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This 5th level spell lets you target 1 object up to 80 bulk...and move it up to 20 feet. Unlike other spells, I the word "unattended" is not included in the spell description or target text. What happens when a player targets a creature's armor? Can you target a worn or carried item? If you do, I assume RAI you should either make a spell attack vs reflex/fortitude resistance or the affected target(s) would get ref/fort saves vs caster's spell DC.

Ok, so I'm looking for opinions and input on adjusting Cleric Towards being more of a spellcaster and less of a combatant, or at least getting something back for giving up the potential for combat in exchange for something in return.

Specifically, the aspects of cleric I'm wanting to lose are-

3/4 bab to 1/2 bab (and the associated d8 to d6 hitdie).
Armor Proficiency
Good Fort Save.

As the above are the aspects I see as the 'combat' traits of the class.

I have seen the Theosophist on d20pfsrd,but my DM is concerned it gets too much for what it loses...

So I'm looking for input on what a fair, and more importantly conservatively balanced exchange for the above Attributes would be.


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So, I was looking at the new White Haired Witch archetype, and it seemed pretty neat at first...

The general mechanical-concept is to take the Prehensile Hair Hex and greatly expand its abilities and utility with some cool thematic elements... however in practice, this isn't the case.

Why? Unlike Prehensile Hair, there is no provision for using Intelligence for anything but Damage Rolls (and then, 1x Intelligence instead of 1.5x Intelligence if your Prehensile Hair is your only natural attack) and triggered Grapple checks from the not-Grab grablike ability.

This means you're needing a good strength to make use of your primary class feature, because you need to hit via Str+Half BAB for any of the supplemental features to work, but you dont even get to recieve your strength on damage rolls... that's governed by Intelligence. Hope you can afford good scores in both.

As well, as written, Pull is a near useless ability, as there is no provision for not moving a grappled foe adjacent to you when the grapple begins, which I believe is part of normal grapple rules, right? Seems like you should probably not move the opponent when initiating the grapple, similarly themed to how the witch doesn't gain the grappled condition herself.

Anyways, I was hoping for clarification as to whether this is the intended functionality (which sadly would imply that one of the stronger class features in the game, Hexes, would be replaced by an ability which is arguably less useful than one of said Hexes with the same theme), or if it may have been intended that attack rolls should be Intelligence based as well which may have been ommited or assumed, which would make the archetype more viable.

If anyone else wonders the same, lets hit some FAQ buttons.

So, one of my players in a campaign just hit Gunslinger 8 last night, and took Secret Stash Deed as a bonus feat. The following text is relevant;

"Spend 1 grit point while in combat to recover either 1 bullet and 1 dose of black powder or 1 alchemical cartridge from a hidden stash on your person that you had, until now, forgotten about. If the bullet and black powder or the alchemical cartridges are normal shot, you do not need to pay for the ammunition. If you want to recover any other kind of ammunition, you must pay for it with gold pieces from your character's wealth."

So... there's nothing stopping you from producing a Burrowing Bullet out of your pocket. Or a +1 whateverI'mfightingbane bullet.


If so, this feat is actually really cool, though kindof... weird, on a world level.

"So I get that you picked it up somewhere and forgot about it, but who exactly is making all these specialty bullets?

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My initial reading of the feat 'Feral Combat Training', specifically the following part of the feat;

"Special: If you are a monk, you can use the selected natural weapon with your flurry of blows class feature."

Was that the feat allowed you to make your flurry of blows attacks with the selected natural weapon, as if the natural weapon now counted as a monk weapon or had the 'monk' special quality.

However, another recent thread called this into question; instead, it was claimed that what the feat did was allow you to use your natural weapon in addition to your Flurry of Blows, effectively modifying the final line of Flurry which explicitly disallows such.

So I was hoping I could get a confirmation (or lots of people to hit a FAQ button) so as to clarify whether or not the feat allows you to either,

A: Count a natural weapon as a 'monk' weapon. (Which seems like if it was the intent, it would have been trivial to say that instead of 'with your flurry of blows class feature')

B: Gain an additional attack after flurrying with your natural weapon.

Or did I miss an official clarification on this elsewhere?

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Ok, so as I was looking through part of Ultimate Combat, I came across the following;

"Rage Powers: Any barbarian who meets the powers’ prerequisites can select and use the following new Rage powers. Totem Rage powers grant powers related to a theme. A barbarian cannot select from more than one group of totem Rage powers; for example, a barbarian who selects a beast totem Rage power (see the Advanced Player’s Guide) cannot later choose to gain any of the dragon totem Rage powers (any Rage power with “dragon totem” in its title), unless she has the totem warrior archetype."

Last I had seen on the boards, consensus was that this archetype was entirely flavor, and did nothing. Was there clarification or errata I missed?

Should there have been?