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Hi all. We have a gifted GM looking for a game to run in Kosovo.

Who is the Venture Captain there or who organizes weekly games?

Crossing fingers :)

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possibly closest?

Grand Lodge 5/5 Pathfinder Society Campaign Coordinator

We currently don't have anyone coordinating and organizing PFS in Kosovo. I would certainly be interested in placing a VC there if we can find the right person. Anyone interested can email me about the position at

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Well, closest are both Turkey and Croatia
Language wise, croatian language is deffinitely closer to serbian :)

Zdravo ekipa!

If I can be of any assistance, by all means, email me at

The GM is German I believe but is rather quite fluent in English and other languages.

Grand Lodge 4/5

OK, so now that we established who is where, what would be your question?
Do you need a suggestion what to pick up first or something more general?

I'm the GM; I'm actually American, but I also speak German and French.

I'd love to find some gamers here in Kosovo. As far as I can tell, though, there are none.

I don't suppose there are any Venture-Captains in Macedonia or Albania? Skopje (capital of Macedonia) is just across the border, only 90 minutes from where I am, and there's a lot of coming and going between the three countries. Anyone?

Doug M.

Grand Lodge 4/5

Unfortunately, closest are guys in Turkey and me in Zagreb, Croatia.
OTOH, if you can find a few players, nothing stops you from starting a PFS group. Thats how it usually starts ;)

If I can assist with any questions or suggestions, you can eithe ask here or send me an email

I would like to point out that Douglas Muir is an exceptional DM.

But some back up characters may be needed from time to time.

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