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Arcaian wrote:
There is a 6-page section in an old volume of War for the Crown from pf1 that details psychopomps further!

Thank you for the link! I bought the PDF just now and am excited to check it out this weekend.

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I know there might be logistical issues in doing so, but suggest that an email be sent to all recent subscribers with a notification when availability/shipping for this book is imminent.

I had kind help from customer service when cancelling my sub with Quest for the Frozen Flame releasing before 174 comes out, but the suggestion with all that to just keep watching the site for release date information and then to resub then is... archaic.

Managing subscriptions through forums posts and through email communication is something I haven't done with any other product or service. An overhaul is overdue.

Thanks, though, for an excellent game and products that spark our imaginations and bring people together.

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With "Guns & Gears" and "Book of the Dead" coming, it seems a lock that either a Mana Wastes/Nex/Geb AP or an Impossible Lands Lost Omens book is on the way.

I concur that another playtest is likely. Occult caster (lots of speculation on Medium) and Cleric doctrine (Inquisior?) Could use some love. Those might fit well with "Book of the Dead" in ways, too.

It's fun to speculate, and also fun to be surprised.

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Ron Lundeen wrote:
No, we've presented nothing further about them in this AP. That's not to say we won't do so someday, but not here!

Thank you, Ron!

Another related question: are the branches studied by the Ten Magic Warriors ever discussed in the AP? I noticed the symmetry of 10 Warriors, 5 Branches.

Wow, an article on the Warriors would be outstanding, too. I believe they are sidebarred in Legends?

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First, IcedMilk, thank you for your past work on expanding the stories of The Circus of Wayward Wonders personalities. My players really took to many of the characters, and I feel that's largely due to the "extra spice" each was given.

After a TPK in Book 1's final encounter, they have created new characters (at 5th level), will return there to do the dirty work, then we will move on to Book 2. That is where we will stop our campaign, and shift to SoT. I find it much more interesting; they never really took a shine to the circus rules, but know they will love the academic focus of this AP.

Two things that feel missing:

1. Symbols for each of the different branches.

2. Colors associated with them.

Has anyone done work in this area, or Ron, are these things going to be established in later books? I would love to see an article further detailing each branch, but know everything has been set for some time, so may need to be homebrewed by the collective now.


Pathfinder forever.

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Hello, all!

I have been a fan of Pathfinder and especially Golarion from the time my Dungeon/Dragon subscriptions carried over to the Adventure Paths.

My friends and I are currently loving Extinction Curse; we're nearing the end of the first book. Like many, we have played online for the past year. Our first 10 or so sessions were all played using a combination of different Google tools (Meet, Slides, Sheets) but they nudged me gently into trying Roll20.

I am an absolute R20 rookie, but enjoying learning the tool as I go, with some support from my patient players.

During our first real session on it, we tinkered with the built-in icons to represent conditions.

Since that game, I have been working on the attached tool. It's a Google Slides presentation with each P2e condition matched to a stock R20 icon, then linked to the Archives of Nethys text describing the condition. I kept it all in one set of Slides to minimize tab-jumping or having to wait for the site's search results to load. The "home" icon in the upper right corner of each slide jumps back to the first.

For conditions with durations or levels, I plan to use the color tool built into R20; green for a "1" (such as Sickened 1), yellow for 2, orange for 3, red for 4.

I know that tracking multiple conditions that way could be tough, so on those cases, we'll note it elsewhere.

If you're a Pathfinder 2e GM or player, feel free to Make A Copy and swap around the icons as you see fit; only the text is linked. In the last two slides, I marked all icons I used with red borders, so it's easy to track which ones are available and note any changes you make to what's what.

While I have participated here much less often than I did years ago, I always enjoy the time I do spend at the Paizo forums, and hope this tool is helpful to some of you swell people.

Happy gaming!

Pathfinder 2e Conditions and Roll20 Icons

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Yep. That's the kind of stories we enjoy, ones with some intrigue, twists, and moral dilemmas.

Some enjoy narrative work from the frame of as-written APs, tailored to players and their characters.

It's clear you have put in a "pile of (good) work" on the crunch, Zapp, with how much you have tinkered with the circus show mechanics.

Hope your campaign is progressing well!

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I've been a fan of Golarion from its very first breaths. However, with a 7-year old and 3-year old, and a teaching job that's become my hobby as well as my professional work, there's unfortunately been no time for regular tabletop gaming.

When I recently started researching gamification and thinking about how I'd bring those concepts and procedures into our 5th grade classroom, I decided to include some maps in our class game. That turned my thoughts to the four-panel poster map of The Stolen Lands. In short order, I was digging out my old Adventure Paths.

Wow... I had not really forgotten how richly detailed and inspiring these adventures were, but it was sure fun to be reminded.

I am in the process of creating pared-down mechanics for our class game, and things are moving along well! That journey will be posted at a Facebook page if you care to check it out. Your feedback there or here is welcome, too. I'm also blogging about the process at talkED.tv under my name, Kyle Anderson. In the weeks ahead before school starts in September, our class website will be rebooted and include the game rules and information about the game's story, which will very closely follow the AP, minus the gods, demons, and sorts of things that tend to get conservative folk in our community all frothy at the mouth.

Here are some pictures of what I did with my maps of The Stolen Lands several years ago. I'll be using them again as the students' characters explore, discover, and settle.

Laminated and posted

Laminated hexes with sticky tack, which this time will be numbered for easier reference as students have potential to explore one (more with special abilities and items) hex each day

Just for fun before covering the maps

The finished product, with the yellow areas being off-limits-for-settling land of Brevoy... until the game's story might lead to a revolution when we study the same in U.S. history later in the year

Thank you, Paizo, for providing the beating heart to what's going to be an incredibly fun experience for this year's students and those in the years to come! Thanks also to the community here who helped bring the world to life before it took on its own as one of the premiere tabletop role-playing worlds and game systems.

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All credit to Xarls Taunzund for this one... he works at a print company and created this fantastic vinyl map for us using his PDF copy of The Big Map:

Here it is from the front...

...and from another angle, standing near the shelf o' gaming goodness...

...and a third angle, this time with the shelves visible. (Yes, we rawk the fugly carpet remnant in our gaming room.)

To give you an idea of the size, here's Xarls standing on a chair next to it.

Top-to-bottom measure.

Width, wide shot and zoomed.

Andrew Betts and his wife have one, too, though no place to hang it yet.

Stop drooling.

Thanks, Paizo, for your fantastic world and always-incredible cartography!

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Add some "shaman" spellcaster so there's some flying barbarians. Have them fight dirty, literally, by dropping diseased things into the city. Sieges can be more than just brute force.

This post brought to you by Kefka from Final Fantasy VI.

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stuart haffenden wrote:

Yay! Got it!

No mass combat rules yet but some great encounters though!

Edit: Can't say I'm overly keen on the Spriggans, they're not exactly scary!

All in how you play them, I guess. In our "Realm of the Fellnight Queen" adventure that's a sort of warm-up to "Kingmaker" they have a hard time hitting any of the PCs (who have ACs ranging from 21 to 26 at 7th level) but they're hateful and vicious and still have a definite presence. Last session they

tried to toss a bound and near-dead dryad into a bonfire, but the monk intercepted her (I allowed Combat Reflexes to give him a grab in mid-air, since he was Large at the time and within reach). Even after that, another that was in hiding and was going to do a sneak attack instead popped out of the bushes and attempted to stab her in the chest while she was prone.

Before this, the druid had used Command Plants to bring two (Fellnight) spriggans under her sway, but I played them as so disturbingly murderous that she sent them away to "walk north until it becomes south" rather than use them as cannon fodder.

They really, really HATE the spriggans.

Guess now that I have my PDF, I'd better finish up my print copy of "Rivers Run Red" huh?

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I'm low-brow.

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Before I recently got a spark to revisit Curse of the Crimson Throne and begin planning a new campaign, I had spent the past 6 or so months digging into "Ptolus." My wife bought me the Big Book back in 2006 to celebrate my new teaching job, and since then it had been skimmed but not thoroughly read or used.

For our new CotCT campaign, I'll be borrowing elements from Ptolus to create a unique flavor for Korvosa. The biggest departure from Golarion-core will be a more advanced level of technology. It won't be anything on par with Eberron (where I DMed games for many years), but I do want to use its presence as a way to differentiate Korvosans from the Shoanti.

The game will be D&D 4E, and I love the Primal power source as developed by Mike Mearls in "Primal Power"; this will be strongly associated with the Shoanti. I'm not thinking too much about the ripple effect of technology on other areas of Varisia and Golarion, since the campaign will contained to the Adventure Path and I don't plan to continue it past "Crown of Fangs." However, I'm toying with a tech-boom in Cheliax having happened along with the infernal infusion, and Korvosans adopting this technology in an effort to court favor.

So, a sort of 'purity of nature versus the corruption of technology' theme.

Here are my thoughts on using specific parts of Ptolus in Korvosa; please share your own if you've got 'em! Before the campaign starts, I might also revisit "Sharn: City of Towers" and add some things from there, too. I love city books.


Firearms and technology (p. 37)--elevate the level of technology to include firearms/black powder, spyglasses, pocket watches, spectacles, printing presses, hot air balloons, and steam engines

Heliothil (p. 46)--mined by the dwarves of Janderhoff and used in the construction of the few existing airships

Noble Houses (p. 87-100)--as appropriate, use these additional details to flesh out the noble families existing in Korvosa

Brotherhood of Redemption (p. 107-108)--a sect of the local Church of Abadar focused on “domesticating” monstrous humanoids and bringing them into the fold of civilization

Keepers of the Veil (p. 119-121)--use additional details for the Church of Pharasma in Gray District

The Shuul (p. 131-133)--borrow elements from these for the Queen’s Physicians

The Vai (p. 139-140)--analogous to the Red Mantis cult

The City Watch (p. 150-153)--use additional details to describe the Korvosan Guard, and add Guardhouses (Watchhouses) and warning bells throughout the city

The Dockmaster’s Tower (p. 172-173)--add both the Dockmaster and Secki to the tower on the Jeggare River between Midland and North Point

The Foundry (p. 186)--analogous to the Ironworks of Old Korvosa, minus the Shuul (GtK p. 30)

The Stockyards (p. 191-192)--analogous to the Horse Shop (GtK p. 14)

Cloud Theater (p. 201)--analogous to Marbledome in the Heights (GtK p. 21)

The Ghostly Minstrel (p. 204)--analogous to the Posh and Turtle, adding a "viewing area" for Old Tom (GtK p. 26)

The Griffon (p. 206)--use map for the Three Rings Tavern (GtK p. 26)

Iridithil’s Home (p. 207-209)--analogous to the Mierani enclave led by Perishial Kalissreavil in South Shore

Darthalis Temester (p. 305)--add him and the Book Wagon to Gold Market in Midland (GtK p. 22)

The Smoke Shop (p. 310)--add to the area near the Dock Trade in North Point (GtK p. 24)

Clock Tower (p. 319)--add to the same area as City Hall in North Point (GtK p. 25)

Secret Hall (p. 332)--add to the Merciless Cliffs near the Temple of Asmodeus; meeting place for Ileosa and the Red Mantis

Temple of Gaen (p. 385-386)--use for the Bank of Abadar (GtK p. 26)

Temple Observatory of the Watcher of the Skies (p. 389-390)--add to the grounds of Theumanexus College in East Shore (GtK p. 13)

The Godsday Festival and Tournament (p. 392-393)--use to flesh out the Founding Festival (p. 36)


The Savage Shark (p. 175)--rough tavern near the docks, perhaps near the Old Fishery

Typical Workshops (p. 181)--various shops and businesses throughout the city (smithy, rope maker, wainwright, tannery)

Typical Warehouse (p. 182)--warehouse

The Foundry (p. 186)--use for the Ironworks in Old Korvosa

The Stockyards (p. 192)--use for the Horse Shop in East Shore

Typical Houses (p. 197)--use for smaler houses throughout Korvosa

Typical Store (p. 200, 309, 311, 353)--use for stores throughout the city (bookseller, wine merchant, baker, glassblower, chest shop, beer seller, pipes/tobacco/components, cloak shop, map shop, feed store, lamps & lanterns)

The Ghostly Minstrel (p. 204)--use for the Posh and Turtle in North Point

The Griffon (p. 206)--use for the Three Rings Tavern in North Point

Iridithil’s Home (p. 207)--use for the Mierani enclave in South Shore

North Point Restaurant (p. 214)--use for restaurants in the city

The Onyx Spider (p. 215-216)--use for the Sticky Mermaid in Old Korvosa (GtK p. 29)

St. Gustav’s Chapel (p. 220)--use for a church as needed

The Siege Tower (p. 237)--use for the Grand Cathedral of Pharasma, with the Meeting Hall and Barracks replaced with a sanctuary similar to St. Gustav’s Chapel (p. 220), in Gray district (GtK p. 15)

Swordthrower’s Social Club (p. 300-301)--add to North Point as the de facto headquarters of the Cerulean Society

Open Market (p. 303)--use for Gold Market in Midland (GtK p. 22)

Typical Apartment (p. 336)--use for apartments, especially in Cliffside and Pillar Hill

Typical House (p. 347)--use for larger houses throughout Korvosa

Temple of Gaen (p. 386)--use for the Bank of Abadar (GtK p. 26)

Watcher of the Skies Observatory (p. 390)--add to the grounds of Theumanexus College in East Shore (GtK p. 13)

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SPOILERS for the Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path ahead... you've been warned!


Referencing the six adventures, my only-somewhat-reliable memories of reading them through a busy spring and summer, and Gamer Girrl's fantastic consolidated treasure lists for CotCT, I've matched the items depicted in the cards to the following in-game goodies. Note that 14 of the 54 item cards--noted in (parentheses) following the items--aren't yet matched. Input from fellow gamers and especially the designers in correcting mistakes and filling in the gaps is most welcome.

I've coded the items to the adventures in which they appear.

EoA=Edge of Anarchy
SDttG=Seven Days to the Grave
EfOK=Escape from Old Korvosa
HoA=History of Ashes
SoS=Skeletons of Scarwall
CoF=Crown of Fangs

Curse of the Crimson Throne deck

01 Chain Mail EfoK; Laori’s armor
02 Full Plate SdttG; Gray Maiden armor
03 Full Plate EoA; Hellknight armor
04 Leather Armor EfOK; Red Mantis armor
05 Shield EoA; Hellknight shield
06 Bastard Sword SoS; Serithtial
07 Bola (Shoanti?)
08 Bolt HoA; Cinderlander’s screaming bolts
09 Falchion CoF; Sabina’s +2 wounding falchion
10 Heavy Crossbow (Harsk’s crossbow?)
11 Kukri EfoK; Vimanda’s +1 ki focus shock kukri
12 Lance SoS; Sergeant Lashton’s +2 lance
13 Light Crossbow EfOK; +1 holy light crossbow
14 Rapier EfOK; Vencarlo Orisini’s +2 keen rapier
15 Sabre EfOK/HoA/CoF; Red Mantis sawtooth sabre
16 Scythe SDttG; Lady Andaisin’s +1 vicious scythe
17 Spiked Chain EfOK; Laori’s +2 spell storing spiked chain
18 Totem Spear HoA; Sklar-Quah Thundercallers’ +1 totem spears
19 Potion (?)
20 Potion HoA; Cinnabar’s elixir of shadewalking
21 Potion (?)
22 Ring CoF; Ileosa’s ring of splendid security
23 Ring SoS; Captain Castrophane’s ring of immolation
24 Scroll (?)
25 Scroll (?)
26 Scroll SDttG; Ileosa’s proclamation
27 Rod (Necromancy?)
28 Rod (Swastel’s rod of wonders? Rod of splendor in the Lord’s Tower?)
29 Staff (?)
30 Staff (?)
31 Wand HoA; Cinnabar’s wand of hold person
32 Wand HoA; Akram’s wand of lesser restoration
33 Wand (?)
34 Belt HoA; Krojun’s belt of giant strength +4
35 Box SDttG; death’s head coffer
36 Circlet SoS; Castrophane’s skeleton warrior circlet in Lord’s Tower
37 Crown CoF; Crown of Fangs
38 Dress EoA’ Ileosa’s dress
39 Fang CoF; Fang of Kazavon
40 Figurine HoA; Sial’s bone house
41 Figurine EfOK; elephant figurine of wondrous power
42 Gloves EoA; Ileosa’s gloves
43 Hood (Jabbyr’s executioner’s hood?)
44 Incense (Drugs from Arkona mansion?)
45 Mask EfOK/HoA/CoF; Red Mantis mask
46 Mushroom (?)
47 War Paint HoA; Shoanti war paint
48 Badge EoA; Korvosan Guard badge
49 Coin EoA; Korvosan gold sail
50 Doctor's Mask SDttG; plaguebringer’s mask
51 Harrow Deck EoA; Zellara’s Harrow deck
52 Holy Symbol of Abadar SDttG; Ishani’s holy symbol
53 Unholy Symbol of Zon-Kuthon EfOK; Laori’s holy symbol
54 Vial of Poison (?)

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Some still maintain residences in Korvosa, but their rallying spot is the "abandoned" warehouse next to Lamm's fishery. When they rounded up the kids--to which two of the characters had strong ties--I added a secret "clubhouse" accessible from the rooftop of the warehouse that he older kids used as a place to avoid Gaedren and company when things got especially tough. Added in a bit of retroactive history of those kids waiting for a chance to liberate the youngsters. Many of the Lambs have since been returned to their families, but those who are homeless are still living there, and the character of a departed player is caring for them.

They seem to be growing concerned that their presence at the warehouse will eventually expose the kids holed up there to danger, so it's likely that the kids will be relocated, or they'll find a new base of operations.

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Many outstanding ideas and quality supplemental materials for use by DMs of an "Age of Worms" campaign are scattered among this message board. The editors and moderators (especially James Jacobs) have also offered answers to pressing questions.

I've just wised up and started saving the URLs of this sort of stuff to a Word document for later reference, and thought that an ongoing thread for posters to compile other content--your own content or things you found especially helpful--might go here. The "Night on the Town" supplemental adventure and the "Expanded Eberron Conversions" are the sorts of things I'm thinking of here.

To get us started:

“Cellar Door”—Adventure for use in the areas below the abandoned mining office, by Big Jake

http://paizo.com/dungeon/messageboards/ageOfWorms/archives/campaignSeedTheC ellarDoor


Gestalt Filge-variant Filge with Dread Necromancer levels (from Heroes of Horror) using gestalt rules from Unearthed Arcana, by Golbez57

http://paizo.com/dungeon/messageboards/ageOfWorms/archives/gestaltFilgeSPOI LERS&page=1#49680


Seeker symbol-graphic of Uluvant's ring, including the Seeker insignia found elsewhere in "The Whispering Cairn", by SageSTL



Telakin-Mechanics of Telakin's consume identity ability, by Peruhain of Brithondy

http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/dungeon/ageOfWorms/hoHRQuestionOnTelak in


Please, post others!

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Russell Jones wrote:
An interesting sidenote I posted on the What Happens If They Fail? thread... should the horrific events in The Champions Belt come to pass in Eberron, and Sharn finds itself facing off against thousands of wights, the warforged are the most logical group to fight them since they'd be immune to their ability.

Holy smokes, would that ever be something.

The fully-living denizens of the Cogs either flee the city or barricade themselves in their vaults, while the warforged go free.

Then, a force marches out of the dead-gray mist of the east, across the expanse of Breland, undeterred by the still-in-turmoil military. A Lord is coming to claim Sharn as his new seat of power.

Now, Sharn is literally crawling with undead abominations, and it is only a matter of time before the Lord of Blades uncovers the abandoned creation forge of Merrix d'Cannith.


On the topic of warforged and Kyuss worms, another subscriber recently posted in another thread the possibility of Silver Tracery (from "Races of Eberron") really putting the kibosh on the danger of the worms. Thoughts?