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Bavollio Frallino wrote:
MC Templar wrote:

i'd say spellbooks fall under "treasure" for value that you get for finding them....

for anything that generates money see the Profession section under skills.
it takes forever to find a buyer, her profit equals her profession(scribe) skill roll.
Why would a spellbook X would worth more gold because it was found as part of a treasure rather than scribed if it is the exact same spellbook ?

Because the treasure you find is a game mechanic to support the "wealth by level" function to ensure player have access to the gear that they challenge rating system expects them to have so the game stays challenging but not impossible. The price is reflective of this

Bavollio Frallino wrote:
MC Templar wrote:
Money is made adventuring, if you are spending your time scribing, congratulations, you just became an NPC that the party will hit up for scrolls later.
This is for a single day... your party has never taken single a day off ? Or any situation that a specific item is available in town and the party really want to buy but if few gold short ? I'm sure a reasonable party would agree to rest for a day in order to buy such desired item. I'm not sure why would finding a buyer would take so much time. Large city are full of magic shops.

And magic shops aren't PCs. The rules for using your downtime to make money are the profession rules. Anything that creates a sudden windfall that breaks the wealth by level guidelines should be killed by the GM in it's infancy.

Just because you have something that you want to sell doesn't mean someone who wants to buy it appears out of the ether. The profession rules provide the abstraction of having to keep a shop open to provide access for buyers until the right one arrives.

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i'd say spellbooks fall under "treasure" for value that you get for finding them....

for anything that generates money see the Profession section under skills.
it takes forever to find a buyer, her profit equals her profession(scribe) skill roll.

Money is made adventuring, if you are spending your time scribing, congratulations, you just became an NPC that the party will hit up for scrolls later.

Attacker it Invisible
Attacker is… Melee Ranged
Invisible +2 +2
* The defender loses any Dexterity bonus to AC.

Definition of status
Invisible: Invisible creatures are visually undetectable

Total Concealment: If you have line of effect to a target but not line of sight, he is considered to have total concealment from you.

Probably too much of an extrapolation but our group uses this combination of basic rules to proceed with ("no line of site" = "visually undetectable" = "invisible" for purposes of attack is table)

so, if you can manufacture a condition where you can see your target, but he can't see you. you are functioning as invisible for combat modifiers.


Chemlak wrote:
Note also that being "in stealth" does not deny Dex to AC (it's total concealment, and total concealment does not deny Dex), so it's not possible to sneak attack from stealth.

I think that's wrong, I thought total concealment does deny dex. (looking for citation)

as i understand, yes, but it is exceedingly difficult.
your enemies are considered 'combat aware' so you need to begin the round in stealth from them to gain any benefit, and breaking from concealment to approach an enemy tends to break stealth.

So, in a complex environment, where you can break line of site and move under concealed conditions... maybe, if you are willing to give up a round of actions to hide.

in most situations, not unless your GM is working with you to try to support your play style.

Hide in plain sight might help get around this. But realize, if you are actively engaged in fighting, it is a massive penalty to your stealth check.

about to begin crafting a home brew thieves' guild-oriented game. Looking for suggestions on what city would be a natural fit for the game, with a vibrant published and available map, setting fluff, but not overwhelmed by too much impact with adventure path events.
Looking for a decent sized urban environment.

All suggestions are welcome.

I rp'ed it like Jarvus from the Iron Man movies.

The 'voice' for the eidolon never interacted with anyone but the summoner, so it left it to me to user for hijinx or making my companions wonder if I was talking to voices in my head, or my summoned suit could actually talk.

so.. 6 different answers...


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I would say "no"

Paralyzed specifically calls out can not move
Fly does not specifically identify "is a purely mental action"

so barring an FAQ, I'd rule against it.

Da'ath wrote:
MC Templar wrote:

maybe allow each character to combine the bonuses of two mental attributes instead of user INT.

The only reason I would suggest against this.

If your players are making a fighter or barbarian, what is the downside to dumping INT? Every other Attribute has a negative impact for dumping it, you pull skills off on INT then there is no downside to dumping int, other than a penalty on knowledge skills that the characters are unlikely to take anyway.

I want to make certain I understand what you're suggesting - I think I do, but I'm not 100% sure. In lieu of using all attribute bonuses, you're suggesting tallying only those from Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, yes? If I understand you correctly, this is to prevent warrior types from dumping mental stats, but still allows for the casters to dump physical stats, no?

If I understood correctly, I agree with your intent 100% - applying a penalty to dumping stats.

yes, my suggestion to handle the issue of 'not making everyone dependant on INT for skills' is let every character select two mental stats and combine the modifiers (so if you dump two mental stats, it still hurts)

but, I also caution against any change as there are tangible penalties to dumping any stat, Int's being skill points. and I think those penalties should exist.

maybe allow each character to combine the bonuses of two mental attributes instead of user INT.

The only reason I would suggest against this.

If your players are making a fighter or barbarian, what is the downside to dumping INT? Every other Attribute has a negative impact for dumping it, you pull skills off on INT then there is no downside to dumping int, other than a penalty on knowledge skills that the characters are unlikely to take anyway.

Role playing tips....

A fastidious Gnome, play him personality-wise like a bard....
... only he gets "REALLY ANGRY" if you mess up his nice clothes.

I disagree

I'd apply the "using her bonuses" to include the bonus

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Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
There's no more "Bob sees the monster, but the rest of you don't", or "Alice has fallen down the pit and is facing the zombies at the bottom; Alice, do you try to fight the zombies alone, try to climb out of the pit, or yell for help and risk alerting the lizardman guards?" Those are classic situations that have been rendered obsolete by the introduction of Message. The result is a slight but noticeable increase in the level of abstraction in combat and play.

strange, I view the end of encounters that play as 'the rest of you sit and do nothing while alice has an hour-long solo adventure' to be a good thing.

Yes, I apologize for the original sarcastic tone, allow me to rephrase in a more direct way. The reason I as a potential consumer find this statement unappealing

"To ensure high adventure quality, the number of growing characters at first will be limited. Spots will be reserved exclusively at a 1st come 1st served basis. Although the exact number of growing characters will be determined during beta test, a good first estimation might be around 1,000 characters"

Is: if i join and find that I enjoy your service, this limitation might prevent friends that I would want to include in your service from being able to enjoy it with me. To ensure the colleagues that I would want to include got the opportunity to do so, we would all need to join early.

This could increase the financial commitment beyond a threshold that I'd feel comfortable with, and restricts my willingness to give the service a fair try. I understand that support levels require limits and a company can only initially commit to support at a level that their staffing allows, but i would feel more comfortable as a consumer not looking at an arbitrary cap, and instead trusting that a company who service gets more popular than they are prepared to support will be highly motivated to scale their support service up to accommodate.

Artificial Scarcity is the condition resulting from the limiting of production of goods and services which would otherwise be plentiful and inexpensive. The attempt to drive up perceived value in an item, in this case a growing character subscription slot, by setting an arbitrary limit of availability.

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This is how I played Paranoia....
... because who cares what my character sheet says, it is full of treason anyhow.

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for some reason I see "a mage using dancing lights to constantly distract a catfolk PC with a damnable red dot" as an inescapable character dynamic

because 'artificial scarcity' is exactly what I am looking for in a provider

black market goods?

evil magic items that the church would see destroyed?

thomas gock wrote:

Is it just me or does this say "for determining the spell’s final

ADJUSTED level." As far as I know, you cannot adjust a spell to a lower spell level slot. Since this only applies to the adjusted level, and not the actual level, I would think you could NOT cast magic missile as a 0-level spell.

Am I wrong in thinking this?

according to the developers, you can't reduce a spells level below the starting level

FAQ link

We had someone necro'ing old threads with appropriate FAQ updates, which I thought was nice for making searching the old threads useful, but he was chided for all the necros and he stopped...

shame really.

The Captain from Teenagers from outer space... Inquisitor

"When we return to our planet, the high court may well sentence you to *torture*"

And Dropeau... low charisma bard

I'm not sure they will get this hint that this thing can kill them all without really trying, and their front-liners will charge headlong.

I really don't want to TPK the group... again...

In my games, the 'boss fights' can be recognized by enemies that take the time to taunt and verbally interact with the party.

I try to give the bosses some personality... the henchmen, might as well be wearing black T-shirts that say "henchmen"

I just forced her on my group and I have to constantly remind myself that she is there.

So far she is doing for my group the same thing she is doing in NobodysHome's game... "Shalelu is covering the rear and making sure the horses don't run at the sound of combat, you can feel safe no one will sneak up on you from behind" (i.e. the GM doesn't want to bother with an NPC unless I think a fight is specifically brutal, or in response to the party struggling with an enemy)

She is like a safety net in the shape of an elven barbie doll

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My ROTRL party is just beginning book 3, and spent the last gaming session en route to Turtleback Ferry.

They opened the night dusting off the last of the random encounters on the journey (5 trolls that were dispatched with such speed they provided no challenge at all). When the group arrived in town, they went through the motions of chatting with the Mayor to get the set up to the next adventure, then went fishing for rumors.

After some rumor mongering (the most interesting one to the party was the rumors about Black Magga), the group decides they will investigate the wreckage of Paradise, since the town really hadn’t. This wasn’t something I was even remotely pushing them towards, but I give my groups rope when they want to drive the narrative, so I said one of their new drinking buddies from the tavern is a fisherman who will paddle them out to the wreckage.

The big fighter volunteers to go diving, strips off his armor places a dagger in his teeth and a sunrod in hand and dives in.
He quickly sees Pinkeye the huge sized albino gar swimming in the vicinity and turning to notice the new meal that has dropped in to the water. The fighter has ample time to scramble back up into the ship, as the party sees the greatwhite shark-sized gar swim passed the boat…
… it turns out scrambling back to the boat wasn’t born out of a desire to avoid the fish… he just wanted to grab his greatsword for this, and he dove right back in…

The water churned red with blood as the fighter went toe to fin with the fish, and the rest of the party supported with magic and ranged attacks, the fish went down without ever successfully swallowing anyone whole.

The party towed the carcass back to town, gave the fish over to the townsfolk and demanded a plaque be made with their names on it to commemorate the kill. As they left town, the metal worker was looking into bronzing the skull to make a statue.

It amused me to watch how much fun they had with this, but I am now terrified about what will happen when they encounter Black Magga, since this group self identifies as big-game monster hunters, that fight might be a tragedy waiting to happen.

or dipping into serpentine sorcerer (or cross-blooded serpentine/undead bloodlines) to unlock your charm spells and allow them to effect several types of creatures that they otherwise can't.

casting charm person on a dire bear or a skeletal ogre cracks me up thematically.

I played a Paladin of Abadar once, his oeuvre was his work guarding caravans.

He viewed trade itself as being a defining element of the freedom for good people to seek honest wealth. That for trade to succeed, the merchants need to be protected from lawless and evil forces, and when they arrive, the people in a new market get access to things that would not otherwise be available. His view is without the laws to protect the people and strong brave men to protect the merchants, everyone looses access to the benefits of trade. Which makes trade something of great value to communities and worth protecting.

In this case, the character wasn't so much a knight of noble birth, as he was a caravan guard who viewed his work as a divine calling.

What was it that the runelords called their sins? 'Virtues of Leadership"

"Virtue" would be one option

Hopefully your players don't read the boards

presume it is useless outside of a gladiatorial engagement.

It utilizes an entirely optional ruleset to cover those specific events, so it doesn't translate as useful to other circumstances.

can you cast spells while possessing the object?

from possess object wrote:
. You cannot speak or cast spells while possessing the object.

I don't see a because in the clause, I see you can neither speak nor cast spells

I don't think silent spell gets around this.

I'd complain about ninjas... but 20 minute difference? dang

I'd say RAW, since the Use Magic Device skill doesn't say you can emulate a spell on a spell list with a UMD check for anything other than a spell trigger item, I think the Rules don't support it.

As a GM, I'd allow it

I house-rule the Falcata out as well as any base weapon that allows a x3 or better crit multiplier on an expanded crit range.

The base chart gives an eidolon 3 evolution pool points at 1st level

so I'm not sure I understand your question

Cheapy wrote:
Nope, it wasn't meant to work. Wouldn't really make sense, IMO, since bodyguard is putting yourself in the way a bit. Can't really do that at range unless you're quite ...large.

yer mother been telling stories about me again lad?

Look at the bonuses from archeologist bard, strip away all the fluff and just focus on the mechanics.

This can be fluffed for a lot of things, a charismatic roguish character that gets by on luck and guile, and is equipped to side-step traps and disable dangerous contraptions....

... sounds perfect to me.

You might find your 'to-hit' bonus lagging behind the ideal bonuses needed to hit most of your enemies.

You will likely be more dependent on magic buffs and flanking than your average front liner.

you are in a class that lacks full BAB so you won't be making the gap up easily.

Lastly, you will probably do less damage than a barbarian who didnt take the exotic proficiency, and merely two-hand swings the same sword and utilizes the power attack feat.

If you are willing to deal with all or this in order to look cool.. by all means, do it.

I'd lay the map out, it might pique some curiosity to visit locations that you don't highlight in your descriptions, which will add to a feeling of control from the players.

Maps should enhance the experience not distract from it.

The archetype looks interesting and a fun take on including a class that is essentially cut out of pirate style games

KOticneutralFTW wrote:

 Order abilities:
• Pirate’s Savvy: at level 2, a pirate can spend a swift action to gain a +2 competence bonus on all attack and damage rolls, to his AC, to all skill checks, or to all his saves. The pirate chooses which to affect when he uses this ability, and can alter which affects he is under by spending another swift action

This sounds a little too good to me.

At a glance it appears mechanically superior to every other order ability.

N. Jolly wrote:
@MC Templar: See, this is the kind of thinking that gets the class dismissed before it can be examined. Everyone has a different tolerance for optimization, which again is the point of this guide. I'm hoping the beginning of this guide was a good step to dispelling some of the rumors and such about this archetype. I might have to expand it a bit though if this style of thought is still around, since I want to make a guide that embraces the archetype instead of shuns it as a 'power gamer archetype.'

My point is, for the purposes of a guide, If the foundation of your advice should be shady corner case rules or combinations that have been shot down in FAQ or common use on the boards....

If you find yourself in the guide saying things like "..if your GM will allow.." I think the guide itself becomes counter-productive.

The Synthesist has more moving parts and grey area than any other archetype. If the point of the guide is to highlight options that might be overlooked, under-appreciated, or too good to pass up in a costs vs benefits analysis, I think it will be of value.

If the approach of the guide is, "the following choices are purple if they can maximize damage per round" and undermine the concept of CR for a party, Perhaps you should re-think if the guide is necessary or valuable.

If you are worried about the class getting dismissed before it can be examined, you should ensure that your guide address the apprehensions that skeptics might have about the archetype. Their view is "this archetype draws twinks like moths to a flame". If your guide reenforces that view, you end up contributing to the dismissal instead of helping to dispel it.

Might I suggest an addition notation color for the lactose intolerant.

note the points where selective blindness of rules interactions make the archetype even more exploitative than it already is, and try to highlight those traps.

"Note that multi-armed monstrosities that have pounce and 10 arms, do nothing but accelerate how fast everyone bans this archetype. If you are playing it to make the cheesiest build possible, please stop reading this guide now."

My groups have evolved through a few different options.

We were serving two criteria for HD rules
1- don't make the GM do more work modifying every monster's stat block
2- protect the PCs against the possibility of a few abysmal HD rolls rendering a character unplayable (at least one player was actively trying to get his frontliner character killed so he could replace it after bad HP rolls at 2nd and 3rd lvl, which was creating story issues.

* In 3.5 Eberron we liberally used action pts for HD rolls
* We tested an auto re-roll system based on HD
(D6 rerolls 1s, D8 1-2, D10 1-3, D12 1-4)
* We settled on was minimum hps was half hit die, you get 1 roll and lowest it can be is half (D4=2, D6=3, D8=4, D10=5, D12=6)

The last one allowed the roll to matter, good rolls to be beneficial, and bad rolls to not be crippling. It provides a safety net for a player and still makes a Barbarian rolling a 12 feel like he accomplished something useful.

That is what we are presently using, as it met our criteria.

Considering Bodyguard is essentially an Attack of Opportunity, I wouldn't allow your inspiring voice to allow it to work from distance. The triggering mechanism isn't under your control.

I would allow you to ready an action to aid another from distance out of turn, but not to let bodyguard do it as an attack of opportunity from 30ft away.

*Khan* wrote:

Don't forget the utilities of the attack cantrips.

Acid bypass DR of obejcts. Given a minute or two acid splash can destroy a chain or jam a lock.

I looked for that rule and couldn't find it, can you direct me where to locate that in the book?

Edit, re-read the title, and I overlooked "attack"

so I second disrupt undead

Do you want every Earth Elemental you fight to do this to you when you aren't playing a Stone Oracle?
If not, I wouldn't ask your GM this question.

Also the 10th level Aspect ability can massively crank the summoner's UMD at the cost of 1 pt of of the eidolon's evolution pool


Aspect (Su): At 10th level, a summoner can divert up to 2 points from his eidolon's evolution pool to add evolutions to himself. He cannot select any evolution that the eidolon could not possess, and he must be able to meet the requirements as well. He cannot select the ability increase evolution through this ability. Any points spent in this way are taken from the eidolon's evolution pool (reducing the total number available to the eidolon). The summoner can change the evolutions he receives from these points any time he can change the eidolon's evolutions.


Skilled (Ex): An eidolon becomes especially adept at a specific skill, gaining a +8 racial bonus on that skill. This evolution can be selected more than once. Its effects do not stack. Each time an eidolon selects this evolution, it applies to a different skill.

My Jade Regent character is a summoner with crafting feats (wondrous item, arms&armor, and Rod) and I've never stopped having fun with it.

blahpers wrote:
CRB wrote:
Figments cannot make something seem to be something else.
This line always bothered me. Just about any figment breaks this rule at a small enough level. For example, an illusionary object blocks line of sight to anything behind it, else it'd be completely unbelievable. So once you make an illusionary cardboard box, if you place it over a crouching person, that person will basically seem to be a cardboard box. You can't make a red-painted monument green with a figment, but why not create an illusionary, monument-shaped film of green paint over it? There's no agreed-upon "common-sense" litmus test for this, which is why I usually have to house rule for illusions to make sense.

I think you are reading unintended limitations into that.

I read that as meaning if you want to make a person, look like a different person, use disguise self

so, if there is a "thing" inside the area of effect of the illusion, you can't make the illusion cling to that thing. You can make that person appear to be inside an illusory box... but you can't make an illusion of an ogre that the person can walk around inside and interact with things.

Any creature or moving part that operates outside of your control, the illusion doesn't automatically move to accommodate.

The rules don't support it, so it becomes a GM's judgement call.

Also, as a suggested idea, if you are world building, I would suggest breaking from the trope of the 'evil for evil sake' villains.

Make the "evil" end of the pantheon, primal elemental forces. People who venerate these are good people who are begging for the evil deity to turn its wroth elsewhere.

Personifications of plague, storms, rough seas, famines, droughts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, general bad luck, and perhaps death itself. Names and faces given to uncontrollable events that can takes the lives of many. And a small feeling of control given to the people who supplicate the gods to spare their families.

I'd move away from the Evil Gods and swarms of Evil minions trope.

I think the villains should be humans, more flawed than the gods.
I like the concept of the "evil" nation being a nation of people who follow leaders who have twisted the messages of Neutral gods to serve their own interests.

I like the concept that "everyone is the hero of his own story" including the high priest that is overseeing the torture of heretics. In his mind, his works are for the greater good. I'd use that approach for building the campaign world with the pantheon. No "god of convenient antagonism"

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