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Cevah wrote:
Who said passion is only sexual or blood-lust? People argue passionately on these boards about rogues. People get passionate about food, sports, and other things. Hand feeding an eunuch a morsel of fine food could be sufficient. Or even delivering a good cup of coffee.

Because let's suppose a paladin was to passionately do his/her divine smiting business, and proceed to discharge the full content of a tanglefoot bag at said succubus, the thrower wouldn't be drained, as per RAW. And I assume unloading a sack of sticky substance all over someone else is an act of passion.

In fact, being engaged in melee without actually grappling doesn't work either. It's only fair to assume physical contact is required, which is why "acts of passion such as a kiss", while probably applicable to any mouth related grappling, cannot be expanded to non-touch passions, unless we add in a house-ruled template.

Let's say we open up an extra-planar brothel called Moores. "Well made, well priced, well dressed". There's this succubus poledancing that would only need to have foes fascinated to be able to energy drain them. A few levels of bard and she could easily drain audiences.

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Lathiira wrote:
Then the next question, based on Krimson's thoughts, is this: does 'act of passion' have to be considered from the view of the succubus or from the viewpoint of her partner, in order to trigger energy drain?

Upon deeper probing of the rules, and as much as my chaste self hates to say it, the Golarion succubus doesn't need approval.


Energy Drain (Su)

A succubus drains energy from a mortal she lures into an act of passion, such as a kiss. An unwilling victim must be grappled before the succubus can use this ability. [...]

The ability CAN work even with an unwilling victim. We're back to square one; the grapple debate.

The rules on that subject are quite clear, in fact... The grapple initiator has a variety of options while maintaining the grapple; such as pinning, damaging (unarmed strikes, spikes, natural weapons and light weapons), and tie up. The "victim" of the grapple does not get the full options list, BUT it does have the option to make any attack not requiring two hands. If she could bite a man in the neck, she can 100% steal a kiss.

While pinned, however, the only available drain is with a willing partner making a full attack with a club or other blunt weapon.

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Cevah wrote:
Nicos wrote:
Takeme Onadate wrote:

For example: the Satrap of Qadira accidentally looses a succubus in Katheer, and has the palace eunuchs find her and whoop the tar out of her with saps and clubs to be brought back for a spanking, figuring their condition precludes any feelings of 'passion' for the succubus. Is the succubus up the creek regarding her ED?

Any succubus worth her salt will be inventive enough to be stoped by that.

Think you meant "not be stopped".

As to the Satrap, he was stupid. Just because the eunuch lacks certain equipment, that will not prevent acts of passion. The practice of having harem guards be eunuchs was about who would get to enjoy the harem, not about removing desire from the guards.


I think I should mention that people lacking their testosterone factories lose any and all desires of sexual nature, and even impulses of bloodlust. Even criminals (be they sexual predators or murderers) that are castrated become ''regular'' citizens, provided the source of their crimes were impulse-based rather than simply being mentally deranged.

Now, the myth from which the fantasy world succubus was born is based on impersonating beautiful females and tempting mortals into trading their eternal souls for a night of luxury. Classical Lawful Good religious myth, that.

If the very first concept of the succubus was adequately stat-blocked, the energy drain upon intimate physical contact would only work on characters subject to Enchantment (Charm) effects, or if the character was willingly giving in to his base desires (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

In that sense, I would be enclined to believe that unless the eunuch desires companionship (in a friendly sense), there's very little to no chance of being drawn to our succubus.

Hence, the eunuch template is born, removing the ability to receive morale bonuses, but becoming immune to mind affecting charm and emotion effects. And 20% immune to crits.

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Jeff1964 wrote:
Unless you're that guy from the old painting show that can whip out a painting in an hour or less. (Happy little tree here!)

Bob Ross was his name. He had a squirrel familiar, and gave pretty decent tricks, actually.

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Ravingdork wrote:
Toilet paper. I'd never leave for an adventure without it.

Real heroes shoot fireballs from their eyes and lightning from their arse. Don't need no toilet paper.

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I'm a very careful DM. I put so much emphasis on character development that killing one is basically an awful mistake. But I like to put on a mask of killer DM at times, trying to bluff my way into saying I'm in a killer mood and that the players must watch their characters' back.

It's just for the immersion and the excitement. Escaping doom is an awesome part of being a player and a team, and when your DM exhudes goodness, sometimes you lose this feeling.

To everyone his ways, I guess. We all learn soon enough that being a bully DM is bad.

PS : Pssst. Don't tell them I told you that.

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There once was this story of the awesome drow character that had no wealth limit. Jarlaxle was his name.