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At Schub Clearing out or subduing the organized banditry saves me coin, eventually building and protecting roads and allowing trade routes makes me coin. I don't need a share of what you take I just need you to do what adventurers do.

I'll be sending you with 2 wagons, a pair of draft horses for each, enough food for a month of exploration, map making supplies and you may each take either a weapon or piece of armor from my armory (all masterwork one item.)

At Evan This is your team, I imagine you'll fight all together at times and on others split to cover ground faster. You're a diverse group with very different backgrounds but a common cause.

The other teams are chartering and exploring different territory. Two of the groups go with veritable armies and they will face some very different challenges then you. If you all succeed they will be your neighbors.

Your job in part is to map the area. You may search my library for an old map but if you find one it will be flawed at best. I not not where the bandits make camp but I do know that there's a mix of quality.

The better ones wear a trinket around there necks marking them as the Stag Lord's. I also know that when he takes the field the men he brings are deadly and capable.

I'd take the field against him myself if politics did not tie my hands.

@Jarx I believe one of the potential rewards put up by the church of Desna is calming the area's kobold troubles. There's quite a few tribes and wandering monsters in the area perhaps with the right groups they can be appeased into alliances.

the check would be knowledge local.

@Sahisysha What's in it for me is indeed a complicated question. I applaud you for asking early though I suspect others can see through my motives fairly simply (pointed look at Evan.) My father used to say that the best bets were the ones where you have multiple places to gain and very little to lose.

If you do nothing other than remove the bandit problem, I gain in trade. I can gain twice over depending on Drelev. Such is the way with each group and mission. Multiple objectives that I gain benefit from even if the overall expedition is a failure. Partial successes still aid me greatly.

If you charter and establish a kingdom successfully I gain a buffer against potential hostile forces to the south and a possible retreat point should civil war ensue against the Surtovas and things go poorly for me.

Moreover there's Irrisen groups attempting much the same meaning that if I do nothing I potentially end up with very uncomfortable neighbors hostile to my interests. There's also the matter of gaining a great deal of good will from Liberty's Edge.

In other words I have everything to gain and nothing to lose but a little money and resources by investing in you.

@Thrick I hope it is that easy but they are reportedly several dozen bandits loyal to a very competent and dangerous core. Do not take the Stag Lord lightly, there are rumors of his supernatural power. Like all stories I suspect there's at least a kernel of truth to them.

He is a war Veteran who married a defector from Irrisen named Svetlanna. While his mobility is somewhat limited by a lost leg he is still a bit of a terror on a horse and his wife is an oracle of some sort. Their outpost trades with the local trappers but they are being "taxed" by some bandit that fancies himself a Lord.

Olegg wants to fight but there are more bandits then he can handle and villager types that could easily be taken hostage. His reports are straightforward to the border of curt or gruff and he strikes me as honest to a fault.

After the meal acrobats and dancers come out to perform to the delight of the men at arms fromt he mercenary companies in particular. Lord Javoki first disappears with Varn and a few of Varn's retainers into another room.

After about half an hour or so Varn returns and a herald comes to fetch the entirety of both parties.

You are led to a fairly large receiving room where Lord Javoki stands in his full armor once more. There's a table with a smattering of reports and requests.

Assuming that you are accepting my offer there is much to discuss, I will let you ask your questions but I wanted to let you know the extent of your charter and my expectations for the journey.

First and foremost there is a small outpost just barely on the other side of the border of Brevoy. It has a few buildings and maybe a dozen residents led by a man called Olegg.

I'll be sending him about a half dozen men at arms a week behind you. This is your charter, there are various bounties and assignments at Oleggs sponsored by various Nobles.

As you look over your charter do you have any questions for me?

(Next post is the charter plus an explanation of hexploration rules, I anticipate first combats and possible party split tomorrow or Wed)

Lord Javoki holds up a hand to signal silence and gets it somehow as both men decide to settle down. I hope Lord Varn that attitude will serve you when you deal with the Nomen Centaurs in the Highlands directly below Restov. he shifts his gaze to Drelev, you will need your men at arms for the boggards that have been troublesome to river trade and you'd best show better manners to Pitax. Now his gaze shifts to table two and over each of you as to my new friends they are indeed considered by some monsters but what better way to go into the old margreve then to go as such. Surely the bandits they will need to deal with are monsters even if they chose to wear the face of men. Some call me a monster for the compact I've made to restore myself a measure of strength against a frail and failing body. What they don't do is say it in my presence if they prefer to keep their teeth.

The dozens of arms men that stand around the edges of the dining hall clash their arms against their shields and grunt a salute in a guttural sounding tongue (Orc word for a warchief.) Lord Javoki smiles, but now is a time to eat with your comrades and know this, you all have a job to do we shall hammer out details into the night and tomorrow.