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I am without a Settlement to call home, or a Charter Company to share ADVENTURE!

If the 7th Veil is still looking for people I am interested.

Myself and a friend are both experienced players of a variety of games looking for a weekly or bi-weekly table top campaign we may join. Recently we have started to play in Pathfinder Society to get our gaming fix, though we would prefer to be a part of a campaign that is a bit more story driven then the weekly dungeon crawls Pathfinder Society play provides.

If there are any table top groups in the region looking for a couple more players, please post below with any questions you may have or send me a Private Message with your inquires.

To register for this Monday's Pathfinder Society Event at Dice Dojo in Chicago you need to go to COWS.

Create an account.

Go to the Events Page of the COWS site and find this Monday's Event on the Calendar and then register.

If the link above should fail...

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TT = Table Top

PnP = Pen and Paper

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Thank you for your response Mr. Dancey.

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I have been following PFO since the beginning and I have only grown more excited and enthusiastic about the project with each Goblinwork Blog. As it is though I am curious if any additional information will be made available to backers before June 30th, so that we may make more informed choices or at a minimal better educated guesses as to which add ons we would like to select for ourselves?

Class Pack....What would the difference be between a character starting with the Class Pack vs without the Class Pack? Do character's starting without a class pack pack have to begin their career's sporting only the finest of potato sack fashion and armed simply with an improvised club?

Regional Trait Pack.....Will character's without access to this Regional Trait Pack be unable to attain access to such traits?

The Memorial of Honor.....Will Players be able to get their name or character names added to the Memorial of Honor by means other then this Kickstarter?

Twice-Marked of Pharasma.....This sounds like two scoops of awesome, but I would like to know more before deciding if this is the Add On for me.

Shieldmates......How do I get one?

I just received a totally unexpected Season's Greetings Card from Paizo and Goblin Works and wanted to express how very thankful I am to the lot of you.

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I have tossed in my support to this Kickstarter and I am now curious what would happen with my Day One $100 Crowdforger Pioneer rewards if I was to get some friends to join me in gathering enough cash for the $175 Crowdforger Buddy or the $500 Crowdforger Guild level investments after there are no longer any available Month One slots remaining for those investment levels.

I do not know if I can get my Table Top Buddies to throw down enough cash to actually get together a $500 Crowdforger Guild Investment, but if I did....would it be possible to lose my Month One Slot?

Would I be better off getting my friends to make a contribution separate from my own as to not risk my current place in line?

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I will likely create an Elven Rogue who is more or less a dedicated treasure hunter and avid thrill seeker who will more then likely squander whatever fortunes large or small he acquires on frivolous revelry.

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Uleaum wrote:
I just want to talk about which road to take.

I have heard good things about the yellow brick one that leads through a field of fun poppies.

In addition to that though....if you got time to kill between now and when PFO comes out I highly recommend you give ALFA a chance to provide you one hell of a Persistent World Role Play experience.

A Land Far Away...

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Anderlorn wrote:

PvP needs to be consensual whether it is an area or a pop-up box or both.

If it is not, the PvE lovers will not play and personally I do not want to be jumped when I have 50 million windows open conducting character maintenance that is sometimes necessary when on the move.

In my LOTRO kin, only a handful of us PvP, the rest do not and refuse to. In addition, they only play Free Peoples of Middle Earth while I play on the side of Sauron as a Warg Stalker. So when I am in the PvP area, playing my warg, I am part of an Australian PvP Tribe (kin\guild).

What if the PvP elements of the game were tastefully done in such a way that it was an enjoyable part of the game play experience that blended seamlessly with the the rest of the game?

Would PvP done radically differently from what people know it to be now potentially change the minds of folks?

I myself have no insights as to what Goblinwork's plans are other then what they have shared here on the Paizo Forums, as well as on the Goblinworks site, and Paizo's winning track record in regards to being responsible for products I have enjoyed. I have seen quite a few posts as of late that have made very declarative statements based upon little more then conjecture, and it is rather lame in my humble opinion. There have been quite a few threads that have explored different ideas about what could be, or how different things maybe done, and I have enjoyed exploring the different ideas in such posts, but the tread of back and forth YES! or NO! bickering is starting to clutter up otherwise enjoyable threads.

Anderlorn, I am not looking to call you out or cause trouble, or say that you sux. I merely quoted your last post as my example because it was the last post in this thread as of the time in which I wrote this. All I am really asking for is that folks try and stop making declarations of what will be, and perhaps use these threads to spitball ideas with other members of the community, maybe organize factions or guilds, or communities, dream up some ideas the Devs may use, etc...

PvP as most of us have known it would be a deal breaker if Pathfinder Online consisted of rampant gank and grief fests that ruined any chance players may have at having fun, but what if Goblinwork's variation and game design for PvP does not Sux?

Addendum: People from Paizo and Goblinworks should ignore what I said about making declarations and spill whatever beans they wish, as well as let whatever cats out of the bag they believe should be freed.

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Onishi wrote:

Well there's nothing in the nature of a goblin that makes them unable to raise graineries. Though I would say it is unlikely we will see evil races in the early running of the game

I agree that in theory Goblins could civilize, but if they are played by griefers who are only interested in ganking.....I think they will create communities of disposable goblin characters that they will throw en mass at other towns and characters.....much like a Pathfinder Goblin Tribe would.

Goblins traditional only have nice things if they have looted them, and those nice things never get taken care of and eventually break, and goblins traditionally only attack when they believe they have the numbers and strength they need to dominate the battle.

((I am not sold on this idea, but it is funny in my head to imagine this))

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If the griefers played goblin tribe characters, it would make sense to allow them Leet speak names.

For Example:

Gank the Goblin

Ganx the Goblin

Chief Usux

CillzUzz the Goblin

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Ettin wrote:
Don't forget an hour-long "study your spellbook!" minigame.


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"phantom1592" wrote:
Just treat ALL characters the same as 'npcs' when determining loot/xp. The stuff doesn't have to come right from the victims inventory.

I really liked this idea at first and wanted to post a props to you. Though by the time I got to copy and pasting your words I realized that if there was no loss in your own gear when you got PvPed and instead characters just generated some random loots for the survivor that there would need to be a deterrent to keep two characters from just killing each other over and over to generate loot drops.

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I have no idea how such systems as above could be implemented, but I have more fuel for the fire.

I think it would be really cool if different variations of the same building / facility could be created, with each having a very distinct look.

For Example:

Dwarven Homes are far more durable then most but require a lot more stone then other houses as well as an engineer with an investment in the Dwarven Architecture Skill.

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James Jacobs wrote:

I'm not thinking about it at all yet since the game isn't yet at a point where I can make those decisions.

My HOPE is that I get to take charge of Merisiel and that I get some sort of powerful GM type abilities to wreak havoc, though.

This idea of Paizo Staff occasional logging into the PFO server or servers to play as the Iconic Characters, or to run GMed events when the whim strikes them is truly rock star.

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I like the idea of needing a free hand or a traditional wizardry item equipped for spell casting, but I would not want to have to open up some menu to sort through all of my spells each time I want to switch from casting Burning Hands to Ray of Frost. Creating some sort of free-hand/ Wizardy Item in a hand slot is good by me, just do not limiting Casters to only equipping one spell at a time.

James Jacobs wrote:
Diego Rossi wrote:

What is the meaning of this feat (from UC), as a crossbow don't give any penality for firing when prone :

Prone Shooter wrote:
While prone, you use the ground to stabilize your aim while using a crossbow or firearm.

Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (crossbow or firearm), base attack bonus +1.

Benefit: If you have been prone since the end of your last turn, you can ignore the penalty the prone condition imposes on ranged attack rolls you make using a crossbow or firearm with which you have Weapon Focus.

My guess is that it's not really all that useful a feat, honestly. Theres a bazillion feats to choose from. Just don't pick that one when you're making a crossbow user.

If you are in a combat that mostly consists of ranged attacks, being prone offers the advantage of adding 4 to your Armor Class against ranged attacks. If you plan in being in a lot of shoot outs as either a Crossbower or a Gunslinger, and you plan on being prone a lot in said shoot outs, then that Feat suddenly has merit.

As for my Question:

What sort of Character are you thinking about making for this PFO game that everyone is talking about?

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Kryzbyn wrote:

Well if it's skill based, you could easily end up with a full armor full caster with maxed melee and magic skills, that can stealth and uses poison.

I'm ok with raids, you'd still have to pick a role and play it, becasue of or lack of action economy.

I'd kinda like to make a druid/monk and get my beastlord on...

Maybe yes, maybe no.....

For example in Eve Maxing out your small scout class skills have almost zero effect on you when you are flying around in your Capital ship.

If Mages can not cast while wearing armor then one needs to make a choice between being the Full Plate Tough Guy/Gal for the adventure, or being the Spell Slinger. I like the idea of being able to pursue various different skill sets with one character, but not always being able to call upon all of them at once. It's all up in the air spit balling until Goblinworks or Scott Betts tells us how it is gonna be.

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Ettin wrote:

Right now I'm wondering about something unrelated to whether you will implement my stupid ideas. You can start crying in relief... now.

Seriously though: A big part of many game communities is the body of creative work surrounding it. Fanart, fan fiction, etc. etc. Some companies are fine with it, some actively encourage it and put the best stuff on their website, and some people would rather take legal action against it.

Where does PFO stand?

Example - let's suppose I post my fanfic exploring the possible romantic tensions between Pharasma and Groetus, or my sexy Rovagug-tan artwork. Are you going to be mad?

Let me prefix this by saying I am just a dude and totally not in a position of athority to answer your question.

I would imagine that when PFO goes live it will have it's own forums, and each server, if there are multiple servers, will have their own forums, and I would think different guilds and communities will have their own forums, ect....

I doubt anyone would be upset with you posting fan fiction or art work so long as it did not violate any sort of rules or regulations about nudity or sexual explicit content, etc...

I much rather read short stories about people's characters and the adventures they shared in the game, or read scouting reports from the wilds written up from an in character perspective then I would stories about the gods or setting NPC's. I think it would be a lot of fun to read community write ups about the war effort and what not, or a journal entry about how the Helm of Gorum was successfully taken from the Orcish Horde. Although I am wildly curious what Sexy Rovagug artwork would look like.

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I am curious to see how potent spells are.

Imagine a Fireball being cast into a small village of thatched roof cottages. BURNINATED!

There are a lot of things that could be done with spells from Pathfinder Table Top that they my not include in the Pathfinder Online game. They may strip out most of the utility spells from the spell lists and replace them with a variety of buffs. They may try and balance spells to be very similar in damage out put to a warrior's melee or ranged attacks of equal skill level. I do not know what they will do, but if in game Fireballs can BURNINATE numerous thatched roof corteges at once, and Stone to Flesh can collapse city walls, then there will need to be some sort of counter weight balance to the awesome might magic users can bring to bear upon their enemies and their communities, be that a matter of very limited spells per day, expensive material components, or whatever Goblinworks dreams up.

I risk being flamed by mentioning 4th Edition D&D, but one of the ideas that table top MMO had about magic may work. Spells that are basically combat spells like Magic Missle, or area effect combat spells can be cast relatively quickly and often enough that Wizards are not lame duck members of an party adventurers. Though spells that can change the landscape of the game, destroy buildings, move earth, and bring walls tumbling down are cast through rituals that take far longer then traditional combat spells.

Imagine a city under siege by the enemy. Once that enemy force get's their Wizard in position to start ritual casting you can either react by sending out a band of heroes to try and fight their way to him to interrupt the spell, or get ready for whatever hell that wizard will be unleashing after the ritual is through.

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I am not very MMO savvy but, does the Erotic Role-Play crowd need to be segregated?

I would think that so long as player housing and private tells are enabled in game the various lizzy elves and dwarves in bondage gear can ERP their socks off without interrupting anyone else's in game experience. To be honest I am much more concerned about getting a Role Playing server community together, even if some members of that community like to spend some of their online hours behind closed doors emoting dirty dirty things to each other. I much rather segregate the Leet Speakers and other various interwebz gamer with zero interest in Role Playing then segregate the ERP people from a server.

Creating a "Social Server" would only further divide up the already small number of Role Players that will likely be giving this game a try. Just to clarify, when I say small number of RPers.......I only mean to say that any given internet game's RP community is a very small percentage of the crowd of folks that look to give the game ago. Compared to the number of E-Peeners, Griefers, Gankers, Drones, Bots, PvEers, HARDCORE PvPers, Power Gamers, and various others out there actual Role Players looking to get in character and play the game much like they would their table top characters is a small group of folks.

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Onishi wrote:
it makes your character insignificant compared to the gear.

It would be my wish that Gear is never more important then the Character.

I am all for a Warrior with a full set of arms and armor being able to defeat an equally skilled warrior wearing a crusty potato sack and wielding a candle stick holder, but I do not want gear to be the more important then the character. I rather have two hundred different fighting style skill trees, each that gives particular perks and advantages towards determining what a character can do with a dagger, then having a game choke full of 200 hundred daggers, two hundred long swords, 200 hand axes, 200 short bows, 200 etc...

Scott Betts wrote:
I'm pretty sure they mean that the game will feel like the Pathfinder world. They're really not terribly concerned about preserving mechanics, nor should they be. The mechanics would translate terribly.

What they need to do to create a Pathfinder Online Game that will feel like Pathfinder Table Top is beyond my pay grade, but if they were to find away to create a rules system or game mechanic in which characters did not need to cycle through hundred of daggers to remain effective I think that would be a successful step towards the game feeling more like a Pathfinder Online and less like a majority of the MMO's out there today.

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This idea of peasant labor forces also has me thinking that should Town A and Town B go to war, or at least be competing for resources.....hiring murders to go out and try and kill the other town's work force to slow down production maybe an option, or even hiring saboteur characters to do things like light fire to grain silos and what not.

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TheAntiElite wrote:
While people are invoking the classic Warcraft RTS games, part of me is more inclined to think of the building upgrade system from Fat Princess, with less of an emphasis of having to be the commoner gathering the wood and metal and similar resources, and more being the hero who gathers up the commoners and experts and guides them/guards them on the way to their destination, possibly using one's strength/magic/divine gifts/loose sealing wax to assist where able.

I agree in that I do not want to play the lumberjack that logs in to see how many trees I can cut down so someone's master of the wheel barrel character can see how many units of wood he or she can carry back to town. Though resource gathering needs to be on a grand scale I would imagine to turn a field into a hamlet and then into a city eventually. How such will be handled by the game designers I have no idea. Perhaps for every arbitrary number of PC's that make up a community, said community has access to an arbitrary number of peasants that can be given orders by the Community Leader?

Maybe the unskilled peasants could be used to slowly grind away at gathering stones from the quarry, or wood from the Forrest which will allow a community access to such basic resources, but adventurers and explores would be needed to find rare materials like Iron Wood or Admantine that are needed for higher end buildings, faculties, and equipment.

Let's say city A wants to build a Pigwartz School of Magic, and to do so they need the people with the skills to do such in addition to X amount of stone and wood, as well as 100 rare tomes, 200 eyes of newt, and at least 50 crystal balls. The Peasant Force can get the wood and stone, and the Leader of the Community may post a reward for any units of the rare materials needed, so the adventurer sorts have a way of helping Town A while getting paid for going out and questing for Newt Eyes.

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I like your ideas Onishi, and I feel the need to express that the Pathfinder Online that I am imagining in my head is pretty frick fracking awesome.

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Now I was also thinking that in addition to needing buildings and upgraded faculties for crafting, that buildings could also provide other benefits to the communities that have them.

For Example:

In addition to making healing potions and curing diseases, Temples could also provide adventure hooks that can lead to gaining Faction Points with said religion which will in time perhaps unlock little perks to those with enough status with said religion. Torag's Temples could perhaps award the loyal some rare blueprints needed to learn how to make Dwarven War Axes, or the Temple of Gorum could unlock a particular skill such as Advanced Heavy Armor which would provide people with the skill some additional defense while wearing the appropriate armor.

Taverns could be a source of mysterious strangers selling treasure maps, or other such classic adventure starters. Upgraded Taverns may provide a slight discount on how long it takes to train social skills while within the tavern's walls.

Schools of Magic could unlock the option for characters for characters to learn new spells and unlock some advanced magical skill trees.

Militia Barracks could provide some NPC roaming guards that walk the town or city streets looking to keep the peace.

If you were seriously looking to be the best swordsman ever, would you be willing to travel from town to town looking for the place that could provide you the training you needed to become a Duelist?

If you want to be thief would you need to find a city with a black market and or thieves guild house in which you could sell off your ill gotten gains without attracting trouble from the law?

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In another thread I mentioned an idea I had that was inspired by the old school War Craft Real Time Strategy games and I thought I would give this idea it's own thread for discussion.

The idea is that actual buildings would play an important role within the game in regards to what crafts would be able to be made be they wondrous items, enchanted arms and armor, potions, scrolls, skill books, weapons and armor, exotic material items or the like.

For example:

To produce spears you need basic wood and steel units, a basic blacksmith building and a crafter with minimal ranks in craft weapons.

To produce Masterwork Spears you will need iron wood, refined steel, an upgraded blacksmith building, and a crafter with some additional ranks in craft weapons.

To actually make Magical Spears though you would need everything you needed for Master Work weapons, and you would need a Wizard's Tower or Temple of Torag with skilled enough Wizards or Clerics with access to the needed materials to enchant such items.

I think that by making the buildings that exist within the community as important as the raw materials and the crafters themselves would create a unique dynamic, especially if their exist a city planner skill set or engineering skill set that determines what sort of buildings and upgrades are available to any given community.

For Example:

To build a basic small community you would need some basic raw materials, a city planner character with some basic skills, and enough gold and community members to act as labor to construct the various thatched roof cottages and basic crafting faculties for the Hamlet.

If you wanted to upgrade some of the houses from thatched roof cottages to wooden cabins lets say, then you would need someone with additional ranks in engineering, more wood, and more gold for the upgrade.

If you wanted to upgrade the basic blacksmith crafting station to be capable of producing Masterwork Quality Crafts, then the hamelet would need to invest in building an ore refinery or a metal works which would require a larger investment of gold and materials as well as a more skilled engineer.

In my noobish mind I think this could create a great dynamic in that starting communities would not need much more then members to get off the ground and start farming dirt and building horse shoes, but should they ever wish to upgrade themselves to a town with masterwork quality works and wonders then they will need to pool resources to invest in such upgrades. Over time as hamlets gain community members and as a community continue to invest in improving their community resources they could grow into a town, and then eventually someday even become a city with stone walls, castles and keeps.

The more members there are that make up a community the more they could do for themselves, and the more that a community could provide for it's members the more people will likely look to join said community. Still though no two cities will be alike because there will always be choices that need to be made and limited resources made available.

Town A may push to upgrade it's Weapon Productions first.

Town B may push to upgrade it's shrine to a Temple

Now both Town A and B will be far from becoming Cities and both communities will be eager for the item upgrades and benefits that can be made available to them if they were to upgrade. Will the two towns start fighting over local resources? Will the two create some sort of alliance in which they share resources which will significantly slow down their ability to throw resources into their community upgrades? Will crafters who's skill has surpassed their communities crafting facilities leave in search of a community with the advanced faculties needed so they may make their masterworks?

What sort of taxes will Leader A place upon his community? or City B for that matter? Will the difference in taxes be enough to make smuggling Masterwork Weapons made in town A into the market's of Town B to avoid steep taxes, even with the possibility of losing a shipment of stock to road way gankers and bandits?

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I admit I know nothing of game design or MMO's, but I think the idea of community resources needed to craft and produce higher end gear would make for an interesting dynamic in game. The best crafters will seek out places where they can actually make used of their advanced crafting skills, and communities that want the best items and gear made available to them will need to not only attract the skilled crafters needed to but to also invest community resources towards the buildings and raw materials such crafters will need to actually craft.

In addition to being a mechanic that would motivate people to work together for the better of their community, the resources required to upkeep such master foundries and advanced crafting centers may also be a great motivator for two different communities to go to war with eachother, or band together sharing resources to better prepare themselves against a third or fourth nation on their boarders they they fear will come to call.

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For me or him?

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Natan Linggod 972 wrote:
I can totally see a huge guild like Goon Squad utterly taking over and preventing anyone from doing anything unless they join or pay protection money.

Being a noobtastic optimist I like to believe that the initial majority of the Pathfinder Online players will be made up of this community of RPers and that we as a community will be able to hit the in game ground running to set up not only the power structures in game to stop the likes of goons, but also establish a server wide community standards that fosters RP and quality "sportsmanship," helping new players get into the game, as well as making griefers, gankers, and asshattery unwelcome.

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JMecha said wrote:
Chances are there will be folks who totally go the combat monster route be that arcane caster, full plate warrior, barbarian, red mantis, etc...

What I meant to say is that there will be folks that go the combat monster route be that they are an arcane blaster, or a full pate warrior, or a raging barbarian, or a red mantis, etc...

I was in visioning there being various ways to be a combat superstar be arcane, heavy armor, fast daggers, duelist, etc.....

Not talking about some super duper Mary Sue that shoots lighting from his finger tips of his left hand while hiding in the shadows and raging in his full plate, laying of hands with his right hand, and whistling a bardic inspiration to his animal companion.

Such a Mary Sue would be lame as hell.

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As a casual 1 to 2 hours a week player you could still totally contribute to your community regardless of your role.

If you adventure, whatever loots or gold or whatever you get from your couple hours a week will get spent in your community. Which will be 1 or 2 hours worth of adventurer earned gold or loots the community would not have gotten without you.

If you are a crafter, whatever widgets you made or sold during your couple hours would be a boon to your community.

If you are the town mayor or regional noble.....well you likely will need to be more then a casual player to achieve such.

I would also think that if during the course of the week in which you were not logged in playing any damage to your community would likely have been repaired by the hardcore community players, and or you may need to spend your 2 hours looking for a new community to call home because your village has been Burninated.

Regardless though your 2 hours would make a difference to whatever community you spent your two hours a week helping or hurting, or at least I would like to imagine Goblinworks would design the game so your two hours would make an impact, even if a small one.

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Ansha wrote:
I like your ideas about a hypothetical Leadership skill that grants benefits to other players or communities. The barracks-that-spawns-NPC-guards idea sounds interesting as well.

Great minds and all of that....

What was your name back in your ALFA days?

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I think it would be interesting and promote community building if a crafter learned how to craft with a new alloy every time he or she gained the next rank of their crafting skill, but needed a community prosperous enough to support the level of workshop needed to make us of such knowledge.

Think of the old War Craft games, or most other Real Time Strategy Games for a moment. Having the knowledge does you little good without the resources or the structure you need. I would like to see communities that invest in upgrading the hamlet's/ village's / Town's / City's foundry / Metal Working Station or whatever allow higher level crafters to make use more exotic materials.

The quality of community faculties could start out basic and improve as the community leader gains ranks in the City Planning Skills, and the community as a whole contributes resources wood, stone, ore, and gold towards the goal of upgrading existing facilities and building new ones.

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You would be surpised I think.....I know I am every time someone decides they rather be the Widget maker then the adventurer.

Chances are there will be folks who totally go the combat monster route be that arcane caster, full plate warrior, barbarian, red mantis, etc...

Other folks will seriously be die hard about being the best crafters ever.

The most powerful folks though will likely be the ones that invest in Leadership Skills, which I imagine would be the skill tree that provides small bonuses to your community. Think of them a Community bards....

X amount of ranks in Leadership allows crafters in your community to produce goods 1% faster.

Y amount of ranks in leadership will allow your community to build barracks that spawn NPC town guards.

In my head where I am imagining all of this, the most powerful folks in the game will be the characters that invest in abilities that will attract other characters to their community with bonuses and perks. The characters who lead the community of crafters, orphans, and nuns, as well as their militia will be the real threat, not the deep woods ganker.

The bandits in the woods may WOOT WOOT, KILL YOU DEAD LOOTS!

The folks running the small towns and cities though will be scary because they will have vast resources and follows they can aim at their neighbors in hopes of gaining more land, followers, resources, power, etc.....

Grief Gankers will likely be avoidable if you stick to safe havens and only travel out into the wilds with a Party of Adventurers, but there is nothing that can be done to stop a power hungry tyrant looking to destroy entire communities with the forces under his or her control.

Well nothing you can do unless, your own community manages to deny said tyrant their resources by destroying their power base first.

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From what has been talked about in many of the other threads here, I am under the impression that heavily armored warriors slaying nuns and orphans will be a feature. Which in turn means that if you are planning on building a temple full of nuns and orphans, it would be in your best interests to build such in a player ran city or town in which there are plenty of heavily armored warriors looking to defend you and the rest of the village, as well as some talented crafters to keep said warriors equipped with the arms and armor they need to defend the nuns and orphans.

From what little glimpses at design ideas we have been given I think the goal for PO is to create a game in which if you choose to play a evil bastard who slays nuns, you totally can. Though if you want to play a noble defender of the nuns, then you can do that as well. Hells and Silver Bells.....from the sounds of things you can even play the nun if you want, or the one who forges the sword of nun slaying, or the armor smith that makes the only suit of armor that can defend against the nun slayer.

I think our best bet for finding a means to stop griefers will be to organize as a community before launch so that when the game goes live, we the community here at Paizo Forums will already have large organized masses looking to build and create our own safe haven communities within the game.

Some griefers < The awesome sauce we as a community of gamers can create

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If the game is skill based, and not level based, this will be difficult to implement.

For example....

Player A makes a Human Character that invests all of their 1000 points into Combat Skills.

Player B makes a Gnome Character who invest all of their 1000 points into talk to hamsters.

Both characters are the same level, in that they have both earned or gained over time 1000 skill points. Unfortunately there is nothing the Human warrior can do with his meager combat skills to defend against the Hamster hordes the Gnome will send to interrupt the Warrior's rest cycle every time he tries to make use of his bed roll.

With a skill based system there will be huge differences between the combat ability of combat focused characters, and crafting focused characters. Which will make it difficult to create a feature that only allows people to attack or combat other characters of equal power.

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Moro said wrote:
I see what you are saying and yes, I do agree that gaining a new piece of equipment should be valuable and worth the time invested, and not something that happens so often and to such little effect that it produces yet another yawn.

You and I somehow have managed to understand each other, and agree......we have won the internetz!

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We may not be so very different in what we want Moro.

I want there to be dozens of different weapon options, as well a armor options, each of which support a particular play style and require their own materials and skills for production.

I want there to be a difference between leather armor and studded leather armor, as well as a difference between bastard sword and a battle ax.

What you choose should matter, and you should have a wealth of meaningful choices available to you.

There should be a difference between a lightly armored character dual wielding daggers, and a heavily armored character running amok with a great sword, as well as a variety of other styles options and combinations.

There should be a variety in one handed swords in my opinion such as....

Short Sword because it is fast and can be used with weapon finesse.

Rapier because it has a higher crit then a short sword

long sword because it does slashing damage

bastard sword does more slashing damage but requires more training

I agree with you Moro that there need to be a variety of different options available to what a character can do with each equipment slot, that allow for a variety of effective builds.

I just do not want the choices that matter to be muddled down in mindless filler such as...

Dagger +0.01 to some yet to be determined game mechanic
Dagger +0.02 to some yet to be determined game mechanic
Dagger +0.03 to some yet to be determined game mechanic
Dagger +0.04 to some yet to be determined game mechanic
Dagger +0.05 to some yet to be determined game mechanic
Dagger +0.06 to some yet to be determined game mechanic
Dagger +0.07 to some yet to be determined game mechanic
Dagger +0.08 to some yet to be determined game mechanic
Dagger +0.09 to some yet to be determined game mechanic
Dagger +0.10 to some yet to be determined game mechanic

I rather the difference between the dagger and the short sword be meaningful and there be options available to make different tactics and choices effective against each other.

roughly 200 different daggers that are nearly identical to each other

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I am not a game designer, but I think that a +1 to hit increases your chances of hitting by 5% in most circumstances in the D20 system, which is actually a meaningful thing at the levels that most characters first acquire Masterwork Weapons and or Armor. While Masterwork Armor does not actually give a bonus to Armor Class, it does reduce the skill penalty of the armor worn by 1, which increases the chance of successfully using quite a few skills by 5%.

Regardless of what difference a +1 here or there in table top may make though, the idea that I wanted to get across in my original post was that I do not want hundreds of different Long Swords, and two hundred different variations of Studded Leather Armor, or three hundred different Tower Shields needlessly littering up the game.

I want the choice between what weapon you use or what armor you wear to be meaningful.

I want there to be a difference between using a Short Sword and using a Bastard Sword.

I want there to be a difference between a character wearing no armor, light armor, medium armor, and heavy armor.

I want the choices available to us about what weapons, armor, and equipment our characters use to be meaningful.

I do not want so many Long Sword variations that are so similar to each other that a site like WoWhead or ToRHead is needed to sift through the various flotsam and jetsam.

If there exist a best sword, or best armor for a type, then players will strive to have that for their characters, all I ask is that the game not be littered with a ridiculous number of itty bitty increment difference between starting equipment and best of equipment.

Ideally I would like to see something like this....

Normal Weapon or Armor of it's type.

Masterwork version that gives an advantage over the normal version of an item.

Magical version that has advantages over the Masterwork version.

Some variations of magical options such as flaming weapons, cold weapons,keen weapons, etc

Some clean and clear simple tier system with only a handful of steps or so from Normal Kit, and High End Gear. I rather the equipment be a series of simplified meaningful steps from beginning to end, rather then a blur thousands of near identical weapons and armor that progressively increase in effectiveness by an almost nothing.

I do not want there to be filler items that need to be sifted through to get to the good stuff. I am more then willing to have larger and larger amounts of gold, crafting, community building, and what not to see the next grade of weapon and armor available so long as what comes next is worth striving for.

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A Land Far Away for the Win.

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One of my wishes would to keep equipment on par with Pathfinder's table top options.

One of my major complaints about MMO Games are that equipment is full of filler items that do nothing to add to the game play experience other then force you to spend valuable gaming time studying dozens of variations of the same item that are all nearly identical. I do not want one thousand different variations of Long Swords all within a decimal point's worth of the same stats of each other. To be honest I do not want to have to deal with decimal points or fractions at all when I am looking through equipment options.

I think it would be great if Pathfinder Online had Long Swords, Masterwork Long Swords, a few different special material Masterwork Long Swords, and then about a dozen or so different types of magically enhanced Long Swords. I want a Long Sword to be a Long Sword, I do not want to have to search through thousands of different variations of Long Swords to find the Long Sword that is stated just perfect for my character's skills and or build to be effective. I do not want to have to change out my Long Sword for a Long Sword that is 1% more effective then the last one every few days just to remain effective against the monsters and other characters my character will be encountering in his next adventure.

I want equipment stats to be no more complicated then they are in the Pathfinder Table Top Game. I want upgrading from a Weapon or Armor,to the Masterwork version to be meaningful. I want the Magical Enchantments added to Weapons and Armor to be meaningful. I do not believe there needs to be a staggering amount of near identical items one must wade through to find something useful for the moment, only to see that your character's place in the game has outgrown last week's kit.

Instead of focusing on thousands of different near identical items that create near meaningless choices and time sinks for players, that Goblinworks creates a game which has thousands of different appearance options for each piece of meaningful equipment in the game.

Has anyone found a virtual table top that works well for Pathfinder?

I would point your GM towards the Pathfinder Society Field Guide Page 60. There is a section in there about Vanities that characters can purchase through spending Prestige Points, or earn as rewards as part of an adventure. It has some guidelines for what perks owning a tavern has, or what benefits there are to owning a shop in an area.

It does not have rules for businesses generating X amount of coin a week or month or year or any such thing. The whole idea is that whatever the characters own or buy produces just about enough profit to sustain it's self, but having such vanities produce other bonuses like..... a free place to stay, a bonus to Local Knowledge rolls, a bonus to Diplomacy checks in the area, etc....

Shisumo wrote:

Finesse fighter.

Because seriously.

He is right.

Best game I was ever in was a Star Wars game (Old West End Games D6) that was ran by this man.

Fozbek wrote:

It's only an issue at very low levels, and generally only in non-full-BAB-humanoid vs full-BAB-humanoid scenarios.

The only real problem I have is that even chainmail basically prevents the vast majority of Small or smaller non-swarm, non-magic creatures from hurting you except on crits.

I believe that thinking the problem is limited to lower levels is inaccurate.

The only way the Bard's Rapier, the Cleric's Mace, or the Wizard's Staff is ever going to see modifiers that increase damage out put will be when they are high enough level to find magical weapons or if they start investing in raising their Strength Attribute. By the time the Bard, Cleric, or Wizard start getting Magical Weapons to help over come Armor's DR, the people and or creatures they are likely going to be fighting will have Magical Armor which effectively negates the advantage of having a magical weapon.

Wizard with a Quarter Staff +1: 1D6 -6 through -10 depending on foe's armor

Bard with a Rapier +1: 1d6 - 6 through -10 depending on foes armor

Cleric with Mace +1: 1d6 -6 through -10 depending on foes armor

I am of the opinion that Armor Providing DR instead of AC can work and can be a very fun game mechanic, if the game you are playing is created from the ground up with that mechanic in mind, but that Armor providing DR is FAIL in regards to being a mechanic that can easily be slapped onto an already existing game system such as Pathfinder.

Armor providing DR really does create far more trouble and problems then it is worth in my opinion, but instead of listing the potential troubles I can foresee I will instead provide a link to a man who knows a hell of a lot more about d20 mechanics then myself.

Sean K Reynold's Rant on Armor Providing DR

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