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Thank you very much for the quick response. I wish there were comparable forms for Treesingers. They really seem like a TERRIBLE archetype and are made for RP purposes :(

I was wondering about Bestiary 4 if a Druid can shift into a "Fungal Creature" of any creature that meets the fungal creature requirement? AKA can he/she turn into a Fungal Dire Tiger? I'm looking for some options for a Treesinger

I really appreciate all of the input so far. We cannot go below a 7 and above a 20 in a stat before racial adjustments. I understand that the hybrids would be extremely tough to pull off with the point system we are using. I hate playing classes that are single minded though. Played a human archer fighter and I wanted to bash my head against a wall because it was just so boring in combat. It was the same thing over and over. I'm thinking that possibly the THW Ranger or an Inquisitor would be my best options to be versatile, yet decent enough in combat. The main thing drawing me toward a ranger is having an animal companion and the main thing drawing me toward an inquisitor would be the spells/domain/inquisitions.

I greatly appreciate your help and insight. Are there any particular archtypes that are great for inquisitors? I was looking at the Spellbreaker. Also it seems like Inquisitions are a bit underwhelming. Am I wrong?

williamoak wrote:
Wondering: how high do you expect to go? Because the costs are VERY significant before level 8, but become negligible afterwards.

We plan to play as long as we can. No set limits really. We are limited to what is legal in PFS, so no Master Summoner. My last character was a summoner and I wanted to avoid it. I want to try something new. I generally like hybrids, but that is tough with limited stats. I forgot to mention as well that I dont think it is a standard buy. To raise a stat, it is +1 and to lower it is -1. No matter how high or low you go. So 10 to 11 costs 1 and 18 to 19 costs 1 for building our characters.

I should add the costs for buying attributes.

8-10 for 1,000xp each
11-15 for 2,500xp each
16-18 for 5,000xp each
18-20 for 10,000xp each

The costs are not bad at all. No buying an attribute past 20 (before bonuses). I've been in campaigns of his before with this system and it never got out of hand. Do you still think that this would rule out MAD classes?

We are starting a new campaign starting at level 1. We are using a very basic 10 point buy, but the DM is allowing the purchase of attribute points for experience. I have ALWAYS had problems figuring out what class to play. So far we have a Life Oracle, Archer Fighter, and a Swashbuckler (from advanced classes playtest). I am leaning toward a class that uses 2h weapons and can fill more than one roll. I was looking at a melee inquisitor, 2h ranger, or possibly a melee oracle. I'm not big into min/max, but I don't want to be useless in combat. I understand that no matter what I pick, I won't be able to compare to the min/max human archer fighter. I was wondering how good in combat the inquisitors or oracles would be in melee?

I was also thinking about a melee druid, but I don't want to be somewhat useless for 3 levels (or 5 levels if I use an archtype) until I get Wild Shape. Also are melee druids any good when NOT in Wild Shape? I was looking at either a Desert Druid, Mountain Druid, or a Saurian Shaman Druid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I couldn't see any post about this, but is the game collectable? AKA are there rares, uncommon, commons, etc...

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I have been playing Pathfinder ever since I got my first Core Book from GenCon when it was release there and have loved it ever since. For gaming, I have been playing MMO's since Ultima Online on the Atlantic Shard and then went to Everquest. Much like most people, every MMO since our first one we have played has never been the same. We are always chasing that feeling we have had back in the day. I miss the days of running through the crossroads by Britain searching for murderers, killing them and then taking everything they had on them. Or the fear you had when running in Wind killing dragons and then dieing and HOPING no one took your things when you got back and hopefully got a ress in time. Or for raiding the first time you have been in North Temple of Veeshan and seeing the giant building full of drakes and dragons.

This is what I have been chasing for 10+ years now and haven't found it again. When I read the initial blog about Pathfinder Online I was captivated. "Only 20 levels!?" was the one of the first things that caught my eye, but then I it made me happy that they want to stay true to the RPG system. Then I read that it would be roughly 2.5 years to reach level 20! That sold me alone right there. I'm so sick of gaming companies catering to people that don't want to put in hard work to reach their goals. Hard work does not mean taking a week of vacation from work and then playing 16+ hours just to grind to max level as fast as you can. I miss the hell levels of Everquest. How it would take WEEKS just to get from 41 to 42. I miss the feeling you got when you went from 99.9 blacksmithing to 100.0 and crafting your first exceptional katana and seeing your name on it. Why is there such a rush in todays games to reach "Level 50" when all you do after that is run the same things over and over collecting little tiny badges.

I know that Pathfinder Online will not fulfill all of my wishes, but this is a step in the right direction. I cannot wait till this is released and hopefully I can try my hand in the community.

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I have never been one to be deep into crafting, but I think that crafters should make the best equipment in the game, but they should require some extremely rare materials from a very difficult place to get to.

W E Ray wrote:
Both of your other two options are pretty easy to learn as well -- figure out what the other PCs are -- if there's already, for example, a ranged fighter, don't go with a sniper; if there's already a Sorcerer or Alchemist. . . .

I'll be the 6th. Theres a cavalier, paladin, bard, fighter, and a cleric/sorc for mystic theruge. What do you think would fit best?

Thank you very much for the help and understanding where I'm coming from.
The other classes I was looking at was a Sniper archtype or a celestial sorc.

For the past couple weeks I have been absolutely stuck in deciding between two different classes/builds. I am joining up a new campaign, but I just can't seem to make a choice. I'm trying to decide between a Bomb throwing alchemist or a Summoner that uses the spell summon monsters and buffs, while he hides. I have always been a huge fan of pet classes and a summoner is a true pet class. It just sucks that I won't be doing much on the summoner himself. After reading a bit about the alchemist, I think that a bomb alchemist can put out some good damage and battle field control, but it just seems that they shoot their load fairly quick and then are useless after.

I am fairly new to Pathfinder and I didn't even play much 3.5. My big RP'ing days were back in THAC0 2.0. I would love some input on what you guys think between the two. I am looking for the ability to put out some respectable damage and not feel underwhelmed. I am not all about min/max, but I don't want to play a class that will just bring the group down a peg. Keep in mind, I do love me some pets or possibly transforming into something exotic.

I am also open for new ideas as well if you feel they fit the description.

I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem. I recently purchased a Core Book and Advanced Player's Guide. The Advanced Player's Guide is just fine, however while playing in our first campaign I was looking through the spell descriptions in the Core book and I noticed that I'm missing pages in the binding. I have duplicate pages of 290 - 296 and I am missing pages 297 - 312. That is spells from Hold Person, Mass to Message.

What can be done about this?