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I have been playing Pathfinder ever since I got my first Core Book from GenCon when it was release there and have loved it ever since. For gaming, I have been playing MMO's since Ultima Online on the Atlantic Shard and then went to Everquest. Much like most people, every MMO since our first one we have played has never been the same. We are always chasing that feeling we have had back in the day. I miss the days of running through the crossroads by Britain searching for murderers, killing them and then taking everything they had on them. Or the fear you had when running in Wind killing dragons and then dieing and HOPING no one took your things when you got back and hopefully got a ress in time. Or for raiding the first time you have been in North Temple of Veeshan and seeing the giant building full of drakes and dragons.

This is what I have been chasing for 10+ years now and haven't found it again. When I read the initial blog about Pathfinder Online I was captivated. "Only 20 levels!?" was the one of the first things that caught my eye, but then I it made me happy that they want to stay true to the RPG system. Then I read that it would be roughly 2.5 years to reach level 20! That sold me alone right there. I'm so sick of gaming companies catering to people that don't want to put in hard work to reach their goals. Hard work does not mean taking a week of vacation from work and then playing 16+ hours just to grind to max level as fast as you can. I miss the hell levels of Everquest. How it would take WEEKS just to get from 41 to 42. I miss the feeling you got when you went from 99.9 blacksmithing to 100.0 and crafting your first exceptional katana and seeing your name on it. Why is there such a rush in todays games to reach "Level 50" when all you do after that is run the same things over and over collecting little tiny badges.

I know that Pathfinder Online will not fulfill all of my wishes, but this is a step in the right direction. I cannot wait till this is released and hopefully I can try my hand in the community.

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When i daydream about winng those $300 million Powerballs my thoughts read exactly like the blogs for PFO. I was really blown away when i discovered this yesterday.

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Welcome to the community Jasper!!!

I spent most of my time in Sonoma/Greatlakes shards and still play those accounts to this day. I also tried my hand at many themepark games over the years, Warhammer EQ2, Aion, Rift, Conan, but non of the themepark games have I spent more then a year playing.

Unlike UO I have played for 14 years respectively. Was it because it was my first mmo? I don't think so I think the reason why I enjoy it so much is because of the truely unique virtual world in Britania and the freedom I was given as a player.

Rose colored glasses sure you could say that, but the fact is there are very few mmo's over the years that have truly capture the imaginations of it's player base. UO, EQ, SWG, Ryzom, Asherons Call, Daoc to name a few are classics for a reason. Themeparks are a trend and even when that WoW generation gets older they to will look for depth and persistence.

Pathfinder Online in just concept alone has this classic feel and I'm excited to see what Goblinworks creates. I think PFO will end up nothing like any of the games mentioned above but I do hope PFO captures my imagination and gives me a high fantasy setting to spend my off time for the next few years or 10.

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Rafkin wrote:
When i daydream about winng those $300 million Powerballs my thoughts read exactly like the blogs for PFO.

That's worthy of becoming a signature!

I just wish I had as much time now to play an UO or SWG type game as I used to back then. That’s the one thing I’m worried about PFO when compared to the likes of WOW or SWTOR where I can just jump on to take care of a mission or two and then get back to my family. Would never have been able to do that with UO….. in order to maintain a productive character one had to apply hours upon hours of playtime or remain stuck in ½ arsed usefulness for ever. (And also never get a house cos you’d never be able to earn enough fast enough to buy a plot on Europa server, they were getting snapped up that fast!).

But ya, UO was my 1st exposure to MMO's too. PFO already has me dreaming of better online gaming days.....

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