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The dwarf shakes out of his daze and walks to the back room. He returns a little bit later carrying a shining heavy pick and lays it on the counter top.

Jaspar in giant:
"Aye...notched with your victories but handle is as sturdy as iron forge."

Chell Silves wrote:
"Um, I was. Don't remember those few seconds. If wasn't for Astrianna I wouldn't be here to get it fixed."

Before the elf walked in.

"I'd say you'd wouldn't be 'ere." he scratches his beard. "If you're leading with your back, I'd suggest more protection."

Chell Silves wrote:
Jaspar Jak's wrote:
"Well well your a sight of sore eyes...care for another measurement?" The dwarf chuckles this time eye-balling the priestess. He chews on the end of a cigar. "Always like me some purty scents...warms me right up." He winks at the group. "You've got sum worthless trinkets to pawn on me...takin' advantage of my senses?" I pulls couple cigars from his nearly empty box offering them. "Smoke and ale as we do this dance?" He motions to the kegs tapped on the other side or the room.

Even it isn't me I'll play off it. Astrianna made a suggestion earlier anyway.

"I...um...thank you," the priestess says blushing slightly and fidgeting. She wasn't necessarily attracted to the dwarf but compliments always seemed to make her falter. "Astrianna said there was none better to look at my armor," she says laying it on the counter. "They washed it at Mollie's but it took a lot of heat stress. Then a gator-man-thing he me hard in the back. Now I feel something pressing against my spine. Uncomfortable but not that my bad. I am more worried about the integrity."

Before the female elf walked in.

"I can help ya there." he handles the mithral plate a bit beofre Astri bringsout the swamp water gunk. "I can tap some these kinks out..." He exhales, "Priestess what hit you in your spine...you should be limp right now...dang, this took a right mighty hit."

"A..ay...aye 'ave your item right here." He mumbles, his eyes still watering. "I finished adding a nice wood oil on your shield, it's slick and should help to make the blows glance off milady." She examines the shield and inspects the work.

His eyes watering from the stench you've unloaded on him, he insists, "I need 100 gold to clean this stuff...NO QUESTIONS!" He deducts it as he exchanges the coin. Reduce your coin total by 100 gold...what would you expect!!

"Ahhhhhhh, yes I do have that item, it just came into the shop this morning." His hand quickly strikes the tinder and then the end of his cigar. "Jeez...I'm gonna lose me ale do to that stench." As he tears up.

"Well well your a sight of sore eyes...care for another measurement?" The dwarf chuckles this time eye-balling the priestess. He chews on the end of a cigar. "Always like me some purty scents...warms me right up." He winks at the group. "You've got sum worthless trinkets to pawn on me...takin' advantage of my senses?" I pulls couple cigars from his nearly empty box offering them. "Smoke and ale as we do this dance?" He motions to the kegs tapped on the other side or the room.

"He's a fine fiddl'r, word to the wise...don't outshine 'im.

Astrianna Sparacello wrote:

Astrianna is intrigued by this prospect. It's always good to know the local luxuries to act as gifts for people, be it alcohol, smokes, or the latest alchemical treat. Besides, being on friendly terms with your smith can save your life. "Is that so? Now that I think about it, I have yet to see you without a mouthful of cigar. Where would one purchase these cigars? Native's Delight? Or do they only deal in ink?"

She recalls something, and asks another question. "The other day I heard some Tulitian names I wasn't familiar with, but wasn't in the position to ask much. Do you know of Millianuka, Mololi Ali'i, or Nakuaka? In the context of the conversation they seemed elders or leaders of the local Tulita."

"Yes...they do carry them. You can also get them at all the smoke shops around town. "The Puffing Bear" round the corner has 'em too."

'Milliauka and Mokoli Ali’i are Tutila tribal leaders who haven't yet given up the fight fer the old ways. They seek natural balance. Milliauka is an ol' shaman of some sort tries to observe the old rites. Don't know Mokoli well but he's, a young, fierce warrior of the Tulita people in whose veins run the bloodlines and mana – the spiritual energy – of great ali’i from the past, or so they say."

He scoffs before talking about, "Tulita Lodge Elder Nakuaka likes his dragonsmoke." He leaves it as that.

Jaspar shrugs, "She's right...nasty business moneymongers be." he spits. "Most go back to Hargrove or run by 'im, 15 to 20% interest a week, so I've 'eard."

"Many a boat go missin', or cargoes stol'n, then debt come due. Your strong man, but if ya get a reputation of welching on yer debts, nobody will do bus'nes with you buyin' or sellin' and then the hits keep on comin'. Yer purty friend made a fine off'r to help." He exhales. "do yerselves a favor and stay alive, bring more stuff to sell, and I'll see 'bout extendin' a small line next time."

"But if ya must go to one, try Rosco's near Miss Molly's, 'eard he's a bit more fair. 'xcept I 'eard he was pinching heavy on some recent bad debt...nasty business."

He goes and pours himself a black stout, then offers one to each of you. He takes a long gulp before answering the question about the Kracken's Gullet. "Finest food in the city. Raogul is a genius...his meals." He touches his lips with his finger tips in a kissing fashion. "Top notch all the way, good fiddlin', and real nice inn to. I like it...go at least once a week as does anyone doin' serious business in port. Can't wear stinky armor, needs some nice garments, a properly scabbard sword with hilt tie and a dagger are permitted. Best ta keep stuff in magic bag."

"If ya really 'ppreciate me work, I like Tulita cigars." He casually mentions as he gnaws of the stub of one.

the locally produced Tutila cigars are 1 gp each and bundle of 10 can be purchased for 9.5 gold pieces.

High quality imported Montrose cigars go for 5sp each, and the cheaper bargained price cigars often smoked by whalers are 2 cp apiece.

You can see the Tutila cigars are coveted.

Jaspar growls at that thought of loaning money. "Sometimes custom'rs 'ave lobster taste but only shrimp budgets. Ain't inclined to loan money." He scrunches his brow.

I beleive Astri or STR Ranger tried that with him in the past.

Sorrin the Wayward wrote:
baldwin the merciful wrote:
@Sorrin: Jaspar has a Mithral breast plate on hand that you can purchase.
Mundane or enchanted +1?

I'll make it +1 to keep the story moving.

Astri when you show up at Jaspar Jak's, he smiles as he sorts through the loot. "Umph...mmm...hmmmmmm." Seems to be his comment of the day. His hands deftly sort and arrange items, he occasionally stops to log things in ledger.

I did not do the math, so I trust your numbers are correct Astri.

He grins when Astri covers the cost of her armor, "So I bet ya wants me to git workin' on th't armor." He brushes his red beard. "Ya know, let me see ya measurements again." His calloused work over Astri's upper body and he palms your butt. "Yeah...I think'll fit nicely." He stops and goes back to his room, then comes back out with Astri's completed armor. "Me hands have memory....and well, I figured you'd be back wit' payment, so I work'd on it." He shows Astri before he begins to put it on her.

"Well, come back in day fer yer buddy's armor, now git, I've work t'do." the dwarf laughs and packs three more fingers of chew in his mouth. The brown juice running down his long red braided beard.

"Firewhiskey! The root of most guud deals."

"A verg'n" the dwarf belly laughs. Slapping the counter top. "Ain't seen one of those in me shop in ages." He winks at Astri.

"Now that's a bare knuckle fight worthy I'd wager some coin on at the Skull." dark spittle spraying the counter top. "In a fair fight me gold is on Sorrin." there's a bit of drool oozing from his lower lip. "Mind y'life's not fair though. Besides ain't gonna be any fighting in me store out out - at least not near my shop - or there won't me no guudies made fer ye. AND you'll forfeit that depos't fer just bein plain ol'stuupid." He reaches under the counter and pull out a bottle of smoky firewhiskey. He pours everyone a shot, "Now drink." As he slams his own down his throat. "Steadies the hand that does."

"Artistic liberties," he laughs maniacally, "it'll give me great pleasure young poet." He finishes his notes and double checks his measurements which you're confident he is just coping a second feel. "Me work will be on par with your grace and beauty."

'He mentioned two women were smiten over 'im and how he ran in bare nakedness to battle a cursed totem. Said he used a broken box to defend 'imself. Till a songbird gently placed a rapier in is hand." He packs more chew in his mouth. "Destroyed th't cursed ship and damn thing sunk in whirlpool...he said." Spittle sprays.

"He did sing his own tune...you behind th't fine story?" He chuckles. "He likes the Run Aground Tavern in Tides."

"Damn..so that one was true, eh?" He chuckles some more.

"So if y'give me the gold, I'll procure the material and start to think about the finished item." He pulls out his tape measure and begins to jot numbers down. His gruff hand wraps the tape over your breasts and back., 'Gotta protect these jewels."

buckler: 1d100 ⇒ 55

"Aye, I've a darkwood buckler available." He walks back into a storeroom and brings out the buckler. He is wiping it with an oiled cloth. "I've had this one fer awhile, trade-in from sailor." He scratches his head.

"Now for custom-made mithril breastplate, 5 maybe 8 days depending on my motivation and workload." He stuffs some more chew in his mouth. You swear he swallowed whatever was in his mouth.

"Don't know no Dirk or David...is he missin'"?

He smiles when you mention Thalois Dondrel, Son of Mordekai, "Aye...tipped back a couple tankards wit i'm this morning' brought me in this chew I'm enjoy'n, damn guud quality too. You friends?"

The dwarf says, "Jerky aye? Let's see what I can git fer you." He comes back with a 6 inch strip of tender venison. "guud and smoky." A little tobacco juice dribbles out on to his lips and beard. "Now lets measure you up." He goes about his business taking measurement for the armor.

The long red braided beard of the dwarf jiggles with his laughter, "O'course, I can make yer little friend the leather lamellar. Won't take long eith'r...lets measure 'em up. Be ready t'morrow." He spits some black chew into a spittoon. "Y'want a pinch" ...He drops his tobacco chew pouch on the counter and stuff's his cheek full. "How 'bout you little on." He ask Thrasher.