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This question could be for a lot of things, but what does it mean when it says you may add a modifier?

This Armor states " may recharge to add your Survival modifier."

I am playing as Lini and her Survival modifier is Wisdom +3. I also have also upgraded my Wisdom skill three times.

Do I get +3 on the check? Or do I get +6 because I'm adding the other +3 from my Wisdom?

1) When you defeat a villain that ends the game, do you get to do the When Closed step on the location first before the game ends? Or does the game end instantly upon defeating the villain if that would end the game?

2) What do you do when there are non-blessings in the hourglass? My example is in scenario 2C of the Core Set, there are four henchmen proxies in it, plus another Story Bane. When a character draws one at the start of their turn, they encounter it (as per the scenario instructions). Does the character get to do their normal exploration after the encounter? I would assume yes, because it doesn't say you end your turn. If so, is there no 'hour' for that turn because the proxy or the Story Bane would be on the top of the blessings discard pile? Or would you banish the proxy/Story Bane and the blessing that was discarded by the player on the previous turn would still count as the current hour?

Take Exilir of Energy Resistance, for example. You can display next to a local character and the powers reduce some elemental damage by 1, or you can reduce it to 0 by banishing.

Can you only play it when you would be activating one of those powers? Or can you play it on anyone at a local location on any turn at any time?

For example, Calistria's Sting says 'You may avenge by discarding a card.' Does that go for the entire party? Because the active player would never need to avenge.

I'm just thrown for a loop on the word You.

I was thinking of getting it - not only for portability but because the regular box doesn't hold all core cards plus one expansion if they're sleeved.

But I'm unsure if the new divider cards and everything would fit in properly.

Can anyone confirm if it works just as well with the new set?

Is there any interest?

Inspired by the two amazing ones done by Doppelschwert, I was thinking of doing one with the new core set and the first expansion for it.

I'm unsure if I would have time to make custom cards, but I was thinking of making up a new story and different scenarios just to have a new experience to play through with.

If you fail to defeat the villain and you need to take three cards from the Blessings deck, how does that work in this scenario? Does Brinebones potentially enter a location and he's permanent ly out of the Blessings deck (and game if you defeat him)?

I think I've been making a bonehead mistake but wanted to make sure. After you start the third adventure, you need to remove banes with the basic trait, may remove boons with the basic trait. Same with cards with the elite trait after adventure five. I haven't gotten to adventure five yet but I have been just removing all basic cards from the game. That is a complete fail right? There are probably a ton of basic cards that don't have the basic trait? >.<

I've gotten some varied opinions on the following: if it says more than one card type for your favored card type (such as Seltyiel in S&S with 'weapon or spell' listed), do you have choose one of them or you can either of them in your starting hand?

I've always played it as having to choose one of the two, just as if you have to choose one if it said 'any'. But after looking at it, I thought, perhaps it means you can have either. Like I mentioned, I got varied opinions and I can't for the life of me find the answer in the manual (if it's there) and didn't see that asked on these boards (that I could see).