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The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge: Explore, Report, Cooperate!

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge is a place where agents hang out and await their next mission. We're a lodge for PF1 adventures. Please check out our sister lodges, linked below, for Starfinder, ACG and PF2!

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Castamir's Flaxseed Station (Starfinder Society)Flaxseed on Deck (ACG)Cottonseed (Playtest & PF2)

Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide | Getting ready for PFS PbP | Kit for New PbP GMs


Cwethan's Siege of the Diamond City (Retrocon! Tier 7-8) (inactive)

Decline of Glory, PFS 0-24 (inactive)

Pathfinder Society Scenario 0-24
Tier 1-2

DM Beckett's "The Night Marches of Kalkamedes" PbP PFS Game Day Event Game (inactive)

DM Goat's Echoes of the Overwatched (inactive)

A Pathfinder Society game for levels 1-3

Current Map

GM Beckett's "the Frozen Fingers of Midnight" Game Day Event PbP (inactive)

The Sanctuary
Asked to check up a friend of the Society "Skelg the Ripper", the party is sent to his town home to help remove an unknown curse. Arriving only to find his men all slaughtered, and Skelg lying in bed dying of what he can only describe as "the Frozen Fingers of Midnight clutching at his heart". Skelg informs you of a painting that holds a portal for a time once the Beacon of the North has shinned upon it. However, Bengeirr has made off with the lantern, claiming it and most of Skelg's other treasures are rightfully his from a dark secret buried in the past.




[dice=Goody the Owl]1d20+10[/dice

GM Endless Forms' PFS 06-21 Tapestry's Toil (inactive)

A 5-9 PFS scenario played at the 5-6 subtier.

Combat Map

GM Henry's First Steps Part III PbP [Completed] (inactive)

Four Pathfinders find themselves doing a few more favors for various Venture-Captains.

GMTrex's PFS [Normal Mode] 5-07 Port Godless (inactive)

Blackfire Compound
Mission: find missing Riftwardens led by Jahani Jodinaj

PFS GM Z..D.. Weapon in the Rift (inactive)

high tier no adjustment

PFS PbP GameDay IV: 7-03 The Bronze House Reprisal (Tier 5-9) (inactive)

Part of Gameday IV


Writ of Authority

Subtier 5-6

Scenario #5–03: The Hellknight's Feast (inactive)

[PBP GameDay V] GM Tarondor's PFS Scenario 7-11: Ancient's Anguish [Tier 7-8] (inactive)

[PFS/DMK] 5-99 The paths we choose Table 2 (inactive)


[PFS] GM Lithrac's The Wardstone Patrol (#5-02) - PbP Gameday 2 (inactive)

[PFS] GM Skipper's #1-50 Fortune's Blight (inactive)

[PFS] The Veteran's Vault 04-18 (inactive)

Lower sewer levle