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What you ask for is crazy overpowered. Trading 1 for 1 actions is mega powerful; you give extra attacks to your best striker and it's better than just being a 2nd striker:

You didn't have to move in to position. You didn't have to raise your STR high to hit, nor your CON to survive hits. You get to double up on the power of a single-target buff. You can "melee" from myriad different squares in the same turn.

Your proposal grants unbelievable power at level 1 and makes no concessions or limitations that make it okay.
There's a reason Strike Hard! is 2 actions and an ally's reaction.

The issue with requiring 2 actions for 1 is that i might as well just make a barbarian as bringing a commander to the party actually 'weakens' the party composition rather than strengthens it.

u are right,but we doesn't have reason to 'strengthens it'.

if it will strengthens it,the barbarian turn to weakness.
we just need to find the eval.

Actually, funny enough I was wrong.

The playtest deals more damage than my suggestion, but my suggestion is more interesting imo.

i was more interesting in give a strike and give a command together lol.

Fight with my friends!

It will force me to be a Beastmaster

Invictus Fatum wrote:
Dubious Scholar wrote:
Although I saw it pointed out that while it has a clause to make it work with spellcasters, it doesn't have an equivalent for Kineticists. It seems like it should allow (single action?) Elemental Blasts.

Oh yes, PLEASE keep Kineticists in mind and future classes that might use similar mechanics. It feels really bad not to be included for many of these feats. Perhaps change the language on many of the Commander's abilities to say "single attack actions..."

Sure, it is more wordy, but it includes Kineticist blasts and future proofs for similar types of classes that may come later.

it will make me try to use power attack.

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I think it should have the same proficiency like most martials

I agree with it

if I want to play a melee commander,for use the two actions STRIKE HARD!,i shall have a Animal Companions,and it will force me to be a Beastmaster or Cavalier.
I think it's bad,i also want to play a melee commander who is walking in the ground,not riding his horse.

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Guntermench wrote:
I'm not sure the delayed proficiency for offense is entirely required. I don't think the defense looks that good.

I mean it basically can't be required. It has normal martial proficiency for huge chunks of the game.

Expert comes at 5 for most martials and 7 for the Guardian.

Master comes at 13 for most martials and 17 for the Guardian.

So that's levels 5, 6, 13, 14, 15, and 16 that it's behind. Not even a third of your career if you go the full 20. If you're playing a half campaign like AV, it's only 2 levels.

... So what in the world about the Guardian is specifically overpowered enough that they need Caster weapon proficiency, but only at those six specific levels? What makes the Guardian too strong at exactly level 5 and 6 but balanced again at level 7?

I can't see a logic here.

It is using the same logic as they used for Magus and Summoner as this is the same progression for their spellcasting proficiencies. I think this is a power budget adjustment for the frontloaded features they get such as the armor specialization at lvl 1, Taunt, Intercept Strike, threat technique, and overall durability.

why fighter doesn't have low defense in the same logic?and why champion doesn't have the same proficiency ?

Master comes at 13 for most martials and 17 for the Guardian,it's too bad

the spell said,
You see the target as though it's dissected and arrayed before you. For the duration, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Medicine checks against the target that depend on its organs, but a –2 circumstance penalty on Medicine checks depending on seeing its skin.

When you Cast the Spell, attempt a special Recall Knowledge check using Medicine to spot and discern a vital organ. If you have a Lore skill appropriate to the creature, you can use that skill instead of Medicine. If you succeed, the next time you deal piercing or slashing damage to the target with a Strike or spell, you deal 4d6 additional precision damage. Once on each of your subsequent turns, you can use a single action to attempt the special Recall Knowledge check again. The extra damage isn't cumulative, so making the check more than once before a Strike or spell has no extra benefit.

the spell asks we use a sigle action to attempt the recall knowledge check,and witch's DISCERN SECRETS let we can use a free action to recall knowledge,so can i use free action to attempt the special Recall Knowledge check?

We are two dms,and we always play the game,sometime in the same table,sometime not.We always buy aps and other book together.
But yesterday ,someone said it is unsupproted.
so,can i buy aps with my friends?Or I must pay for it myself?
Is it supproted Or unsupproted?

nicholas storm wrote:

To change the swashbuckler, I would:

Change the maximum panache to 3; gain 3 on critical, 2 on success, 1 on failure, zero on critical failure. Allow you to add the extra damage to having panache onto the finishing strike if you started strike with 2 or more panache.

I would remove the finisher restriction prohibiting more attacks after finisher.

Add dex to damage for at least one of the styles

Allow STR as the class attribute for gymnast.

it's great,but i don't think paizo would do it.

they won't use the counter .

compare the fighter who use rapier to swashbuckler, swashbuckler is too weak.

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Corabee Cori wrote:
It isn't a Tumble Through if all you do is step across an imaginary line and back.
I just can't leave it at that. Yes, it was strange for me too when people showed it to me, but can anyone find here any indication you must exit opponent's space 'on the other side' or can't end on your own space (you can run circles with Strides if you want):

Don't look at me. I don't have a problem with it.

I somewhat think that Swashbuckler is considered such a difficult class to play because people have been unintentionally nerf'ing it due to misunderstandings like this.

The biggest problem with tumbling for panache is provoking opportunity attacks, honestly. It's just no fun to have your entire dpr be dependent on getting punched in the face.

And yes there are other options and no, not every monster has opportunity attacks, but tumbling is nice because it can get you panache and flat-footed to boot (with tumble behind) and also gets you into melee. No other panache generation method is so efficient (feinting only gets you flat footed and panache but no movement, etc)

why not use the true strike to buff other finish?

i think u take a bad choose,even bad then take a Unbalancing Finisher to make the starlit span magus which in your team to make more damage.

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Errenor wrote:
Lia Wynn wrote:
I think you'd need a new Tumble Through action for each enemy since the ability specifies "You can try to move through the space of one enemy." Since it specifically says one enemy, I'd rule that you need one Tumble Through action for each enemy that you wanted to tumble past.
Yes. And you can't stop in an occupied square, so no tumbling through two adjacent enemies in a narrow corridor. Works against enemies too.

my friend have a new question:if a wizard make his FAMILIAR stay with him,or a fighter ride his horse,now you cant pass anymore

Lia Wynn wrote:
I think you'd need a new Tumble Through action for each enemy since the ability specifies "You can try to move through the space of one enemy." Since it specifically says one enemy, I'd rule that you need one Tumble Through action for each enemy that you wanted to tumble past.


there're something sadly,if two enemy in one passage which is 1*N size,you can't pass it.

as crb write,During this movement,you can try to move through the space of one enemy.
If there are two enemy,can I cast 1 action to use Tumble Through to move through the space of them during this move?