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Longshot11 wrote:
redeux wrote:
So in this case you're flipping cards from the hourglass and come across one that is a bane and gets fought instead. You fight it, and it gets banished.

I believe Ithaqua47 was referring to the fact that nothing seems to instruct you if you banish the bane encountered from an Hourglass, or you just discard it in the hourglass (assuming the scenario only instructs you to encounter them, and not to summon and encounter them).

In fact, the Rulebook does instruct you... partially. Even though encountering from the hourglass seem mechanically closer to (and probably should have been) a summoned encounter - it is not, and so the normal encounter rules apply, from p10 Rulebook:

"If the encounter is with a bane, and you succeeded at all of the checks required to defeat it, it is defeated; if it is not a villain, banish it"

Granted, it may be more confusing if you did NOT defeat the hourglass bane, as the rules then are:

" If you did not succeed at all of the checks required to defeat the bane, it is undefeated; ...then shuffle the bane back into its location."

Now, 'shuffle into its location' is an impossible instruction, and would normally be ignored... but there's no actual default rule to fall back on for encounters that are neither from location, nor summoned.

So, my solution here would be to look for intent - and given that I have never before seen an encounter thta's neither from location nor summoned - I'd assume the intent to be to treat this encounters as summons, i.e. - you banish them regardless of if you defeat them or not.

Thanks for your input, Longshot11. You're right, the scenario doesn't say to summon, just to encounter. However, it does say in the scenario instructions that if you fail to defeat them, they shuffle back into the hourglass, so at least there was no wondering about that part of it.

I should have banished the defeated ones though, I messed that up. I just discarded them into the hourglass, covering up the previous hour, because I didn't know what to do with them. At least I'll know for next time.

I love this community because you guys are always so friendly and so willing to help out. I'm sure I'll have future questions!


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Vic Wertz wrote:

My current theory is that anytime you are suffering damage, you need to be absolved of any per-step limits and held only to the limits imposed by the Suffering Damage rules.

Feel free to try that out and report back.

I appreciate the response, Vic. My other issue with that though is: "Collectively, the party may play no more than one boon of each type to affect damage to the same character from the same source"...

What if a character takes damage multiple times from the same source? Does source mean each time a character takes damage? So, if a character receives one damage four times, could you reveal a shield that reduces combat damage four times to avoid any damage? Or is that considered the same source and you could only reveal a shield once?

Does taking one damage four times create a new damage step each time, therefore allowing you to use the shield multiple times? Or is it considered the same step, same source, so therefore you can't do that?

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I'm a little late to the party here but Mike, I just wanted to tell you how excited I am about this revamp you guys have done. I have literally dozens and dozens of games but Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is my favourite. I jumped all over Apocrypha and thought to myself, man, I really love PACG, but imagine how much better it could would be with better stories, better expansion strategy, a little better terminology.

I am absolutely thrilled to the moon and back that you guys thought the same thing and I sincerely hope you continue making expansions for, well, ever.

Cheers, Mike and the team. Keep up the fantastic work.