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Ulp wrote:
spits as he says Zargo and sparks flash behind his eyes and his wings buffet up some wind

It would be cool if Ulp's spit makes a little electric discharge as it hits the ground.

Judge Tohram Quasangi wrote:
Thinking of which, Cуровую зиму, what is your nickname? I have Zima stuck in my head for you, and while cutting and pasting the characters you use is always doable, a short nickname is always easier. I see now looking back that you typed Zimu at some point, is that the pronunciation you prefer?


I think DM DM used Zima, I have not, it sounds like a bad tasting wine cooler, for your use please feel free to call my PC 'Surovu' or 'Cy' (gob did that) or 'the Witch.' Half of us already call you the 'Judge'.


Rosa_Luminass wrote:
Then all we need is a nice chianti and some fava beans.

Hold the fava beans, double up on the chianti.

If you can get your hands on it, this is perhaps the best moderately priced chianti I have tried.


Edmin we posted at the same second!


Dear James,

Do you think Cloud Atlas will be a great movie?

I hope it will at least as good as Toy Story 4.

Bonus question: What was your favorite toy from childhood? Imaginary friends count.

I'm excited, I start as a player in this AP this Thursday, we are given a 15 pt. buy and I'm pretty sure I am going with an Asimar sorcerer.


Best of luck with what came up Anselth! I hope you get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Don't worry we'll hang around here for your return. Thank you for keeping up the DMing!

Anselth wrote:
Also, I just wanted to make sure everyone is enjoying the game. It's my first shot DMing 1st edition. Ever :).

Having a fun time Anselth! I bet you would rock as a table DM!