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Well you can take those conquering characters into deck 4 of Wrath of the Righteous. How to do so is laid out in this blog.

But if it's home play it's really up to you what you want to do with characters who have completed sets. Paizo really seems to encourage you to house rule things to be fun.

Personally after completing a whole path with a character I kind of want to try out a new one, but I get that Rise & Skulls can leave characters feeling incomplete 'now what?" especially given the giant pile of rewards and 2x card feats when you are DONE...

If you WANT to take a character that completed RotRL through S&S (or vise versa) and stack the rewards and your group is okay with being overpowered that's up to you.

There are a few house rules you could run with that would make it less OP:
1. Treat ALL banes in the new set as "Veterans" with "Increase the difficulty to defeat by the adventure deck number." and start off counting deck 1 of the new set as Deck 7. (You may have to scale this back rather than just keep adding + each deck, "AD12 veteran Banes" might be statistically too high, since a character who completed a Path is going to grow broadly in power, rather continue to go straight up in power. Chances are you are already able to make close to the largest possible rolls your character can produce in your main skills by the time you complete one path. extra feats are probably going to make you better at the stuff you are weak in & not much stronger at the stuff you are already good at.)
2.Just don't use your Role Card in the new set until you would earn it at the end of deck three. And treat all your skill checkboxes as capped by the current Adventure deck number (i.e max +1 in deck 1, max +2 in deck 2). Treat all your boons as if their AD# were only as high as the AD you are actually in.

Also it doesn't prevent you from playing any additional cards that add to her check. lots of Blessings, items and Allies could add to those checks, especially if it's a roll to acquire a boon. In particular blessing of Wadjet.

If it's a roll to close a location Good Omen could lock that down. d4+AD#+(AD+1) and an optional +2 after the roll seems pretty solid, and the design of the character utilizing Staffs to attack frees you up to take a lot more utility than attack spells.

Also could combo quite nicely with an off-set Shardra, the Shaman from WotR would grant Ahmotep Wis knowledge +2. Other characters (like Bards) that can add to skill rolls at their location would also support the power.

Some monsters have increased difficulty or ambush you with Before You Act damage if you are alone at a location, so you can avoid that by traveling with someone but it's kind of a trade off as some monsters/barrier hit another character at your location, or everyone at your location with something nasty.

Interesting detail my group just discovered today about the cards that require sequential checks to defeat, The character who encountered the card must make at least one of the checks to defeat it, but it doesn't have to be the first check (like we had been assuming it hard to). For instance, we had the person who encountered the villain take the second Combat Check because it was more difficult, they could produce a single large fight, but we had another character at the location take the first Combat Check because the encountering character would have been rolling much lower if they needed to split their cards between 2 fights.

NOTE: if you have someone else take one of the rolls to defeat on a bane, the banes powers effect that person as if they had encountered the card!

I've been running RotRL Linni through S&S and RotRL solo and she is crazy versital. Once I figured out how to play her and she had her first power feat the only thing she struggled with was villians that took multiple Combat rolls and monsters that hit with before you act damage.

Noncomabat rolls are almost a joke her lowest stat is effectively interact at 1d6+1d4 (for showing an animal) and she has the knowledge skill at +3. Con & Char are d8+1d4, str and dex can be d10+d4 if you need. And she can take the aid spell.

As long as you keep an animal in hand you have a good chance of getting any boon you want, closing any location that requires a roll and beatting any barrier.

Ship battles are laughable with besmeras cap surival 1d10+1d4+1d8+4 to get a 7 or a 9. Lol

2 cures are enough to always have one in your deck. 1d10+1d4+x makes easy recharge so long as you keep an animal.

Combat spells are better than aid/strength spells+increasing your strength even with amulet of mighty fists. It just requires discarding too much of your hand at once for strength Combat to be worth it. Best you get is tiger, discard power, reveal power, aid, combat blessing: 4 cards out of hand. For 3d10+2d6+1d4. While inflict, reveal, tiger, Combat blessing is 3 cards for 3d10+2d6+1d4+1 with a decent shot at recharge on the spell.

When you get weapons take bows since dex is higher before the discard and they lack the increase difficulty by 4 hinderance prior to you getting that power feat (and since +2 on every roll when you have an animal in hand is better, you won't have the weapons power till adventure deck 3.)

Also using animals for extra explores by recharging them instead of discarding is nice.

nondeskript wrote:

The only substantive difference is the second sentence of end your turn which states that you may play cards or use powers unless a power directed you to end your turn. I believe that is just there to be restrictive, not to tell you that you can play cards and use powers, since the default state in the game is that you can play cards and use powers. The next paragraph in the rules (under Playing Cards) starts with "Anyone can play a card whenever the card allows it."

I agree it's not overly a big deal (unless say the effect you jump to would kill you) as I said I could really see it going either way, just depending on how you look at 'at the start of your turn' and think that people should just play it whichever way they feel is more fun.

I just personally find that it feels better to me, to look at 'the start of your turn' as a thing that happen which triggers powers which are then resolved. I'm not AT the new location when I started my turn so it just didn't feel right to activate the 'at the start of your turn' power at the new location since, when the turn started you didn't qualify for it.

I was paying attention to the fact the sections are titled differently. If you read the intent of that second sentence in "end of turn" rules solely as restrictive, then yeah, the way you are looking at it makes more sense.

This is how I see it as different than Amiri moving at the end of the turn: in that case, I move to a location at the end of my turn, but the turn hasn't ended yet thus, I look at the location, see I am there at the end of my turn, so I do that effect, then the turn is actually over. While in the case of starting a turn: the turn has already started before I moved, the turn started, I advanced the blessing deck, then resolve start of turn powers and and am moved, I am now at a new location.

I wouldn't be opposed to doing it the other way, (if that's what my group decided or the rules were errata-ed) but it just doesn't feel as right.

Vic Wertz wrote:
All of this is correct. And the rules also say "if the game doesn’t specify an order for things, you decide the order." So if multiple things happen at the start of your turn, or at the end of your turn, you decide what order they happen in.

True, "If things happen at the same time the active player determines the order they happen in." but, that feels somehow an slightly inelegant solution, as it implies that you are activating the "at this location" powers of location even when not at them. Except of the case of location powers that state "if you are at another location" that feels like it breaks "cards don't do what they don't say" in the same way you can't play a card to examine an empty location deck, you can't just use a power 'just because' when you don't meet the qualifications to play it.

I'll totally roll with it though.

I had to go and search out what CD Seelah actually did, took some digging to find. She gets tricky since you get to pick the order things happen in if they would happen at the same time. You1 don't qualify as "at the location" to activate it's power if your not at it. Theoretically, the way you are looking at it the Faith Healer Role power could either encounter both 'start of turn powers' OR only the start of turn power of the location you were moved to. (If it is a step rather than a snapshot moment in time, I don't think you can choose to activate the location power before you are at that location, since: you can't play powers not related to your check.)

If 'start of your turn were just a trigger' for events rather than a step you are still in after an action resolves, then you avoid both locations 'at the start of your turn' powers simply by moving before the first resolved (thus you wouldn't qualify to active either one since you were not at that location, the other since it was no longer the start of your turn.) but again... it all comes down to interpretation.

Edit: totally noticed Vic's title AFTER my post. lol. got it.

nondeskript wrote:
If "Start of your turn" is a singular event that triggers all powers based on it simultaneously, then logically so is "End of your turn". That would mean Amiri cannot move to the Mountain Peak at the end of her turn to scout because she was somewhere else when "End of your turn" triggered powers. By the time her end of turn moving power moved her that trigger was in the past. I don't think that is correct (it certainly isn't how I played it in RotR). If Amiri can trigger an End of Turn power after End of Turn already triggered her move, then the same logic would apply to Start of Turn.

Logically maybe, but that's not how its written. "Start of your turn" isn't a step, you just do "start of your turn" stuff during the "advance the blessing deck" step.

On the other hand "end of your turn" is a defined step in the rulebook that reads "First, apply any effects that happen at the end of your turn. *while you do this*, unless a power directed you to end your turn, you may play cards and use powers."

"Start of Your Turn" powers must (or may, if there is a choice) activate (once) if you are at a location prior to the "Give a Card" phase occurs. Is pretty much how I would define it, but rather I'd say "when you advance the blessing deck" rather than prior to you giving a card.

Also I think card you play have more flex than locations triggering at the same time because "you can play cards and use powers without limit in between these steps, as long as they don't say they can only be used at certain times."

It depends on if you veiw "the start of your turn." As a phase/step you are in or as an event/trigger that activated powers. Rulebook doesn't say it's a phase says "after advancing the blessing deck, apply any other effects that happen on your turn." So I'd look at that as the start of your turn is a thing that happens that triggers card effects in the same way encountering a card might trigger them. Once you move that power is resolved. You don't activate the new location power because you were not there when your turn started. Side note this location would effect the give a card phase, since you can't move till after you give a card.

I had looted stalker armor off the location last turn & was already holding one. Taking the BYA/AYA dmg let me rechange them rather than discard to cycle my hand. Had Combat heavy hand (longbow, archers bracers and a shortbow to rechange for her power) so chances of losing were slim. 50% chance to still get my explore and get the auto close for a location.

I placed high value in the autoclose ability but that might be in part cause I'm basied after loosing the first scenario once when I spent 5 Turns trying to close the armory once it was empty because I kept failing my checks to aquire. Failed to get a freaking shortbow on 1d10+1

Can't really speak to doing with with a larger group but had a pretty easy time of this scenario in a 2 man with Imrijka and Adowyn. We forgot to shuffle in a swarm, so it was just the villain and tangled traps and closed every location by emptying the deck except for one where we beat the villian to close it and we still finished with 8 turns to spare due to aggressive use of additional explorations.

We used allies and Blessings pretty much exclusively for extra explores, and had pretty good luck about successfully getting more the allies and blessing that appeared in the decks. Imrijka's bonus explorations for winning a fight were pretty pivotal. Always pick a fight at the watchtower when you get a boon for the 50% chance at a free explore. Finished the location about 3 turns. Imrijka grabbed Vinst from the fiendish tree and managed to roll a free explore off it, so we didn't lose a turn to get him.

We did get pretty lucky in some ways though, a Cure brought back 5 allies for Adowyn, which had all been used to explore and were used to explore again. We almost never failed to pick up an ally or blessing and almost never used used a blessing for extra dice on a roll.

The only animals we saw were when We pulled rallying cry as a barrier and both of us succeeded. Adowyn pulled the barrier where you get to summon and beat up corrupted solider for an ally (Since Adowyn was alone at the location we were undecided if Adowyn could just recharge a card, evade the soldier and get the ally, so just shot him to death with a hand crossbow).

Imijka only lost 1 fight but it was a painful loss (only cure had already been used and failed to recharge, lost 3 cards in damage, 2 weapons and archers braces, resulting in being weaponless for 2 turns.)

Still we finished with almost a full 1/3 of the blessing deck left, even after emptying every location and chasing the giant fly around several times. But if we had worse dice luck or needed blessing for rolls instead of explores it might not have been possible.