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So I'm gonna be playing a Samsaran Spiritualist for a Hell's rebel game. While I was perusing the spell list of other psychic class to add some spells to my class list, I came upon Permanancy on the Psychic's spell list. And I started getting questions and couldn't find any straight answer anywhere.

So how does permanancied spell work on phantoms? If they change from ectoplasmic to incorporeal does it stop working? What about if its recalled to my mind? Or sent back to the astral plane?

And for that matter, how the heck does disease, petrification and poison affect something that doesn't have a body made of actual flesh? It feels like putting the outsider type to phantom was done because undead would be a) too powerful and b) inherently evil giving the class an alignment restriction.

Also, why is it that a phantom not bound to a spiritualist is immune mind-affecting but once its bound to a spiritualist it becomes vulnerable to it again?

Permanency is still permanent, I would presume.

Disease and poison work fine on a manifested phantom, although while incorporeal, the phantom will be hard to hit with such things. Flesh to Stone only works on creatures with flesh. Don't know about in-mind, but you can still be sick on the astral plane.

Phantoms are presumably influenced by their Spiritualist. Words are only as solid as what they're written on, and all that, so a bound phantom is more susceptible to mind-affecting things because of its host. I guess?

I'm a bit confused here.

Permanency is a spell that makes other spells have a permanent duration. This would have no effect on a Phantom, as a phantom is not a spell. If you mean how would this effect the phantom if spells with a permanent duration were cast on it, then its exactly the same as though non-permanent spells were cast on it, but longer.

The same thing that happens if you dismiss a phantom happens with both permanent and non-permanent spells. Which to my understanding is nothing. Except the duration of a non-permanent spell might run out. But if you have hour per level spells and dismiss the phantom, the spell is still there if you bring it back 20 minutes later.

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Ya the whole works like a summon creature makes permanent spells iffy at best. And then what happens to them if they have a condition and then you take them back in our mind is clearly not even touched on anywhere.

I tried looking up to see if there was clarification on the eidolon if something like that happens, but even then its kept vague and untouched. Faq mention what happens to a synthesist who got poison or a disease, but not just a regular summoner.

I could be wrong, but I think he's asking about permanent spells cast on a Phantom, not making the Phantom permanent.

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Yes exactly. Is "permanancied spells on a phantom" not the way to say it?

The phantom isn't a simple summon. It always exists. It just varies where it is. This plane (and incorporeal or ectoplasmic), in your mind or on the Ethereal plane.

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