not using paper cartridges, then he will be using a powder horn. The Powder horn is just a container full of powder, if shattered then the powder will scatter across the ground. You are not going to be picking that stuff back up.
Cartridges would probably not be susceptible to shatter, as each is individual. Most of the time the gunslinger would have a bandoleer holding them. Now if you could shatter the bandoleer or pouch whatever that holds those cartridges then they would not be at hand. Wasted time to grab the cartridges, and where do you put them? He won't be palming three or four cartridges when fighting. So again it becomes a slowing delaying tactic if the person is going all out.

@dead phoenix
gunslinger gets dex to dam, but also you need to use deadly aim to add the equivalent of power attack to your strikes, since using touch AC it doesn't matter as much. there are a few other options I think, but if the gunslinger is using just one pistol or gun its no big deal for damage. Really its the dual wielder that becomes a complete beast.

speaking of shatter. Shatter the gunslinger's powder horn. oops powder gone and can't reload unless he has a bandoleer where he keeps his cartridge.

There are some firearm specific spells.
Damp powder, Destabilize powder, weaken powder.
Will saves to keep it from happening. damp causes full round to clear. destabilize increases misfire. up to 5 points. weaken reduces the range and damage.

Well drop the stagger maybe. Its kinda an effort to make him waste time clearing the gun or forcing a misfire. Heat metal will work for rounds, he does get a save against the spell of course as he has a will save. Its one of those need a way to maybe cancel him out for a round or two so he is not constantly unloading into all and sundry. Most other options are just the standard control options.
Hold person, force cage, something like stinking cloud to either keep him away from touch AC range or make it so they cannot attack.
Heck a fog cloud or obscuring mist would make it hard to attack at any range since there would be miss chance, or he has to get within 5 feet and take AoO.

EDIT: dont forget interposing stone walls, snatch and deflect arrows. Boundary chalk for cover, ect. Not great but options.

Yes. First time under this DM. Other party members are for the most part implusive. Doubt I would have a lot of time to craft as its going to be a whirlwind tour, most of the time. Unless of course the AP module has it built in. Not sure I should ask as feel that would be a bit meta.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
See here, and here.

Thanks a lot. Doesn't quite get me there, but definitely helps and gives me an option. If anyone else has something to get the actual talent I would be grateful.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Commercial Savvy, or Dealmaker trait, work just as well.

That is such a terrible talent though.

Are both of these traits? Where can I find them?

My party uses the settlement rules which determine what is available for sale magic item wise. So at higher levels this become invaluable as if you make the proper diplomacy check in a metropolis ALL magic items are for sale. We still use the 75% rule, but otherwise you need to wait for a random roll to bring up what you want. As such before I took it on a rogue, we were flush with cash with nothing to spend it on. all the high level stuff was beyond the city's limits.

Jeraa wrote:

I don't believe there is a way except for multiclassing into rogue.

Which rogue talent? There may be other ways to get it besides the rogue talent.

Trying to get black market connections from ultimate combat. Its a low level talent so you just need the talent ability to get it. Haven't seen a way to get that sort of ability outside of rogue talent.

I need to be pretty!
I thought that was off. Odd thing is when searching for a thread like this, the autopopulate in the search bar liked my spelling better. *shrug*

I am currently playing a cleric of Gozreh. I would like to pick up a rouge talent, but I'd rather not waste two levels into rouge.
Is there any feat, magic item, whatever to pull this off?

This is not in the regular rules but you may want to houserule it in.
Its from the cannon golem

Immunity to Magic (Ex) A cannon golem is immune to spells and spell-like abilities that allow spell resistance. Certain spells and effects function differently against it, as noted below.
• Any spell with the water descriptor that affects a cannon golem renders its cannon unusable for 1 round (no save).
• A heat metal spell causes the golem's cannon to instantly backfire, dealing 6d6 points of damage to the golem and staggering it for 1 round (no save)

with that heat metal may make his day sad. Or just make it too hot to load without the powder being set off

single bump, if no answer I will further ignore.

Kinda odd title sorry about that. Due to a previous game I have history playing with an aurumvorax as a pet. This was in 2ed. http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/additionalMonsters/aurumvorax.html#aurum vorax
Closest I could figure to get this back for a pathfinder character, would either begin going summoner and making the eidolon (sp?) this way, or just using a badger as a pet and just saying it looks different.

I wanted to see if anyone knew of a way to get the actual beast, without going summoner. I don't mind if it is a higher level feat or archetype. Just figure that someone may have seen something I have not. I find a lot of the pet rules kinda messy so I might be missing some build, not to mention all the extra books out there.

Please if possible it should be pathfinder and not third party material.

Thanks in advance!

Thomas Long 175 wrote:

Those are the same shields and the same fighting style as I posted earlier and got called ridiculous for it. Mine was just a training video but still T.T

Yeah, but the guy is a little more energetic. Was a nice find in the earlier linked thread for the dual shield build.

Vincent Takeda wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

ALSO FAIL. See above!

I am eager to be proven wrong! But I really don't think the dual shield fighting style is something that deserves a place in the game as a viable player option.

Call it the 'shield dervish' or somethin. Bash with the flat side, punch with the edge.

Buhlman would do it. Rule of cool man. Rule of cool.

Found this on another thread. see the guy with two shields in action.


Lamontius wrote:

Alchemical Cartridges (Paper) - From Ultimate Combat

One-Handed Firearm (ex. Pistol): Reloads on a Standard Action. Rapid Reload takes it to a Move Action. Using Alchemical Cartridges and Rapid Reload specifically takes the Move Action, as per the write-up I linked, to a FREE action.

Two-Handed Firearm (ex. Musket): Reloads on a Full-Round Action. Musket Master Archetype at 3rd level allows two-handed firearms to be loaded as if they were a one-handed firearm. Then, same progression as above to a Free Action.

Question, how would you dual wield? Don't you need a free hand to reload?

I read about weapon cords, but see that you need a swift action to pick the weapon back up. But you only get one swift a round. Wouldn't that leave one hand without a gun?