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waiting for this to be in store x_x

FINALY they arrive THX for all!

Hi again my miniatures didn't arrive yet, the post service here is kinda messy. Did the package have a "delivery number" i need it to reclaim it in the post office. Thx

I didnt press anything... but well i hope the best Thx for the support

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Maldad,

We can try again when ever you would like. We can do it now or wait until the authorizations are released.

Ok finaly i get the money back... so what should i do make another order or try again

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Maldad,

We were unable to finalize the authorization that had been opened and when we tried to open a new one we received an insufficient funds decline. It may be that the authorization has expired, but your bank has not released the hold yet. You may want to give them a call and see if they can release it. When they do we can try again.

ok they release the hold in jun 5 or 8.

Do you suggest to wait is the better option?

well last month i pay $66 to buy something. that could be the problem?

it happend again... "The payment method for this order was declined: The payment method you have entered has been declined for insufficient funds.

but i pay the exact mount...

So i suppose it is a second authorization. Because i thought was paid 16.02 but i just verify my transactions and y see i paid 16.96.
let's wait and see what happens...

in my order history apear in this order

Today $16.96 Payment authorization
Expires Thu, May 26,2016
Jorge Robles Reyes MasterCard **** ****

Today Transaction declined $16.96
MasterCard **** ****

what it this mean... it is declined (again) or is in process for authorization?

i made a mistake about the payment i charge my cc with 16.02 and it was 16.98
So if i reprocess the pending order paying again 16.98, i will get back the 16,02?