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Awesome thanks. Yeah, I'm hoping to not have to do it from scratch. I'll look into that tracking sheet and see if there are some things I can do there.

When I first started my pathfinder group so long ago it was to run this adventure path. And we loved it. Made it all the way through book three before people moving, time, and what not put this game on the back shelf. But it's always been in the back of my head to pick back up and recently I convinced my group to do just that. I'm stupidly excited! Way back when, I had put together all the maps and mounted them on my wall. I loved taking them back down!

I decided that the game would take place some 20 or so years after the end of varnhold, centering around the leader's children and friends picking up a new adventure with the Tatzlford invasion. Starting them at tenth level, I'm going to run a mini adventure or two first to familiarize them with their new characters and get them some of the fun EQ from the earlier books.

Unfortunately, I don't have nearly any of the collateral we used for kingdom creation back in the day. I remember some of the cities, names and locations, but not much as far as size and scope of the kingdom and cities themselves. Does anyone know of some kingdom docs from around this part of the game that I could crib to get my players going?

I've been trying to read as much as I can on the board but I admit I'm getting a little overwhelmed. But it's all extremely useful! I can't wait to implement it all (and not to mention I'm a bit better of a GM than I was back then.)


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Hey you scurvy lot,

Wanted share with you all our new video skewering The Bard. Not that we don't like the bard but, low hanging fruit and all... :)


Rolling High Presents: The Bard!

Funny, cause I actually think it's almost certainly chaotic (being against the law) but could be argued to not be evil based on intention, but of course alignment is always a fun long conversation that every group ends up arguing about at some point. My production crew included. :)

Thanks guys! We're working on a few more shorts in various styles for other aspects of d20. Production quality is a high priority for us and I think, for the zero budget we have, it comes off pretty good.

Yeah, we made this video mostly as a joke of course, but at least partially because we always found ourselves trying to explain to each other how the damned thing worked...

I take my armor off first, I don't wanna suffer any armor check penalties for this swim.

archmagi1 wrote:

Day 3
The winner of the Rigger's Climbing Contest (A peg legged hobgoblin), has failed her third daily task in a row. Mr Plugg has now found his favorite whipping post.

Mine was won by a Peg Legged Goblin! The goblin who had intended to be a ships cook, ironically...

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Just a quick short to comedicly explain attacks of opportunity. Please note all participants have the "Improved Unarmed Strike" feat!

Not sure if this is the right forum for this but wanted to share the RPG web series we've been working on, Rolling High. It's about what happens when you can't leave your work at the office or your dragonslaying in the game room. and the pilot is here on Youtube. Thanks for taking a look.

We are starting a game in which we are to play members of a thieves guild based in a city. I am enticed by the idea of playing an improvised weapons guy. Maybe with a slant towards disguise with the idea being that he dresses up as fishermen or whatever and uses that tools of that profession to deal damage.

We are staring at first level but will probably push pretty far assuming we live.

If I'm not spending money on weapons what should I look towards specifically?

Am I best using rogue with catch off guard and what not?

I'm also thinking of a level of bard for gaining arcane strike.

Maybe straight bard with perform (comedy) and be some kind of barfly insulter.



We have had 6 deaths so far. A random encounter of a large group of wolves, (Tragically just after finishing up a difficult fight in which they were on their way to the hot springs to celebrate) left one character outright dead, and another player deciding he didn't want to play his character anymore so he opted to just have that character die. He again got bored with his new character and allowed him to die as well.

Still later, one of the two surviving characters met his tragic death at the hands of the Stag Lord in the climatic battle. Leading the players to call their capital city "Adam's Fall".

Same guy who died at the stag lord met his end again at the dancing lady. Hell of an encounter that was with three players failing will saves and watching their baron have the life sucked out of him.

And then again the same player had a character eviscerated by the giant owl bear at the end of rivers run red. This was after failing many poison and rot rolls and having heavily penalized stats.

I realized part of the problem was that he was playing the front of line fighter type character and every time he died, the hole in the party was for the front of line fighter type character thus putting him in harms way all over again.

To recap that was 2 deaths because a player wanted to play something else and 4 actual deaths from combat, three of which were the same player. And this was all before the end of rivers run red...

Any word on this? My horrible grammar in the first post aside, is this something that is already agreed upon one way or the other?

I am wrong thinking FF works on AoOs taking on other turns? Wouldn't the text have said "round" instead of turn and "as well as AoOs" instead of "including"?

Mergy wrote:
Iden wrote:
Mergy wrote:
Think of it like looking at a 3D drawing of a cube on grid paper. You can see all the edges, even the ones that should be hidden from view.

But doesn't someone's head explode as they watch the outline of the person do something that is impossible due to physics, like perch on a shoulder or crawl through a small space?

Maybe I just like the mental image of a man flapping his arms wildly and coming in for a landing on someone's outstretched arm.

I imagine that a vital portion of the True Seeing spell is preparing the mind to see what is really there without going mad at every single inconsistency. It's a world where magic and shape-changing seem to be relatively commonplace, so I wouldn't expect a spell that revealed the truth to be unreliable or madness-inducing.

Call of Cthulhu pathfinder... Why not?

Mergy wrote:
Think of it like looking at a 3D drawing of a cube on grid paper. You can see all the edges, even the ones that should be hidden from view.

But doesn't someone's head explode as they watch the outline of the person do something that is impossible due to physics, like perch on a shoulder or crawl through a small space?

Maybe I just like the mental image of a man flapping his arms wildly and coming in for a landing on someone's outstretched arm.

So true seeing says you can see the true form of things that are polymorphed and what not, right?

Does that mean that if the druid has turned into a monkey and is attempting to be sneaky by sitting on the fighters shoulder, people with true seeing just see a guy impossibly perched there?

Do you think it would throw you off if your true seeing let you see some crazy guy charging you on the battle field, waving his hands in the air, ooking like an ape until he just slams into you with way more power than he should have?

Or running around on all fours?

Do you rule that true seeing let's you "know" its a polymorphed person or do see the polymorph as a veil around a person doing animal like things?

Thanks for the note Benjamin.

If I were the DM I would absolutely house rule that you can drop your Dex bonus to ac and be flatfooted for the purpose of friendly touch ac spells.

My build is a little skewed based on our DM liking to hand out crazy powerful equipment and home brewed items and things willy-nilly but I can give you the highlights.

level 10 right now.

weapon focus whip
combat expertise
whip mastery
improved trip
improved whip mastery
greater trip

Magus Arcanas:
Familiar - Compy from bestiary two
Maneuver Mastery - Grapple... Just kidding trip.
Accurate strike (Which is a beast, I just wish I could get it to work with tripping...)

I went with the improved trip and greater trip mostly because of the synergy with my combat reflexes ally to take all the AoOs I provide. Just got fighter training so maybe next level weapon spec although I can't see too many other fighter level requirement feats I want.

Tripping right now is +1(WF)+5(enhancement on weapon)+4(improved and greater trip)+10(level)+5(Str)= 25 normally, but since I can cast true strike before the trip that takes me up to a 45 if I really want to. It's cool tripping things with CMDs in the high 30s.

Mithril Breastplate because of the speed issues although I found I tend to be more stationary in the middle and back of the group so I'm questioning whether or not I want to go heavy armor when the opportunity comes. "Burst of Speed" is a great spell in general so can over come many speed issues for me when they come up. But like I said, I'm also not in melee range of most things a bunch, so we'll see.

Though whip mastery renders it mostly unnecessary, the scorpion whip was great to be able to hit things early on, and the slightly higher damage die never hurts.

Frigid Touch has been one of my goto damage spells because of the stagger bonus. Since I already have a +5 weapon (Willy-nilly DM) I use the arcane pool to add as many damage effects as I can and do alright with damage depending on the creature. High Intelligence and knowledge ranks keep me on track with most creatures resistances.

Brow Gasher is also a fascinating spell, cumulative -1 every round and once it passes -5 they are blind. Use early on for a big bad, and it can make the difference down the road, believe me. Just make sure they aren't immune to bleed... (Doh)

Otherwise for spells I usually prepare different spells in each slot and use Spell recall to bring back ones I need. I love me some grease and stone call for battlefield control.

Hey guys,

I'm currently playing a Whip based Magus in my home game.

I gotta say I'm enjoying the style of play I get out of him. My group right now is:
Paladin (Tank)
Two Weapon Bastard Sword Fighter
Polearm (Combat Reflexes) fighter
Basic Rogue
Whip Magus (me)
There used to be a sorceror who quit the group and, yes, we have suffered from Not having a dedicated divine magic user but I can't convince either of the fighters to trade out so here we are...


I've taken a role of battlefield controller and buffer from, what ends up being the second or often third line of the battlefield. I chose half orc and took the beastmaster racial ability to get whip and net, and spent the early levels using dazzling display to great effect. At this point I concentrate a lot on tripping and granting my polearm friend all sorts of AoOs. And with improved whip mastery I take them myself, when he stands sometimes. I do lack in damage from the scorpion whip, but I never have to concentrate (Great at low levels) and I can focus on several fronts from the middle of the pack when we get surrounded.

Things I've discovered/question.

People have suggested using metamagic rods with the Magus so I ask is that impossible since one hand has a weapon and the other hand must be kept free in order to benefit from spell combat?

The compy familiar from bestiary two is awesome so far with the +4 initiative bonus...

So is true strike/trip in the same round.

Would you say that you can take all your attacks in spell combat, cast as your spell, and then instantly benefit from the extra attack from haste during that very same full attack?

Per the core book, Touch spells don't discharge if you miss the touch attack, so does that carry over to the Magus as I think it does? Letting you keep hold the spell until one of your basic attacks hit or you cast another spell?

Not that it's come up but since you can deliver touch spells through the melee weapon, it I absolutely positively have to heal or buff an ally 15 feet away, can I hit them with my whip? Maybe using whip mastery to switch it back to non-lethal damage, just in case?

Phew... I know I had a few more but ATM those are what I could come up with. Thanks in advance!