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P6 Codex is an implementation of E6 for Pathfinder. By limiting regular PC and NPC advancement to 6th level (feats are gained after that point) it allows the game to focus on the gritty and heroic stages... without worrying about what the super-heroic arch-mage and fighter a few blocks over are planning.

A .pdf of the Abridged P6 Codex is currently available in its beta version at It contains the P6 Codex rules for post 6th level advancement for players just interested in applying P6 to the Core Rulebook (without all of the extras from the non-Core books).

I'm looking forward to any comments, especially on places you think it might be missing its target.

The full P6 Codex rule set should be ready this fall. It will contain a carefully selected subset of the various Advanced and Ultimate options and contains new rules for NPC classes and non-adventuring advancement. Two supplements in the spring will cover all of the classes that the standard rules leave out.