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Matthew Morris wrote:

I don't mind it really,

Move action to change reach, becomes swift action with a feat. Makes a Dwarven Defender build rather interesting.

Now just errata the spiked chain to do the same and you'll have fewer people upset.

Which feat?

Nicos wrote:
Atarlost wrote:
P33J wrote:
Now throw in the fact that I want to be able to do something outside of Combat, I either need to have at least a 12 INT to get more skill points and take some ranks in Knowledges (so I can assist) or I have to have at least a 12 Cha, so I can chat someone up. Granted if I decide to be just a killer, I can dump INT and CHA, but I still need 4 decent stats.

If your fighter "needs" 12 int for skill points so does the war priest since they're both 2+int classes. If this claim is granted the war priest has 100% fewer unimportant stats rather than 50% fewer.

Taking into acount the fighter only way to contribute outside combat is his skills and the warpriest have magic probably the warpirest doo not need that much a high int.

First, if the warpriest uses any magic outside of combat to assist, it is hugely limited by the fact that he does not have very much to begin with.

Second, if the warpriest wants access to many of the feat progression chains he needs int of 13, which undermines every build I have seen on these boards. So effectively, he can't cast all day or well (like a full cleric or wizard)... he can't hit as hard, as often or as effectively as a fighter/barbarian etc.... he is gimped by the fact that he has to spread out his points across ALL of the stats, with arguably, DEX as his throwaway 10 stat.

My dwarven warpriest after the Dec 9th changes,

Str - 14
Dex - 10
Con - 16
Int - 13
Wis - 14
Cha - 12

Upon first seeing this class I instantly imagined I would play a dwarven warpriest whose clan worships a slave who led them to freedom using his shackles as a weapon (Dwarven Dorn Dergar, Chain Flail). After the addition of fervor I changed his points around to make him more viable and am still punished for my RP choice. (Ideally I would have been fine with taking a 14 Con and a 14 Cha) This means that I wont be doing anything well, but I might be able to keep up for the first few levels, at least until the feats and greater attribute concentration of the other classes overtakes me and when that Reflex save causes me to be burned alive by dragon fire.....

DM Beckett wrote:
The Warpriest needs to be less MAD and Spellcasting/Fervor should be WIS based.

Agreed. Although, I would be fine as long as any of this is focused around a single casting stat, whatever that be.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:

If I wield two daggers that are Sacred weapons via Weapon Focus, do I get the Sacred Weapon damage on both of them (d6)?

Basically - is the Sacred Weapon an individual, specific weapon? Or does it apply to wielding two?

It would apply to both.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

Wow. 5th level TWF Dagger Chaos Blessing Warpriest for the win (1d8 each dagger at +5 BAB, with 1d6 on one for Anarchic Strike Chaos Blessing!)

But the 4th level enhancement and weapon quality stuff only apply to one weapon right? Is a little unclear because it says:

ACG Version 2 wrote:
At 4th level, the warpriest gains the ability to imbue his sacred weapon with divine power as a swift action.

Which seems to indicate Sacred Weapon is only ONE weapon, and therefore doesn't apply to two weapons of the same kind TWF'ed…

Perhaps it needs to say:

ACG Version 2 wrote:
At 4th level, the warpriest gains the ability to imbue a/one sacred weapon with divine power as a swift action.

BTW, I'm quite impressed with this version of the Warpriest. The bonus feats are good, Sacred armor nice and the Fervor is on theme….

It only applies to one weapon.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer

Tels, you would be able to wield both as sacred weapons but you wouldnt be able to enchant both, only the one via the divine ability. This means the second one would need to be magically created as such, but still an interesting and fun combo.

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Robert Little wrote:
Khazadune wrote:
Everyone who agrees please post something to say so and we will show how much we agree before this playtest closes and they make their final decisions regarding the class.

I'm sure that polling folks for a change that would make the class more powerful won't produced biased results at all.

That said I don't find the class to be cripplingly MAD.

The change will make the class more powerful yes, but not overpowered. It will stay in line with other class mechanics like Alizor posted above.

That said, the class is cripplingly MAD. Think about it when using a 20 pt buy and a non-human character. My playtest involved a dwarf cleric who i built with Int 13 to access Combat Expertise, one of the key pre-requisite feats for many of the higher fighter feats. I sacrificed my Cha because I recognized that something had to go. After the changes with Fervor I found I have no ability to utilize channel or fervor with any great ability, and that leaves my entire class gutted after the changes.

Stat Breakdown:

Str - Highly important.
Dex - Not dump worthy, but not absolutely necessary. Handy to have, especially for access to many combat feats regarding mobility, but sometimes you cant be everything and in this case you probably leave this at a 10.
Con - Absolutely necessary, especially considering the Hit pt progression.
Int - 13 minimum for many of the combat feats to be accessed. Also helpful for the skill pt progression of 2 to be increased so you have any chance of being helpful outside of combat and OoC heals.
Wis - With a cap at spell level 6 that means you eventually want 16 in this stat but you will probably start lower and progress to 16. Still weird to think that you handicap your primary casting stat because of the cripplingly MAD attribute arrangements.
Cha - Originally only impacting charisma based checks and channel uses this was fine to sacrifice or place lower on the totem. With the new changes to fervor this becomes absolutely necessary to have and people will want to place this among the top three stat choices for the class, even above their primary casting stat.

What are you left with? Being spread too thin, like classes like the Ninja or Monk where you have to have a little investment in everything and are not especially good at anything. Classes like the Barbarian which can pump up their main stats (Str and Con) can easily outpace your character and routinely do. No game I have run has had any character come close to the Barbarians in terms of damage potential... I'm not suggesting that we need to, but it drives people away from choosing a class they know will be crippled by the stat arrangement, and this can be easily mitigated by consolidating some stat arrangements.

Joyd, you are correct, my mistake... yeah it is derived from channel. Kolokotroni I agree, and would rather see the main casting stat change to work off Charisma and have channel, casting and fervor all based in that oft neglected stat, but either way as long as they change the abilities to map onto a single stat I would be happy.

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Everyone who agrees that the class is spread too thin on attributes (see monk, ninja etc for similar problems and reasons why they see little play) please post in this thread to let the devs know that we would prefer to see Fervor work off of Wisdom instead of Charisma. Since the Warpriet's prime casting stat is Wisdom there is no reason that this should be tied to Charisma. The parent classes do not reflect this, in fact, it seems to be a tie in from some sort of Paladin change, and this does not reflect the stated flavor of this class, nor does it make this class something people will want to play. THIS IS A STICKING POINT! CHANGE FERVOR TO WISDOM!!!!

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I think we should all post our agreement that the class is spread too thin on attributes and is quite MAD, so fervor should be changed to being focused on Wisdom. Everyone who agrees please post something to say so and we will show how much we agree before this playtest closes and they make their final decisions regarding the class.

I agree with most posters on here and I hope the devs listen. Fervor tied to CHA is just a poor design, especially considering WIS is the prime spell casting stat.

Hopefully something else will add some sort of out of combat utility skills... Like a skill boost usable 1/2 times your War Priest lvl per day as a divine blessing (limited to class skills and only offering a +2 bonus or something could help keep this controlled, also this could come at a later level than first to avoid too strong skill boost at low lvl)

I don't believe the BAB progression to be a problem as long as our sacred weapon BAB can be used to access feats (which are only usuavle while wielding that sacred weapon). We should also have a stipulation that we can access feats listed as fighter only when we qualify so that RAW doesn't have to address this indefinitely.

I really hope that channel energy stays in, even though this isn't a huge bonus it is thematically in line and I think the class would be worse for wear without it.

Had we more time I would also suggest that blessings have 3 (lvl 1, lvl 10, lvl 20) powers and include some sub domains for more options. (Balancing domains with sacred weapons of those Gods should also be a priority)

The lvl 20 Capstone class ability seems redundant when considering sacred weapon BAB progression, so maybe we could come up with something cooler like the other class capstones?

Kudaku wrote:

More detailed feedback will definitely follow, but first impression: I LOVE IT

Second readthrough, some thoughts:

Still two skill points per level. I know this is a bit of a sticking point since both of its parent classes get 2, but 4 skill points would really help.

I love how the Sacred Weapon mechanic interacts with favored weapons and the base attack bonus. It's the perfect fit for the class.

Imbue Weapon is still 1 round/level. That's very short when the Imbue Armor equivalent is 1 minute/level. Is there a balancing factor in play here? It'd be nice if these had the same duration, easier to remember and less to keep track of.

Fervor seems to be Lay on Hands and Spell Combat's beautiful offspring, I really like it. However, keying it off Charisma does make the Warpriest kind of MAD in that it'll need Str/Dex, Wisdom, Charisma, and Constitution - pretty similar to the 3.5 Paladin before PF merged the paladin's spellcasting stat into charisma.

Channel Energy is still in - this surprised me a little. Partial progression channeling isn't super exciting but it means the warpriest can help out with downtime healing without burning spell slots better used for Fervor.

Bonus Feats are lovely, but the Warpriest still has a hard time qualifying for combat feats with a medium Base Attack Bonus. Any chance the WP can use his warpriest level as BAB for feats as well as attacks? That way he can pick up Improved Critical at level 8 instead of 11, and so on.

Overall this is a huge improvement on the original class. The previous class I wouldn't have touched...

I have found that with fervor working off Cha you end up having your points spread way to thin, especially if you want to qualify for many of the combat feats that require Combat Expertise as a pre-requisite... meaning you also need an Int of 13. That mixed with the needs for STR and CON, WIS and DEX to be somewhat useful... you end up having no true 'dump stat' and being forced into a 20 pt spread that leaves you weaker than either of your parent classes that do not have so much going on. I would ideally like to see some changes such as:

1. Combat expertise as a free bonus feat built into the class, thus allowing Warpriests access to many of the fighter feats without having to sink in pts into INT which is really a waste considering the 2 skill pts you have to work with. Either create more of an incentive to bury pts into this stat (such as higher base skill pts), give access to this feat or change fervor to make this a much easier tradeoff.

2. Fervor working off CHA means you end up being a mix of Paladin/Cleric/Fighter... and doesn't seem in keeping with the flavor this class was working with. Changing this to include Fervor off of WIS would mean that more ppl would value that stat and place more than the bare minimum in WIS, which should remain a primary stat choice... since it is what is used in casting. CHANGE FERVOR FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

I have a question hopefully someone can answer!?

Q: I have created a dwarven Warpriest whose patron freed his people from slavery by turning his ball and chain shackles into a weapon. (The dwarven chain flail is born!) Thus his sacred weapon is the dwarven chain flail which can function at a range of 15 feet or close in, depending on the allotment of chain provided. Would this count as a ranged weapon or just a weapon with reach? I ask because I was hoping to combine this with the AIR DOMAIN in order to add 5 feet to the range of my flail... thus effectively threatening a greater region... If it is counted as ranged than it will not provoke AoO in those squares and simply allow me to have a great attack range when needed... if it counts as reach than the AIR DOMAIN would be wasted on this weapon choice for what I wanted to have....