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What happened to having eoxians as a playable race?

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Kemuri Kunoichi wrote:
I'm thinking of playing an Android Operative Bounty Hunter from Eox, who has an undead themed appearance. Kind of a Grim Reaper type. No one escapes death :)

You gonna toss your guns to the ground when you run out of ammo and pull new ones out of some endless gun dimension in your pocket as well? :P

Is there going to be society play for Starfinder at Pax West, or is it just going to be introductory play?

So the CRB says the Envoy at 9th lvl once per day you can re-roll your expertise die with any skill you have skill focus in and keep the better result. But your expertise die gives you an insight bonus, as does skill focus. And these bonuses don't stack.

Was it intentional to do implement the skill in this way, or should it have been a different bonus type?

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Can I replace my current preorder with this somehow?

I can play any of the lower level tiers. All I have are lvl 4 and 2 characters. I'm not picky on any one, just as long as I have fun with it.

I thought we had till Monday. I had to wait to try and get my friend in so we can register for the lottery buddy system, but I can't register for anything anymore. What gives?