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So as I was discussing this Android magus I was gonna play in a game soon, the topic went to the composition of the android and that they don't have real blood.
As such it made us wonder what would happen should a vampire tries to suck his blood. I'm not really talking mechanic wise, just somewhat the flavor of the thing.

Description wrote:
Their organs mirror those of humans so well that only by examining the materials and makeup of these systems—which use sheeny oils and polymer alloys rather than blood and marrow—could one guess that their physiology is alien.

Since their blood is oil, can a vampire acquire nurishment from drinking it? Is it toxic to them? Does it do nothing at all?

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So I finally read through book 3 so I could prepare to twist in some stuff for my party's characters individual plotlines in it. And let's say that I found it's review pretty fitting.

So I looked around to see if anyone had posted some changes they made or were planning to make to this section of the AP better... and found nothing.

As such I decided to set this place up so we could share some ideas.

Now I still like the premise of the book, so I'm still planning to have the gate matter to the plot and still think the archbarron should end up betraying the party.

So first thing would be proposing to take control of the gate instead of simply closing it. Because while Thrune doesn't want wild devil around, the GR is already trying to find the gate so they can close it. So if you just want to close it, why waste the ressources? Leave the guys who you're at war with do it.

Secondly,the fetch quest itself needs to be replaced with something else. I was thinking maybe a race for reaching the gate or maybe a more defensive play as the binding ritual of the gate takes alot of time.

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So I'm gonna be playing a Samsaran Spiritualist for a Hell's rebel game. While I was perusing the spell list of other psychic class to add some spells to my class list, I came upon Permanancy on the Psychic's spell list. And I started getting questions and couldn't find any straight answer anywhere.

So how does permanancied spell work on phantoms? If they change from ectoplasmic to incorporeal does it stop working? What about if its recalled to my mind? Or sent back to the astral plane?

And for that matter, how the heck does disease, petrification and poison affect something that doesn't have a body made of actual flesh? It feels like putting the outsider type to phantom was done because undead would be a) too powerful and b) inherently evil giving the class an alignment restriction.

Also, why is it that a phantom not bound to a spiritualist is immune mind-affecting but once its bound to a spiritualist it becomes vulnerable to it again?

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So I'll be running the AP with two different group and one thing that came out in both group was that one of the player wanted to be the slave of another player. Now I know it's kinda encouraged with the Great Slip trait. Except one of the slave is not a halfling. Now the interactions the group will have with them have already been explained to them.

My bigger question is how would the major NPC see that. Especially since they should become big players in the thrune hierarchy. Would Abrogail really give any kind of authority to a simple slave?

I'd like some advice as to how I should manage those characters future.

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So for a game I'm runnning, I've planned for my party to come upon a haunted battlefield from ancient times. I want them to stumble into a reenactement of the ancient war with a few squadron of ghosts clashing. I don't want to put 60 plus mobs on table. So I stumbled unto the troop subtype and loved what I say. The issue is, I couldn't find any rule on how to build a troop from the get go, like how many hd, ac, damage, etc.

Anyone could help me with that?

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So an Aether kineticist gains this 3rd level infusion that let's her fling her enemies at other enemies as long as she bypass SR, the enemy fails its Fort save and She hits the other guys regular AC. Now I've got a few questions about the power. First off, since it requires a Fort save, does it work on undead and construct(since they are immune to Fort that don't affect object and it's never specified in the infusion).Secondly, must I always aim at an enemy? Or can I fling him against the wall, or the roof for extra falling damage.
Lastly, if the enemy travels in a direct line toward the target and I have an ally with a greatclub who is adjacent to that trajectory and readies an action to take a swing as the enemy passes. What would the aether-coated flying enemy AC be and how much strenght or damage is needed for a homerun?

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So I'm making a Telekinetecist and saw the Telekinetic Maneuver talent. Being that it gives you an at-will telekinesis I started thinking how cool it would be to Force choke people to death à la Vader. So I remember the chokehold feat and then I wonder if it is legit to apply the feat(and Improve grapple bonus) to a telekinesis. I know its pretty much a waste feat wise(requires 3 of em) but the coolness factor of going up to someone and ask what they think of Groetus and then tell them you find their lack of faith disturbing as they die powerlessly at range pretty epic.

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Ok I decided to bring this here since we never got a reply from the dev. The way Elemental Overflow is written, you get the bonus to attack and damage only when you actively spend some burn(use burn to fuel your blast, boost your defense or use an infusion or composite blast).As written here:


At 3rd level, a kineticist’s body surges with energy from her chosen element whenever she accepts burn, causing her to glow with a nimbus of fire, weep water from her pores, or experience some other thematic effect. In addition, she receives a bonus on her attack rolls with kinetic blasts equal to the total number of points of burn she currently has, to a maximum bonus of +1 for every 3 kineticist levels she possesses. She also receives a bonus on damage rolls with her kinetic blast equal to double the bonus on attack rolls.

Afterward we jump to the next paragraph to read about another side of the ability that triggers and stays on the moment you hot 3 points of burn that day, giving you an increase in ability score through size bonuses. Now that last part I understand perfectly as it is clearly written. The first part on the other hand isn't. Most people(whom I believe played the beta) seems to think that parts work exactly like Feel the Burn worked during playtest. Except unlike Feel the Burn, nothing says the attack and damage bonus stay on in the rounds we don't spend a point of burn.

So what I want is a definitive answer on how the first part of Elemental Overflow works. It would be great to have Mark's Input on this but he probably has better stuff to do. Hence why I'm turning to you guys.
Thanks in advance

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So my party decided to go the politic route and want to manage the city through the kingdom rules. Though I'm aware on the rules on how to start from scratch, a completely built and settled city-state leaves me a bit
confused as to what it contains. So has anyone already stated the city or have a general idea of how it should be after the fall of Ileosa?

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So last time I ran the adventure, my party had finally reached Thistletop, and while they did enjoy the forest before going on the island(the two-hand fighter and the paladin turning into lawnmowers). Once they reached the rope bridge they decided to simply burn the bridge down and kill any who tried to put it back up or who would try to reach the other side by swimming and climbing. Effectively paralyzing Nualia and her lackeys inside. The party being dedicated to stay there until either Nualia finds and release malfeshnekor or they all die of hunger, which was pretty likely.So likely, I decided to add a goblin messenger party, that would travel by a hidden boat on the other side of the island to tell the other goblin tribes that the heroes no longer defended Sandpoint. Which had the party back out and prepare for an incoming assault.
Any tips on how differently I should have handled it?

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So the I'm in a with an aldori. So at level 3 he gained Defensive Parry which says "At 3rd level, when an Aldori swordlord makes a full attack with an Aldori dueling sword, he gains a +1 bonus to AC against melee attacks until the beginning of his next turn. This bonus increases by +1 every four levels after 3rd." So here's the problem, as I understand Full Attack, you are required to be dual-wielding or have a BAB that lets you have multiple attacks. So the question is, is the Defensive Parry ability useless to him until he gets to level 6? Since he will not dual-wield. Or can he actually do a Full-attack without dual-wield?

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So here's the deal, I have a player who plays a Synthesis summoner and for one reason or another wants to MC as a Barbarian. So from my understanding, synthesis and his eidolon are still separate. So if he rages as a barbarian, the stat boost goes to his natural stats and not the eidolon stats right?

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So here's the deal. I have a Paladin/Cavalier in a game. In his feat list we find Vital Strike and Spirited Charge (plus other non-related stuff). He's ALWAYS on his horse, or tries to at least. His main Weapon is a +1 Flaming Lance. So here is where my problems arise. First I must mention my DMs accept that Vital Strike can be used in Any one attack action that happens in a round( wether the first attack of a full attack or during a charge). Second, I like to charge while wielding my lance on my horse. So what are my damage dices?
I First thought it was 3d8+1d8(VS)+1d6 fire
My DM think its (1d8+1d8(VS))*3+1d6 Fire
Another DM thinks its 1d8*3+3d8(VS)+1d6 Fire
And Finally another DM thinks its (1d8+1d8(VS))*6+1d6 Fire
I really need to get this clear out before next game session or I think people are going to argue more about the rule than play game.

Any Help?