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Once again Nightcrawlers was a large part of the force in the server first kill on Image of Nhur Athemon. Who says we're just a pvp company!?

Not sure how far you've gotten. Hopefully, you're already in PFU and feeling your way around. If you need any help feel free to whisper me, Elsworth Sugarfoot, ingame.

Rynnik got a lvl 19 quiver today. Lvl 7 local.

any mention of the level of relevant knowledge skill when these happened?

maybe we just got unlucky.

Working on a reply to your RP on GW forum. fun stuff.

Sever First. Elemental Rift defeated.

if you look closely you can see me get hit by 2 knockbacks and go flying across the screen around 2:43

Elsworth stepped out into the cold mountain night, away from the flames of the orcish forges. Away from the flickering that hurt his eyes. Here things were clear. His rise to power had been swift since he was pulled from Marchmont by the filthy coal miner. Where was Kiseki now, still in some whorehouse in Dagedai?

Nihimon had grown unfortunately powerful since their last meeting, and Decius presented problems of his own. All around new settlements had risen to oppose the Empire. “Dwarves!” he spat and snarled. It would be a pleasure killing them.

Already he felt weakened by the loss of the territory. Where was the mighty Guurzak and his orcs, Pontis had wandered off mumbling something about, “The great Asmodeus.” He knew that his plan had been ambitious, and born of opportunity more than any specific strategy, but the North had played their hand. Their long masquerade as pacifists had ended.

This too could be used to his advantage. Phyllain would give him more power. It only made sense after their recent string of victories. He couldn’t be blamed for losses in the face of such overwhelming numbers, could he?

Dark days were ahead for Xeilias, surrounded and severely outnumbered by the North and South, but darkness was their strength. The voices said this would happen. He could hear them now on the night wind. “Nightcrawlers…..”

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PFO is in an alternate stage where evil has become good, and good has become evil. One alliance has grown to be larger than all others combined. Join the struggle for freedom from the oppression of the EBA. Nightcrawlers are the tip of the spear fighting for the EoX. There is a lot of misinformation about what is happening posted here on the boards, come find out what’s actually happening. If you’ve been sitting and waiting for the game to develop the time is nigh. Nightcrawlers are pfo addicts playing the game.

Company: Nightcrawlers
Settlement: Golgotha
Empire: Xeilias

We are a brotherhood of players who play late at night, brought together by bonds of darkness.

3) All Nightcrawlers inductions are done at 3:33am EST. If you cannot play at this time once you cannot join.
2) Nightcrawlers recruits must defeat a current Nightcrawler or another recruit in 1v1 combat.
1) You cannot join with a reputation above 0.
0) All rules can be broken except this one.

The most important rule of dealing with this kind of stuff is:
Don't feed the trolls. Don't give them attention. Don't respond, nothing. Totally ignore them and continue on your way. Just the fact that this post exists is unfortunately validating whoever offended you. I'm sure they're loving it seeing that it drove you to post on forums and garner more attention. If you have a problem write to Goblinworks directly, but don't give them a public forum like this to see the results of their trolling. The best thing you can do right now is let this post drop off the front page.

never seen that message.

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Don't listen to Pino, it's trick :p

No, what's the difference between having your character killed by a robot that was programmed by a human, or your character being killed by a robot directly controlled by a human?

You think of PvP as some miscreant activity that should be outlawed like vandalism.

Cronge wrote:

Oh and the great evil I want coming at me are not other stupid player characters. Where is the dragon that razes fire among all the lands, causing everyone to fight for a common goal, friend/foe alike? That is a MMO I would like to see. A sandbox with purpose/surprises/adventure, not just static PvP junk between waring neighbors. If I wanted that I would just watch the evening news.

Edit: I am not speaking of theme park elements either. I want to see devastation and the rise to peace that takes place in real-time affecting everyone.

Why? What's the difference between being invaded by a barbarian horde, and being invaded by PCs? You want a GM controlled dragon that is a guaranteed victory. Players are not stupid (most of us). We're much better at the game than the AI.

You don't wander out at LvL 1 into the 9th layer of hell and expect to defeat Asmodeus. Treat PvP like an extremely difficult endgame boss that must be trained/planned for and lost to many times before you actually have the satisfaction of beating the game.

Erian: I would have liked to continue that chase off the mountain, but didn't want to lose the rep at the time. Next time I know it's you it'll be worth the hit :)

Decius: I would have stuck around a bit longer, but a few people in our party weren't keen on trying to fight so outnumbered after we had died a few times. It seemed a waste of durability. Plus, we'd been chased to a non PvP hex, so we couldn't fight you there. Also, I had been down south for 3 hours trying to start PvP. I mistakenly assumed you would be in coms with your allies and was wondering why no one was coming to the assistance of BWG so I came up to Keeper's to taunt you once your PvP windows opened.

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copypaste from my post on golblinworks.

I don’t even know where to start with all the PvP talk that’s popped up in the last few days.

On one side there is a lot of negativity from a group of players who had been playing happily for 2 months, and then ran into their first group of evil players. They went out to confront this evil like heroes would. For this they are to be respected. They were more courageous than many posting on here. Unfortunately for them they lost. Had they won their reactions would have been much different. They would have been joyful. It probably would have been some of the most fun they ever had gaming. PvP is like that. It’s emotional, and brings with it highs and lows, and that’s what makes it so great. When you win you feel a rush, when you lose you feel anger and frustration. I encourage them and the rest of the begininning/nonPvP/antiPvP crowd to approach PvP the same way you would approach PvE. When you lose ask yourself what you could have done differently. Do you need a larger group? Recruit. Do you need better equipment? Gather/Craft/Purchase. Do you need a stronger character? Train better spells. Do you personally need to learn to PvP better? Train against friends who won’t take your stuff or kill you causing durability.

From all this negativity a whole different group of people have chimed in. They are accusing the evil characters of being senseless random killers. “Gankers.” They complain the in-game penalties for this should be more harsh. One incidence of banditry is one too many (ignoring the fact that this event occurred in an open PvP hex which could have easily been avoided and has now been permanently removed from the game along with ALL the PvP hexes surrounding their settlements). Still they cry for more repercussions for bandits.

All of the PvP coming in since last Friday has been instigated by a small group of players frustrated that there is PRACTICALLY NO PVP IN THE GAME. After playing for about a month maybe 100+ hours of playtime I had been in two short battles lasting not more than 15-30min. I was under the impression there would actually be PvP in this game. So I sought it out (a small part of the reason I chose to play an evil character was so I wouldn’t have to wait for fun to come to me). I killed a poor soul in the coal hex South of Marchmont and quickly realized the area would be populated by beginning players with no real hope of survival. So I went further South to the area of the map with opposing aligned settlements, with a large population full of players who had been playing longer than I, so they should be able to defend themselves…

The first day I camped the elevation hex Southwest of keeper’s pass. I killed someone, and then a group of 5 players came out of Keeper’s Pass and killed me. No one complained. The second day I got some friends together to respond to the inevitable group that would come. Tigari and I went down, we killed some people, Tigari got disconnected. I finished the job, but then I died. I respawned right where I died and was promptly attacked again. No one complained.

My rep had dropped to a point where I could no longer enter towns. This was with 2-3 days of actively seeking PvP (Tigari is better than me so he managed to kill enough people in 1 day :p). I started to stick to hexes with PvP windows, but still failed occasionally due to someone crossing a hex border right before I could kill them (btw there’s a lag on the mini-map which does not accurately show if you are in a open PvP hex). Some people I let get away when they crossed into NonPvP hexes. Once I logged in right on Redmond Flynn’s corpse! But then he came back to it and it wasn’t a PvP hex, so I had to run away instead of killing and looting him :( 1 of these kills would set me back over 1 day of rep regen to get back into a town. If you haven’t played low rep you don’t know how annoying it is. You can’t bank or train, or recruit for your alliance, or just sit in safety with your friends. I don’t see many people throwing away those benefits for the rewards of banditry. Afaik only Tigari and Myself, and we both try and stick to PvP windows now (of which there are basically none now that so many towers have been removed).

For me the rewards are the PvP experience. It bonds you with your allies, and even with your enemies if they have the right mindset (I see you Erian El'ranelen I'll be looking for your gatherer). Right now THERE IS NO OTHER PVP EXPERIENCE besides banditry. WoT is not a PvP war. I don’t really care about loot besides the fact that it raises the stakes so makes everything more emotional. If I die with good loot (like that +2 longbow), or lose durability on my tier 2 gear, I’m kicking myself and changing my tactics.

I changed my tactics, brought some friends, came back and started winning, and that’s when the complaining started.

Please don't lump Golgotha in with the same people who kill afk naked people around starter towns for 20cp. Bluddwolf, UP YOUR GAME. If we find you killing newbies in the 6 hexes around Marchmont we release the Orcs.

Mourn, respect to you for coming to the defense of your clanmates. I know you died a lot in that battle. One thing I noticed is many of the people who died ran right back at us after respawning (one of the problems with respawns so close to the death location). Maybe their intention was to run back to Blackwood or leave the battle, but you ended up running right back into us. I don't know if you noticed but the last time you passed we let you get away. But you were still running past us AGAIN. Work on being aware of the map and run in the opposite direction of where the fight was.

On that topic, most people run directly back to their husk and die again. WHY? I guess you don't have anything to lose, but Phy and I had one guy run back 3 times yesterday. Two powerful evil characters are standing right there....

I use exact the same setup for PvE as I do for PvP. No problems.

As people have said, emotions run high in PvP, that's what's so great about it. If you work at it, you will get better and be on the winning side of those emotions, don't expect to defeat the military might of Golgotha on your first try. Learn. Grow stronger.

I would love to. I just started investigating DMTools, and TTopRPG, but haven't quite figured them out yet. Any interest in doing something like that?